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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Samsonite Cosmolite



Quilted jacket – Barbour. Shearling vest – Muubaa. Bag – Couronne.








ParkandCube_Seoul_0011 ParkandCube_Seoul_0012




ParkandCube_Seoul_0016 ParkandCube_Seoul_0017


ParkandCube_Seoul_0019 ParkandCube_Seoul_0020


Coat – Mango. White Jeans – AG Jeans. Shoes – Isabel Marant. Scarf – Zara.


ParkandCube_Seoul_0023 ParkandCube_Seoul_0024



Coat – Mango. Boots – Margiela for H&M. Bag – Mansur Gavriel. Scarf – Acne (Similar).

ParkandCube_Seoul_0027 ParkandCube_Seoul_0028



Coat – Mango (blazer version). Boots – Margiela for H&M. Bag – Mansur Gavriel. Scarf – Acne (Similar).

Two weeks in Seoul boiled down to a mere 30 photos – yeah, either I’ve had my chronic indecisiveness miraculously cured, or someone broke into the flat during the night and magically edited down the lot. If it’s the latter I also wish they touched me before sneaking out. All kidding aside, once I’d dealt with the two-freaking-thousand files that choked up the ‘SEOUL 2014’ folder, I found myself at a bind, because even with a more manageable bunch my time in Seoul was just too big, dynamic, entertaining, nostalgic, and exotic to ‘boil down’ into one sweeping summary.

Over the two weeks, I reconnected with friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in about seven years, and visited my grandmother who fed me the same type of fried fish she used to hide inside my spoonful of rice when I was little; then my Caucasian husband arrived midway through, and together the city was suddenly an exotic new ground with every corner fascinating. All in all I found: the people supremely enjoyable, the fashion essential, and the food unbearably sexy. Tradition and modernity co-exist in great harmony, which is something I particularly adored this time round – especially how the young people embrace and pride in the heritage…

I do realize I’m technically tooting my own people’s horn here and may not be the best person to lend impartial image of the city but then again you’re not here for impartial reviews, are you?! Because in the next post I’m going to rave about honey pancakes and outline why it’s the bestest thing in the world  and you’re not allowed to ask what about donuts and macarons. 

A huge thanks to Samsonite (x Fashiolista) for the great adventure – do check out how I packed for Seoul, the first 24 hours, and more photos from the trip in the visual diary on Fashiolista.

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  1. You hit the nail right on the spot, I’m not here for impartial views. I’m here for witty remarks, awesome outfits, wonderful views of the world and really, really sexy food. Man, you make me hungry and wanderlust-y and all that jazz with almost all your posts… I love it. I hope to visit Seoul sometime soon too.

  2. Fab!!
    i love it ;)



  3. Amazing photos !


  4. Beautiful photos! I greet:)

  5. this look is fantastic!

    xoxo from rome

  6. nice pics!
    new look on my blog!!!

  7. OK the picture of the pork belly spread… major yum!!! Seoul looks like an incredible place to visit. Adding it to my list!

  8. perfect boots babe


  9. gorgeous capture!


  10. Seoul looks chic and reminiscent of NYC.


  11. Bren


    Seoul really is fascinating as you say it is. I did enjoy the sexy food and the shopping back in 2007. I hope to return one day and do it again.

    That’s my impartial view because I am a Mexican girl who lives in Texas. (Or maybe I am impartial because I have an Asian husband and I love Korean food). :)

  12. sarahnizomi

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Seoul is always amazing!

  13. yummm is that bossam?? <3


  14. Kristen

    I lived in Seoul for a short period of time and looking at your photos reminds me of the wonderful times I had there. It’s a beautiful place and oh how I miss the fashion and food!

  15. These images are stunning…definitely need to check out Seoul on my next trip!

  16. Amazing pictures!

  17. I would love to visit Seoul soon. Its been on my list for a while now. Great photos and I cant wait to see the next bunch of photos with pancakes.


  18. sounds like you had a great time!
    beautiful pics


  19. I am in love with your pin stripe coat. Seeing these pictures makes me want to pack up and go on an adventure to Seoul myself. Beautiful.


  20. most stunning shots

  21. Nice!

  22. I love seoul!!!! Been there last year and i can’t wait to go back. everything about it is so dynamic and vibrant. and the food is amazing!

