I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.
Jacket & Cashmere scarf – Uniqlo, Sweater – Courtesy of Quiksilver, Jeans – Courtesy of Levi’s Curve ID, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Watch – Casio via ASOS #teenvogue

Photos by Yu the 11-year-old again, talent-o-meter raising the roof.

Dear Diary,
I woke up today and had a swig of yesterday’s red bull to start the day fresh. There was a slight whiff of bacon burning in the house, but I think it was the neighbours roasting a pig in their snowcovered lawn again. Weirdest people ever. I shuffled down to the kitchen in my blue teddybear pjs expecting to pass the thumping music from my brother’s room and my mum’s blowdry opera, but there wasn’t a sound. The ventilation in the toilet was humming but where were my mummy and daddy? Where was my brudder? AHHHHHHH!! (wait, I skipped to the part where I put some of my brother’s cologne on…)

Is it just me, or is this always the story of December 27th after the official festivities have died? The noise of the holidays is suddenly zapped, you wake up in the Home Alone movie with everyone else gone to resume their lives and next thing there’s maple syrup and broken glass on the stairs.

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  1. Shini, at first look I thought you had used that feature where fake snow falls over your photos and I breathed a deep breath while wondering how to break it to you that I was seriously ashamed of your photographic endeavors. Was so glad when I noticed it was REAL snow and not the sort from that cheesy effect. These shots are gorgeous. Love the last shot where your jumper is falling off your shoulder. Beautifully elegant. xx

  2. Owh Jen, do I look like I know how to put fake snow on my photos cuz if I did I would do it ALL YEAR ROUND missy. Miss you, hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Fred & family!

  3. Wonderful sound of nothing, well put!! But it’s so true. I don’t have any relatives here in Poland as well but the fact that for a solid week there’s cooking or cleaning or some noise or another, the lack thereof is just maarrrvelous. Hope you had a good one Dina! xx

  4. i love the white jacket :)

  5. It’s never silent in out house during Christmas but the peace would be a nice change! Love the photos in the snow =)

    Hannah x

  6. you are MAGIC

    I might ask my photo editing friend whether he knows how to do falling snow on my photos. Moving. Like a GIF.
    (yes, ok, I am too shitty with computers to even edit my own photos and force one of my compatriots to do it 98% of the time)

  7. Dude I was kidding, I know how to do it but would you want to do it with Jen breathing down your neck like so!? SHE SCARES ME.
    Love you both. Figure out the damn copyright issue with TS, it might be hard though.

  8. @frances, please don’t do that frances. i will have to come over and attack you.

    I don’t see the problem here.

    PS is it still ok on indoor photos? I’m googling how it might be achieved.

    PPS bahh I don’t feel that there’s a solution or any kind of copyright claim… my Pa is a lawyer and much as he feels he is being cheated of his career in fashion design, he doesn’t think there’s a tangible issue.

  10. your shoes are fantastic !

  11. love the gray sweater!

  12. You look so sweet in this post! i love! :)

  13. Heels in the snow! super fierce!! hope you had a wonderful holiday lovely :)

  14. this sweater is so perfect for snowy weather..i’d better find one for me :/
    hope your holidays were FAB!

    xoxo from rome

  15. so pretty- i’m in love!

  16. Aw I love the photos. Great sweater : ) Can’t believe an 11 year old took these! haha

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. haha totally had that same experience this morning… oh wait…. no no, that’s right, i woke up to the snow plow whaling as it reversed up my snow-layered driveway. heh heh. the zara shooooesss. beauties of an Alexander Wang kind! love. hope you had a merry christmas!

  18. I love your shoes, nice pics under the snow falling <3

  19. Seriously, who is this 11 year old genius photographer? She/he shoots better than the previous photographers (including moi)….I guess this child didn’t need to crouch down like us tall adults….seriously crouch and shoot takes alot of muscle power to crouch in position.

    Miss you Poo.

  20. She’s amazing isn’t she? (We took about 100 [I kid you not] and 5ish survived hahaa. Smiley face!)
    Miss you doo doo

  21. love the layering here!


  22. It’s exactly like that only in my home underlaid be slight snoring from every room (cats included). The fridge is stuffed with the weirdest assembly of food and bottles all around…
    It looks seriously cold where you are, but so glad you recruited a young beckoning photo assistant. Wishing you happy Christmas days, Shini! xoxo

  23. Totally lurrrrrve this outfit. Whenever i pop into uniqlo i always end up patting the fleece jumpers on my way out. I just cannot HELP myself. They’re too furry!!!!

