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Socks – Tabio, Bag – Furla Candybag, Nailpolish – Chanel Peridot

I’m having a thing for sheer socks right now and so far haven’t seen anyone do it better than Tabio… Je m’excuse for short burst posts of late, I arrived in Milan late last night with high hopes of editing gazillian photos in the hotel lounge but of course I arrive potato-faced with two pieces of dry plastic in my eyes and the bed looks like it gives good hugs… I’m off to a press conference now with Milla Jovovich (x Campari), maybe I’ll grow some balls and ask her how it feels to gut zombies! …which will get me kicked out of the room but I’ll be known in Italy as ah si that zombie blogger and that’s always a good title.

Have a luuvely Thursday, ciao!

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  1. kim

    I have that nailpolish too, it’s brilliant!
    Love your skirt with those socks.

  2. do it! Ask her!!! I’ve always wondered the samething. Lol.
    Ask her if that squelching sound is for real or just a sound effect? Hehe

  3. Costanza Saglio

    Dear Shini! Are you in Milan? I was in London last weekend and I was thinking about you ;) ! If you like, keep in touch, I I look forward to hearing from you but I don’t want to persecute you! cheers! ;)


    Sooo cute, lovely socks


  5. so vintaaage. and i love how the colour of furla bag burst out in that picture! ;)

  6. I always think that sheer socks with such length, like what you are showing, are adorable. But a pity that they are easy to be broken.

  7. Tabio is the best for socks!


  8. now those socks are so cute, especially with your skirt!

  9. Beautiful pieces!


  10. I’ve just started my sheer socks collection, and I’m totally hooked. Adore the dots galore.


  11. Dots dots dots, precisely my today’s pos it about dots dress jeje :-)

    I have some similar socks, last year plumeti from H&M, and there great !!!!

    I love your blog !!


  12. Pleeease ask her about zombies! Hope you have a lovely time in Milan x

  13. I love this picture!!


  14. I guess you have just successfully make me want to go on a sheer socks hunt right about now!

  15. Zombie blogger :D love it :D

  16. Adorable !

  17. Awesome! I’m going to Milan tomorrow. I’m going to shop ’til I drop, and now I’m hoping that I’ll spot you somewhere!

  18. So lovely ! :)

  19. Very cute polka dots socks!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  20. Canary

    Ask her about the zombie thing! :-) Love your blog! :D

  21. Wonderful colours and textures in this shot…

    I also love sheer socks – they just feel better inside my shoes for some reason.

  22. The socks are adorbs! We quite like socks ourselves here at BV, last season we had luck at the Gap of all places for sheer socks. Also, try JCrew :)
    <3 Blonde Vivant

  23. Let me introduce you to Sockbox, they do absolutely stunning one off socks! http://www.sockbox.net

  24. Love these! Adorable!

  25. How was it!! How was Milla?!

    Love the photo


  26. Sheer socks are always an after thought for me. And now that I see yours, I’ve got to pencil into the To Buy page in my Moleskine, cuz these are seriously cute.


  27. Your socks look amazing. So cute! Sleep if you can!

  28. Nice socks,nice post! Have fun in milano!

  29. Love those cute socks! And such pretty nailpolish! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


  30. You keep yourself busy! These socks are great and I love how you played with the inverted polka dot colors.

  31. ahh pretty picture as always. I think everything in polkadots still hype for this season.
    Sometimes when I do visit your blog i get inspired by your photos and smiling when i read a post like this :)

  32. Love the whimsy of sheer socks! So cute!

  33. Shini, I really hope you asked Milla about cutting zombie guts!

  34. This picture makes me happy XX

  35. Love the socks and that Chanel polish! Have fun in Milan…eat plenty of gelato!

  36. I love these sheer shocks. So cute!

  37. These sheer shocks are amazing! comfortable, classy and chic. Wow!

    Cathy@Pair Your Best Discount Scrubs to Look Like A Million Bucks

  38. superb socks. I am very fond of wearing these types of doted socks. but I don’t like light colored socks. can you provide these types of socks in dark colors like red, yellow , green, etc?