I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater & Skirt – Courtesy of American Apparel, Shoes – Vanessa Bruno (The Outnet), Shirt – Make Lemonade Vintage shop, belt – JHYoo (Factoriem), Bag – ASOS

Thank you Kit for the snaps!

Ew there’s that ham face again. In light of all things happened, that lollypop is proving to be one powerful prop. Does my face not look like world hunger is solved? Not that I purposefully bought a chupachup, unwrapped it and sucked on it for 10 minutes before deeming it good enough to be a part of the shoot. On the other hand I would not have dared to part with that thing whether Jen or Kit tried wrangling it off of me or not. It makes me happy and my inner kid’s hunger, if not the world, is solved for now. What visa woes?

Wait let me just say now, the only visa I want to be reminded of is the kind with the magic magnetic stripe in the back. Otherwise you warrant me to pull out a piece of skin from your nail cuticle.

I love you too.

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  1. so much prettiness going on with that skirt!

  2. Carrie

    Beautiful skirt!

  3. Ridiculously how beautiful these photos are…and that skirt. It looks like liquid rose coloured gold…dreamy x

  4. i like it! especially the way the skirt moves and breaks the light.

    agnes / iiiinspired

  5. haha your so funny.
    Love the look, the skirt is soo pretty!


  6. loving this long skirt, so chic!

    –la vie en BROKE–

  7. oh my god, what can I say? you’re amazing (but I think, that you know it:-) photos are magic (probably you know this too:-) ! perfectly!
    buziaki :-)

  8. absolutely love these shots and the outfit is fantastic. what a great color that skirt has- gorgeous.
    hope you’re having a good day dear


  9. My goodness you look like a teenager happily sucking the sugar ball.
    The pleated skirt is gorgeous, reminds me of an illuminous squid/jelly fish changing its colour.

  10. This is so gorgeous, I love every detail in this outfit and the first picture is just the sweetest!




  12. ohh you’re hammy face is just adorable! and i haven’t had a lolly in ages.
    as usual, your photos are breathtaking. especially love the cropping/angle of the first one. so different!


  13. Beautiful Shini! You look like like a goddess in this skirt, I love it!
    Yes, it’s funny how sometimes a little candy can make your day, isn’t it?
    Take care:)

  14. that skirt looks ethereal with that cotton sweatshirt match, perfection and ease ;)

  15. That skirt is absolutely stunning – oh those glorious acordian pleats litrually shimmer in the light!


  16. awesome shots, and i just adore that skirt


  17. Oh! Really cute pic!

  18. what a lovely longskirt. and i looove the colour too. so amazing!

  19. You look beautiful. love the skirt. :)

  20. you are wearing a beautiful outfit!

  21. The mood of the first picture is absolutely beautiful; the light coupled with the lovely sheen of the skirt makes me want to wander around my city…if only it weren’t up to my knees with snow right now. The skirt and the shoes together are killer! I would never wear a pink and burgundy together if I hadn’t seen how amazingly it works here.

  22. Such a good day! I swear that skirt is what dreams are made of… the way it reflects the light and catches the wind. It’s prefect. Also adore the striped shirt under the jumper. Why are you such a doll?

    p.s. the shoes are so perfectly worn in at the front… the slight discoloration is lovely. xx

  23. love this skirt!!! and the last photo is magic!!!


  24. These photos are great, the first is adorable! Great outfit as well, looks very wearable.

  25. beautiful photos! I LOVE that skirt. wow

  26. nice skirt!

  27. Savannah

    Thaat skirt is to die for. Can you please tell me how tall you are?

  28. I’m le 168cm!! Which is…5’5” according to Google :P

  29. WOW, what a fabulous outfit. i love the volume and casual feel of that pullover paired with the belt and that gorgeous AA (who knew:?!) skirt. looking great shini! <3


  30. Ummm oh my gosh give me your skirt now??? Cannot, will not believe its AA.
    Setting is beautiful too.. fingers crossed I will be studying there this summer!

