I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Sweater – Blogger’s Yard Sale, Skirt – YesStyle, Boots – Courtesy of Patrizia Pepe, Bag – PennyBlack

Location: Warsaw Uprising Square; Thank you Oliwia for the amazing shots; Thank you Jędrek for lending me the Canon 24-105mm zoomlens!

Significant Other: Ah Shini, you’re such a sheep!

Me: I know, this sweater makes me look like one, right?

Significant Other: No, I meant the way you parked just now – sweety, I’m forced to believe you have an IQ of a sheep.

Me: Screw you.

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  1. glo

    i’m loving these shots!
    and your boots (can they really be called that?) are amazing.

    your sigoth is quite the character, lol.

  2. That skirt! Ahh, I love it so!

  3. That skirt! Ahh, I love it!!

  4. what an interesting and different look. i kind of love it! great lacey skirt as well.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com

  5. 1. You sweater is fantastic 2. Your skirt is cool 3. Your shoes are awesome


  6. These shots are beautiful! And you skirt is so pretty, I love the skull pattern it has.
    Take Care!

  7. that skirt is awesome!!
    hahaha I love your captions they are always so funny!

  8. haha I love the rapport between you and your significant other. Reminiscent of me and my sig other. that skirt is so pretty and dainty looking but I love that up close, it’s skulls! so amazing. GORGEOUS shots, too. as usual.

  9. I love that skirt too, it has such great personality. Those boots are great too, I wonder how comfortable they are.

  10. I like those boots! awesome


  11. I love the skull detail and the different textures you’re playing with here : )

  12. Okay, so this has already been said, BUT that skirt rules! Looks all “lacy ladylike” from far away and then BAM! Skulls! Not only that, but your significant other’s comment made me giggle…


  13. Never seen a skirt like that before. it’s perfect

  14. wow! this look has so many different patterns & textures, but you pull everything together so fabulously! you look so cool! And those shoes…fantastic!!! it adds an edgy and unexpected layer to this look~~~
    xo Diana

  15. amazing skirt….. love it ;)


  16. Are you kidding me? That skirt is absolutely FABULOUS. I want, now will I get? I’ve never been a fan of the open-toed boots, but what can I say? You pull them off very well. One more thing, what is that sweater made out of? It looks like it’s made out of my dream pillow material. And I mean that as a compliment because it instantly makes you 10 times more huggable than you may already be and everyone loves hugs. Well, most people.

  17. Really funny dialogue!
    And I absolutely love your dress.

    from http://www.movsmo.net

  18. Wowww I love that skirt! Those skulls are so…innocent? Have fun in Ł!

  19. yobruva

    Magic Book? 껄껄껄

  20. Ah…that skirt was totally amazing :) and I love your shoes :)

  21. Aga

    I love your skirt – very clever!

  22. Love the contrast of textures!


  23. That skirt is so, so amazing. Must have it in my life!

    Enter my first giveaway! x

  24. beautiful post! amazing photos! and you look absolutely stunning in this outfit – love every piece of it (additional love for the skull skirt)!

  25. This outfit is off the charts amazingness! That first shot is pretty amazing too, you are such a beaut!
    I love the subtleness of the skull skirt and that top looks so plush.

  26. AK

    That skirt! :o

  27. Wow. Your skirt. That is all.

  28. haha this cracked me up. The outfit is exceptionally gorgeous though.

  29. you look gorgeous!

    Travel In Style

  30. Lovely! I adore this post! It is so beautiful! Great job!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  31. michelle

    love that bag
    beautiful photos
    really interesting


  32. Amazing skirt!!

  33. Dood, the 6th shot with the little you is so freaking awesome <3

  34. This skirt is amazing, so surprising !!

  35. the textures look so amazing, it makes me wish I had a bigger, better screen. the shoes seem pretty interesting – I usually hate this type of shoes (open-toed boots, wtf?!) but I don’t hate these. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them, I could say they intrigue me a bit. hah. great location, too – that building with the colorful balconies has such a lovely socialist feel, just like many buildings here in Ljubljana, Slovenia =)

  36. the textures look so amazing, it makes me wish I had a bigger, better screen. the shoes seem pretty interesting – I usually hate this type of shoes (open-toed boots, wtf?!) but I don’t hate these. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them, I could say they intrigue me a bit. hah. great location, too – that building with the colorful balconies has such a lovely socialist feel, just like many buildings here in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  37. OMG, I must have those boots…

  38. whoa, that skirt is beautiful! the second to last picture is in-cred-i-ble.