  24. That’s what happened to this one, except I couldn’t leave :P It was cheapo anyway, totally looove.

  25. I know exactly what you mean! I don’t know what to do with myself now Christmas is over…it seems like there is such a buildup! (Particularly working in retail!)…I love your outfit- nothing better than a neutral combo of blues, whites and greys- looks amazing against the snow! xx

  26. hi shini!
    i love visiting your blog and especially reading your writting! Your so good at it!
    i wish i could write like you~!
    Oh and im so amazed by this 11-year-old’s photography skills!

    Love From Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  27. The shoes the shoes!

    And, I admit to shamelessly adding fake snow to absurdly sunny, warm weather pictures. It’s not a good Christmas card photo unless it makes you go “WTF?” :)

  28. Your boots are so amazing! Look at all that snow… Here in Australia, it’s really hot haha!

  29. ahh silent bliss, It’s way too noisy even now, my family didn’t get the memo about calming down after christmas I am already counting down the days till they go back to school.

    Really gorgeous photos, this is the way to have style in the snow

    p.s I am team snow only for the blog hate the real stuff, I wish wordpress made it snow heavier

  30. Me too, I mean, I’m team snow in countries that can actually handle the snow. When a metropolitan city just shuts down because of one measly day of SNOW there’s just something wrong.

  31. As much as I enjoy the buzz, I enjoy the silence even more…that’s because I never get much round here. But my selective hearing is legendary!!
    In awe of the photos….by an 11 year old??!!! I’m hanging up my nikon right now ;)
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday Shini
    ps. Methinks it’s national .gif-ed snow day is on the 30th, sorry Jen

  32. UHOH I’m so not switching on my comp on the 30th. Everyone in the southern hemisphere should also follow suit, it’ll be like earth day all over again.
    11 year old huh, Tavi watch out huh ;) Well, it was 100 photos and survival of about 7, but still awesome.

  33. Jeca

    I’d like to see how Yue looks like. :)

    I wonder, how is she related to you?

  34. Heheh she’s just a kid in church! That’s her on the far right. One of the brightest lightbulbs in the tanningbed.

  35. Beautiful pics Shin, i love how crisp the snowflakes that fall around you are, its not often that you see a photo where theyve been captured. go 11 year old!
    I assumed you used the word silence, referring to how quiet it is outside when it has snowed but i guess its silent inside too now. i couldnt believe it when i stepped outside on to our normally painfully loud you cant sleep road only to be hit more in the face by the silence than any lorrys bruuum could have!
    hope your having lovely hols :)

  36. I looove this movie! and I love these zara boots.. I think I have to buy them before the year is over. great outfit my dear!

  37. Gorgeous photos – (and Jen I wish I knew how to do that cheesey effect, too: is it a WordPress thing?) and I can’t believe the photographer is 11!

    I’ve missed so many good posts.. more later. Miss you & hope you’re well & all having fun. I love your prose as well as your photography, you’ve got me totally intrigued about the maple syrup and broken glass on the stairs. xxxxxxxx

  38. Hhaah it’s a Javascript prompt, can be added to any site ;) Don’t you dare do it though :P xxxxx

  39. polly

    When I was walking around the shops in Zlote Tarasy, my friend stopped me. I saw you ( : You look great. Have a great time in Poland !

  40. You did? You should’ve come over and said hi!

  41. polly


    next time I won’t make such a stupid mistake : P

  42. love your knitted top! cool!


  43. I love your outfit that knit is amazing!


  44. I used to feel the same about the 27th, but for the last few years I’ve had the family christmas at my parents and then my boyfriend turns up on the 27th so its a mini christmas again with present giving again (to a lesser extent of course).

  45. love home alone :)
    glad the hollidays are over!

    Adore that hoofie you’re wearing!

  46. Love how you call it hoofie hahaha xx

  47. I love the calm after the routine of family outings and Christmas dinners, but then I get homesick after a few days when I have to fly back home. Then I miss the noise of family and my mom’s chattering. :)

  48. I just discovered your blog today and I am in love with your work. I find your blog very inspiring and refreshing! ^^

  49. Hahaha I felt EXACTLY the same!! The 27th I came home at night and it was eerie quiet after all the hussle and bussle of the last couple of the days. I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I really love your Zara heels, they’re killer:) Great way to spruce up a casual outfit!