  31. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by FASHION SPOT, UK Fashion News. UK Fashion News said: Solutionstick http://dlvr.it/GBCq6 […]

  32. that skirt is beautiful – you look stunning x

  33. Gorgeous! Love the skirt



  34. your hair!! so long and wavy and beautiful!!!!

  35. hahha..no more woes..i say…oh but you look just great…strolling in that preeety skirt….!!!!..
    love that last photo….

  36. luv that skirt…where is it from?


  37. It’s from American Apparel!

  38. love these photos!

    check out & follow our blog! XO


  39. lovely pictures.!
    I always heart you pics! they’re so beautiful!
    and you always look great! love your skirt :)
    have a great day!

  40. Oh so gorgeous!
    It seems like pleated skirts are going to be all the rage very soon! So cute x


  41. Wow that skirt is something else! Beautiful outfit and I LOVE your ham face! xx

  42. I love how you combined glam with basic.

  43. oh, the skirt is so beautiful and you look so pretty in the whole outfit (incl. the lolly, which goes perfectly with the colour of the skirt) :)

    read about the v. drama (see, i don’t even dare to fully spell it) – what a bad joke. i thought in these times it wouldn’t be so difficult anymore.

    anyway, you look adorable just right where you are!

  44. Wow, that skirt, with those shoes.. it’s like Lanvin meets Chloé meets Walking on a cloud and you are the perfect heroin to star in it!
    Lots of ♥ & see you at LFW! mwah! x

  45. Your skirt is so gorgeous. And so are you, so pleaaase don’t worry about your face! (:


  46. that skirt is fantastic!!!!

  47. I need that skirt but I don’t know if I could ever work up the courage to wear it… It looks quite wearable, but also very ‘out there’ at the same time. My mum swears by floor length skirts around the house and she looks perfectly relaxed and stunning in equal measure.

    Was this wearable in an everyday casual situation??


  48. I usually don’t like maxiskirts when they’re toooo long… you know how they drag when you’re going up stairs and you can’t even do a full stride with the skirt caging your legs, but this skirt is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever worn… I think I’d wear it everyday if not for its UBERSHINYNESS. The fit is pretty, it gives enough legspace, and it’s not SO long that it gets trapped under your heels and eventually murders you. xx

  49. I love this maxi skirt! looks so amazing on you :)
    I love your blog, and your DIY items!!!

  50. Jen

    Hi! Are the Vanessa Bruno heels true to size? Thank you!

  51. They are! I’m a UK5.5 and they fit perfectly without any gap in the back or squish in the front x

  52. Is that a velvet skirt!?? OMG I lurrrrve it! I want it! You look amazing in the skirt and sweater!


  53. Ah it’s actually not velvet, it’s this thick-ish shiny glossy material…soo comfortable though! Thanks! x

  54. OMG
    I LOVE the skirt. I had resigned American Apparel as a bad failure but :-o i love it!!

  55. Oh, damn, Shini, if that isn’t the most gorgeous skirt and photos. I had to check twice – is it really American Apparel? It’s making me wish I hadn’t asked them to pay me for the ad, if I hadn’t opened my mouth they might have sent me the sample. I might just have to pay full price for it, it’s gorgeous and the colour.. so shimmery shiny Shini.

    Listen, screw the visa. Seriously: NY isn’t all that. Just mentioned it in my post tho, in case anyone’s there and they can see the exhibit.

    I love the lollipop prop: so Lolita! ; )

    Can’t wait to hang out. But I don’t want to leave Paradise. Hope you’re having a lovely night. xoxo

  56. Jill next time I see you I will have to tear a piece of skin from your fingers for mentioning the V word.
    Have fun in paradise, you’re mad to want to come back.

  57. hope the lollypop proves to be really a solution

  58. oh. my. god. i wants your skirt please.

