I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Jacket Gift from mum’s friend | Pants Gmarket | Wedgest H&M | Tshirt AA | Bag Topshop

Are you blind yet? Sorry about the pictures, the yellow is overburnt – which really can’t be helped when you have Lightsabres as legs, you could cut steak with my shins.

qaWho takes your pictures? [Mira]

In London 85% of the time my friend Ellen takes my outfit pictures, 10% done by my bf, and then an occasional 5% by my brother. In Poland my mother and brother share the privilege of snapping (at) me.
All the DIY tutorial photos and photos taken inside my flat are done with my minion tripod and an army of  kittens. (They braid my hair on my pee break)

What is your favourite kind of breakfast? [Shin]

Pot roast? I’m not much of a breakfast person but when I do have one I think my favourite will always be very fruity pancakes + maple syrup combo – good healthy dose of sugar to jumpstart the day.

What’s your favourite colour? [Chloe]

Yellow. I guess it sort of defines my personality, you know, CAUTION, HAZARDOUS..etc.

How do you put your outfits together? [M]

I always start off with one statement item, be it in shape or colour – then I run around the flat half naked trying to build on top of that. I think once you have your big piece, everything else will fall in with all the necessary basics. Although, problem arises when I start out with a basic piece, then I end up changing 4 times and running out late without shoes. I suck at accessorizing so depending on outfit I either skip it alltogether or take way too long trying to untangle a necklace that sucks to begin with.

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  1. I think you have to be the only one who could wear yellow jeans without looking like an idiot. I mean, wow. You look great! :)

  2. Oooooh! I love your shoes. and yellow jeans, they remind me of the perfect sun rise and the beautiful flowers that grow during spring months. You are like a beautiful flower.

  3. haha i’m blinded by your legs!

    i totally know what you mean with the problematic basic pieces… one would think it would be the easiest to make an outfit with but it’s definitely not! your friend ellen takes great photos!

  4. haha blinded….brights all summer :D xo
    love your shoes

  5. Hahaha It would be so funny if Luke.S had lightsabers as for legs?
    Can you imagine how wonderful fightings would have looked? hahaha.
    Anyways, you’re amazing in those!
    I always start with a basic piece and I always always change 4 times then run out late without shoes everyday. I still haven’t understood that was the right way to dress…

  6. helllllooooo! *whistles*

  7. oh! the yellow is lovely:) theres nothing quite like yellow pants to cheer you up!

  8. haha i thought I was the only who got dressed like that! love your outfit it is the perfect amount of color!


  9. I am so in love with your blog, and your fantastic yellow jeans.

  10. Triss

    Witaj. Znalazlam Twojego bloga kilka tygodni temu i podziwiam Twoj styl i nonszalancję z jaką zestawiasz ubrania. Bardzo podobają mi się te koturny z H&M i chętnie sprawiłabym sobie takie same, gdyby tylko szczeciński H&M kiedykolwiek mial buty, na ktore aktualnie mam ochote :)…Pozdrawiam goraco!!
    p.s w tych zoltych spodniach przypominasz mi troche Susie Bubble!

  11. amazing trousers!! love the heels and jacket too! :)

  12. you´re genius. wearing yellow jeans, I´m in awe.


  13. I believe you are one of the few who can wear yellow without looking like big bird. I love it toned down with black! Those shoes are amazing!

    La C.

  14. You look so awesome!

  15. The jacket is so beautiful and goes so well with the yellow pants!

  16. Totally blinding but in a good way!! You totally pull off the yellow so well, I love how your paired it with grey. I’d love you to dto more Q&A eventually! xx

  17. I love how you rock those yellow jeans, great!

  18. great pants! and i always enjoy reading your answers haha :)

    L.F. Wynn

  19. love the jeans and the wedges!

  20. Haha, your answers are always so hilarious.

  21. you got a beautiful blog :-)

  22. I just found your blog via wishwishwish, I have to say I love it (:


  23. […] great uses of neon clothing:  Susie, Karla, some chick Sarty shot, Sarty’s shot of Susie, Shini, and more Susie.  The Bubbster is so damn sick with it. […]

  24. i am the same way (Q#4). I hardly EVER have time to accessorize, so i either skip it or i just put on the same two rings and bracelet combo every single day. pretty boring… but reliable!

    nice to know im not the only one! (great pants!!)

  25. those yellow jeans are WOWOWOW

  26. I really love the yellow pants! I so admire that you can blog when your on vacation. I just drop off the face of the planet and come back to thousands of posts to read through. It did feel good not to have that computer in front of me :)

  27. gorgeous trousers! yum to fruity pancakes ;-) great blog!


  28. Whoawhoawhoa, I definitely didn’t mean to imply that I enjoy shopping with my mom because she buys me expensive things, if that’s what you got from my entry! That’s the first time she’s ever done something like that x) I honestly just like the company of my mom, as mama’s girl as that sounds.

  29. zomg your blazer/jacket/thingie is super kewlzzzz.
    oh man if i ever wore yellow pants like you, i’d look like a walking..umm..yellow blob? haha i dunno.

    and how’s about you come to NY and I’ll bake some cookies for you instead? yknow, in fear that the postman might smell the glorious aroma and steal all the cookies i send you.

  30. Highlighter yellow! It looks great on you – very cheery and you’re probably helping to encourage the British summer to arrive quicker :) Are those wedges in store now? xoxo

  31. you know what i just realized?

    you would be an amazing person to get high with (though i don’t think you do drugs/neither do i).

    nice pants. gotta love gmarket!

  32. i am so envious of your yellow jeans. i never thought that yellow will come out so stunning.


  33. Great outfit. Love the MAJOR pop of color. Don’t all the personal questions creep you out?

  34. wow this pants are amazing! and the location in perfect! love the contrast between your pants and the blue door behind you!

    about the last question… I usually do the same things :P

  35. loving the jacket, it’s the perfect fit!
    i’m not a big yellow person but good on you for having the guts to wear bright colours, it definitely isn’t working for me that well (at least for the bottom half :) )


  36. Lightsabres! lemme guess….your statement piece is the …..wedge(?) =P
    love the eye-sore yellow with the blacks, greys and your cute plait!! not anyone can pull this off.

  37. In love with those pants!

  38. I’ve been dying to buy some bright skinny jeans but atlas, I couldn’t pull if off like you do! Thank you for answering my question! Fruity pancakes, Yum! xxoxoxoxo

  39. CAUTION! Those pants are dangerous. Fabulous.

    Love. Gracie.

  40. Quite possibly the most amazing jeans i have ever seen in my whole whole whole life :-D

  41. You know, I never thought of putting an outfit together like that, but that *does* explain why your outfits have that… PUNCH.

    P.S. I especially love reading/commenting on your blog because you use one of my favorite fonts! :P

  42. if your shins can indeed cut steak, that’d be pretty fierce.

    harhar, i can completely relate about picking one item you know you want to wear and working off of that, but in the meantime literally hopping around half nudey. it’s like [only in some opaque tights], “ahh, what do i wear?? i’m getting coldddd.”

    so many outfit posts, i have to catch up on the awesomeness. i don’t look for a weekend and this happens?!

    oh yah, you look amazing here :o)

  43. these yellow pants – perfection! :))

    thank you :)) believe me or not but i do look like a crazy person wearing for example harem pants in my town… so, some time, it’s funny (although there’s nothing weird and special in my outfits)
    dzięki jeszcze raz i na pewno będę do Ciebie zaglądać częściej! pozdrowienia :)) miłego długiego weekendu :)