  39. Oh my! Possibly the most amazing “lace” skirt I’ve ever laid eyes on! and paired back to those boots?? Stop the insanity! You look amazing!
    P.S. also love the “sheep” sweater ;)

  40. i just went….gaahh..those photos are freaking visually orgasmic!
    super duper love for that skirt..are those skulls?!..Love it. In any other day i would not really look at those boots but you have such a knack for pairing clothes so beautifully and those boots really stands out in the whole white attire!:)

  41. do just buy designer-clothes?
    i like your style eighter ways!!!

    LOVE, jossi

  42. Hhaa the only thing I bought in this outfit is that sheep sweater for £2 ;) The rest (bag, shoes, skirt, even necklace) were sent over as presents, thankfully.

  43. Camila

    @Shini, please, please. Can you send me the link to buy this fab skirt?? your looks are always so pretty almyrky@gmail.com

  44. ahhaahaha :D Don’t worry Shini, It’s not only you. I hate to park too and suck at doing it.
    In Poland you can get a penalty dick for parking like a dickhead! :D

  45. Haha he insist that I park like this: |O|O|O| but alas, I’m not a jedi :P

  46. your skirt rocks!!

  47. Ana

    Hi Shini!
    Funny conversation with significant other. I had total fear to driving, and still have some. Once, a couple of months after of obtaining my driving license, after I parked my car, a man approached just to ask if I thought it was ok how I had parked my car. At first I thought it was a trick question. I looked at my car form the side walk, checking it was close to it but not far, perpendicular to the side walk, on an ascendent steep slope with the hand brake on and frist gear in,… then moved some steps into the street to check it from another point of view.. to me everything looked fine. And so I told him “yes!”. He answered “That´s what I thought. I´m glad you see you parked well.” and so he left. That man helped to gain more confidence, at least in my paring skills. I just wanted to share this with you because “significant others” sometimes help, and I hope you get to meet mine some day.
    Don´t need to say you look great. I have no clue of how you park, but you´ve got great style girl!
    A big hug from Canary Islands, Spain.

  48. This skirt is so brilliant with the cute little skull faces :D X

  49. Look at those boooots! And the wide-angle shot is awesome.

    I gave up on parallel parking when I hit a BMW behind me; now I just go to garages. Fortunately I never really need to drive to go anywhere I need to go.

  50. Can I buy that Casio off you…for a tidy sum?

  51. I admire your blog so much, your commentary is always interesting and your pictures are just stunning.

  52. kim

    Love those pictures. And it’s killing me to see that that skirt is sold out :( man I wants it…

  53. Love the boots!! You and your Significant Other are hilarious!! xox

  54. Fantastic backdrop, great styling. Like it.

  55. I love the lens you’ve borrowed for these shots they are awesome esp the last two pic, better than your old Sigma one (I still love your Sigma).

  56. Love the skirt and the bag. both so cute!!

  57. omgggg shini. i’m in love with this. the skull print in the skirt omg. and the fuzzy sweater!!!!!!!!! come back immediately so i can steal them from you! :)
    have fun at fash week with jen and kit! miss youuuuuu!


    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  59. Love everything about this! Your photos are always so amazing and chic!

    Fox Whiskers

  60. Seraphina

    Hahah you and your fiance are adorable!

  61. I think that’s one of the best looks I’ve seen you in. Just gorgeous. Vicky x

  62. Great pics! And I look your look, that skirt is so interesting


  63. at least you drive! goodness cars terrify me – especially now as i never ride in cars in tokyo, and suddenly i’m being put in one with my grandmother at the wheel…! not at all my idea of a vacation.
    you make an adorable sheep tho~ and compliments to your friend for the pictures, they’re really striking!

  64. love your boots! and that skirt! very chic look. and for a second i thought hey these pictures don’t look like they were taken using a 50mm lens. and my guess was right you were using a zoom lens there. nice pictures! loves them. x

  65. that outfit, the setting, the photos are all PERFECT!

  66. love it! love it! love it!

  67. ha! at least you’re wearing awesome lace! who couldn’t park like a sheep whilst wearing that?! it’s distracting!

    Annah xx


  68. this outfit is flawless and i am IN LOVE with that skirt!

  69. You always style sweaters extremely well! I absolutely love that skirt.


  70. That skirt is perfect!

  71. All the pictures from your blog are amazing!! And your skulled lace skirt is really cute!! I´m not very much into skulls, but tyhis one is nice!!

  72. I just saw this skirt and went I NEED THIS. hahaha


  73. love the skirt!

  74. Your skirt is great! I love the contrast between the design and the material, very nice.

  75. ann

    the skirt is AMAZING. can you please request them to make more???!!!! i need to buy one immediately.

  76. is that skull? Awwwsome…

  77. nice & cool, love it …. mobil sedan corolla