  59. Great skirt!

    Juliet xxx

  60. Jewellery Channel

    Looking Pretty!!

  61. stunning skirt !! it looks perfect on you, nice pics-)

  62. Skirt is absolutely divine. You look beautiful, VIcky x

  63. shini!
    i’m always in love with your photographs. they’re so much more than simply street fashion or what i’m wearing today. so thaNKS FOR THAT!

  64. Shini, you are very inspirational, I love your blog and I love what you’ve made of it! :) Your style is very similar to my taste, so I always stop by for some inspiration, and I especially like your fun style of writing! :) All in all, Cube is one of my favouritistest of blogs out there!

  65. Oh I seriously love seeing images of streets right next to my house! If only I could post outfit posts this nice :)

    Natalie Love @ Creatures of Life x

  66. OOh is that where you live, right off Brick Lane? xx

  67. @Shini,

    Thanks for the message!

    I live in shoreditch, a few minutes from Curtain Road :) It’s the perfect backdrop for street style, you should check out the canal area near the Narrowboat on a nice morning (you can see in my post “Down the Narrow” on my blog. It’s really pretty on a sunny day xx

    PS: Which LFW shows are you going to?? I only have one press pass to all the shows, so my friends don’t get to come along, sad!


  68. Owh I’ll definitely check it out! I live just up Kingsland road so that’s not far for me at all.

    I’ll be going to most of the shows, hope to bump into you at LFW!
    BTW the press pass doesn’t get you into any shows, just the exhibition! For show tickets you’ll have to request to all individual PRs and fashion houses.

  69. I that maxi skirt, and I love how it’s paired perfectly with those adorable heels!

  70. Oh yes, I have show invites from the PRs :) (Well, a couple so far!! I think Matthew Williamson is a lost cause, sad as it was one of my fave pics!)

    Thanks for the advice though! x

  71. gorgeous girl in a gorgeous outfit

  72. Beautiful Photos!! First is my favorite!!!


    You are welcome to visit my blog too:)) Kisses

  73. Ana

    F*ck Borders! And Long Life for Chupachups!
    Any way, if you wanna get some sun rays come around and visit me at Canary Islands (Spain, no need of visas for eu citizens). And lets all enjoy SFW (Shini´s Fashion Week) ;)
    P.s. sorry for not being refined at the very begining of this comment… it just came out. Just concern about inmigration policies. Who decides on which side of the border to be born, on with country, on which city, on which neighborhood (suburbs? downtown?)… and who decides on which side you should stay…
    P.s.s. Lovely look!

  74. Shoko

    i happen to find your blog and i love it.

    sometimes i stil feel insecure about my style so im trying to find it
    your outfits are so inspiring!

  75. I love your mix of stripes with the pleating in the skirt and the stripes in the top. I think it is genius when people repeat the same pattern in an outfit twice in an unexpected way, so beautiful!

  76. that first picture really is darling!

  77. your shoes are lovely :)


  78. oh wow oh wow that skirt makes me so so happy as do all your photos i am happy because of park & cube right now you know

  79. Really love the skirt on you, and the color!! Its gorgeous:) Ive been eating lollipops lately as well, haha great accessory:)


  80. these are very beautiful pictures :) i love your skirt ^^ x

  81. light as a feather, and stunning!
    /sofia, stockholm

  82. This outfit is perfection! the colours, the fabrics (and pleats), the fact that you look silky pink and girlish AND comfy jumpery in one outfit makes me happy. I want to try outfits like this (but sadly am not brave enough to go maxi). Have I mentioned you look beautiful? x

  83. you look absolutly stunning! love this look!

    greetings from

  84. I love the skirt, it’s absolutely beautiful!
    Generally, your photos are brilliant.

  85. I’m alwaays drawn back to this outfit. It’s my favourite you’re ever worn! I think it must be the subtle pattern peaking through the baggy jumper, against the floaty girly skirt. I just love this so much! :)