  50. NYC is unbelievably white.. I stepped outside yesterday and it was a huge white mess. lol

  51. There aren’t many people who can look THAT good in a furry white coat. xx

  52. Winter monochrome! So perfect! This is why I love your blog so much. This is perfect.


    La Copine


  53. How do you always look so good? ;)

  54. Shini you look so cute here with that parka! What’s the temperature like over there now? Am going over to Beijing next month to spend a freezing cold winter and I have no clothes to wear since I’ve lived in sunny singapore for my entire life :/

  55. That sweater is fab!

    juliet xxx

  56. Holidays are my favorite time of year. December is my favorite month. And, i always hate to see them go…
    This is a super cute outfit. I love the blue jeans with black and white. Snow pictures are beautiful!

  57. You look gorgeous, Shini! I really love your style. So inspiring! You’re definitely not like all the ‘stereotypical’ Korean girls. Thumbs up!

    Regards from another Park-girl ;)

  58. Photos are incredible as always, loving the snow still however its all disappeared here in Birmingham!

  59. Love your pics.. and your shoes are wonderful!

  60. Mmm the fresh falling snow captured in mid-motion! Honestly looks so refreshing, the tone reminds me of Toothpaste commercials (In the best possible way)!

    Gah! post-christmas and pre-new years! hah, I’ve found myself caught awkward, almost lost in time, I hardly know what to do with myself. So it seems i’ve resolved to getting in touch with my long lost geeky asiandrama watching side : l

  61. love this outfit! so well put together! and love the layering :)

  62. nice outfit!i love this sweater!
    happy new year!

  63. Aw I’m gonna add to all the love for your photos- they’re awesome! Crazy talented 11yr old you’ve got taking your photos, I think that first one is quite beautiful!

    Also Home Alone=FESTIVE for me. I used to own a Talkboy. Well. Actually it was the lame GIRL version that I was given, it was purple and and amazingly, called the Talkgirl. Not quite as cool and I quickly realised that you can’t fool parents/adults with the voice changer. What a sad day that was!

  64. Love this outfit, you look amazing!! Love the jacket!

  65. love your blog…you’re great!
    from italy, iole


  66. the pictures are lovely. very talented!

    The jumper is cute :)


  67. neighbors roasting a pig over a fire… are your neighbors filipinos? haha :D

    on a side note, you might want to put yu on the payroll, for an 11 year old he takes great photos.

  68. love post !!!


  69. I miss you and your blog. Even though I’m reading it. And staring at your face.

    Happy Noo Your my love, lets do sumink soon.

    p.s. Heels in snow, you little brave.

  70. finally i managed to stop by in order to wish you a wonderful new year shini…

    (and the mail – children’s book size – will be definitely on its way tomorrow)

  71. what a fantastically simple and chic outfit! love every single item.

  72. LOVE those booties! :):):)

  73. its been a while. very usual and simple combination. black and white. not so much colour

  74. Beautiful pictures, and taken by an 11-year old?! Wowzers!

    Happy New Year! Hope all is well.


  75. […] Wrapping up warm in the snow – Park and Cube […]

  76. […] Wrapping up warm in the snow – Park and Cube […]

  77. michelle

    seriously 11 yr old took these pictures?amazing setting

    first contest (be one of my 7 new year inspiration models!)
    go to http://pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com
    for precise info.

  78. you’re posts are so interesting to read, i know exactly what you mean by that post-holiday feeling. your sweater is amazing, by the way.



  79. I genuinely love the colour composition of these shots. Did I read that the photographer is 11???

  80. Do you actually wear those shoes out in the snow and ice to walk around? If so, please tell me your secret to not dying… please! haha!

    PS: I’m doing a little giveaway! http://www.queenofmayhem.com

  81. Haha I actually do! I do drive in Warsaw, but the key is to take small steps! Funnily those Zara heels are really good with snow, and it’s not like it has teeth (?), but I’ve never slipped!

  82. Love your blog!! Is on my blogroll!!

    Every week visit it!!

  83. I can’t believe an 11 year old made those photos, that is really really great!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  84. this is definitely one of my favorites from you Shini !
    i love how you added the touch of preppy with the white shirt !

    those zara boots really look like alexander wangs by the way :D :D
    happy new year to yoU !

  85. have the same shoes! they’re so amazing!

    join the give-away on my blog here: http://www.fashionisaparty.com/2010/12/give-away-50-euro-free-shopping-at.html

  86. I WANT THOSE SHOES! thats all…………….. hopefully see you soon xxxxx

  87. i like your style!!!
    don’t catch cold;)

  88. Whoa these pictures are amazing!!! Good job 11 year old!