  23. Your pictures are wonderful Shini!
    Mafalda ❤

  24. One of my dreams (or lifetime goals, as I like to call them) is to live in Seoul. Your impartial thoughts on the life is Seoul coincide with what I already know and want. P.S. These photos are amazing. I always love how you give beauty to small things. ^^

  25. This looks so incredible! Going to Seoul is on the top of my list – my boyfriend is Korean and he has been dying to go back.

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  27. I got homefeeling…good to see the images

  28. Danielle

    Won’t ask about the donuts and macarons. Btw, the photos from this post are absolutely stunning. Makes me want to go to Seoul! x

  29. ollyvia laura

    wanna go there :'(


  30. Love those boots with the Perspex heel, amazing!

  31. Wow, beautiful photographs! Seoul looks like an amazing place/city to visit. My friend is over there at the moment and she loves it. And I’ve just discovered your blog, it is really lovely. x

  32. You are the best blogger in the whole word.ç


  33. So so so beautiful pics! Love ur outfits!

  34. As always, gorgeous photos! I love Seoul, even though the time we were there both of us got terribly sick so we were stuck in our hotel room watching Korean TV… which by the way is the BEST TV I’ve ever seen in my entire life. But your trip looks heavenly. The food, delicious.

  35. Hey you! So lovely to hear from you Jennine, it’s been so long since we last saw eachother! I can’t believe you were sick the whole time you were in Seoul, and I don’t believe you when you say the TV was great – were there anything in English at least?! I do remember my husband having his nose glued to the TV while we were there but it was mostly Cartoon Network and Japanese cartoons ;)

    Hope to see you soon, we’re in dire need of catchup! x

  36. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics.
    This post makes me really miss Korea!
    It’s been a long time since my last visit to Korea – about 8 years, already?!
    I’m also married to an English guy, which explains why I reside in England,
    however, that is not the only reason why I haven’t had a chance to reunite with my homeland for past few years though. Well, sadly, I’ve got no excuse as my whole family lives abroad like I do.

    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to enjoy your posts and wonderful pics.

  37. christina

    love it! what a beautiful city

  38. beautiful photos! kudos for sticking to 30! especially love the one where you’re standing on that arrow. such intricate composition of rooftops and walls..

  39. Oh Shini poo. It looks so amazing. What beautiful photos. I love seeing your visual diary posts. They are gorgeous. Love your outfit and the layering of the Barbour jacket under the Mango pinstripe. Very country-meets-city-chic. Ja adore. xx

  40. […] pushed it back up to the top. And Seoul was even on the list, but I’ll go anywhere with Shini; her photography never fails to blow me […]

  41. after seeing your photographs, i want to go back to Korea and Seoul even more! you captured the city beautifully :)


  42. Lucie

    Lovely photos !

  43. Beautiful pictures!

  44. What a beautiful reminiscence of a gem of a city. I spent 3 amazing week sin Seoul last October, and these 30 images had me wandering down memory lane. One thing I absolutely love about Korean girls is their ability to look professional, classy and exquisitely feminine no matter what the occasion. An envious feat we should learn from in the West…


  45. Jackie

    you have an insert on Mango.com, DIY you are showing how to enhance a pair of masculine mocassin shoes. I live in South Africa, I need to have these shoes for winter. Where & and how do I find them!!!!

  46. Ooh I think the particular pair aren’t available at Mango anymore but have you tried e-retailers that deliver to SA? Here’s one from ASOS that’s really similar! http://rstyle.me/n/h6yx86c I know they do free shipping worldwide so that should be a plus too!

  47. Luiza Lyra

    Hi Shini!
    I’m going to Seoul this summer, do you have any suggestions of places to go/shop there?
    And would you mind telling me the name of the store in the 10th photo?

    Seoul looks amazing in your photos, just makes me more excited to go now!
    Thank you and much love from Brazil <3

  48. omg! so beautiful pics!

  49. wow, i really love love this photo..
    색채가 정말 아름답네요..

  50. So in love with your perspective of travels!

  51. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Makes me love Korea more. Amazing culture!

  52. MD

    Well photography.. amazing photos.
    You are welcome at http://www.thestyleworld.com/

  53. you are just amazing..
    i haven’t been to your blog for aboout a year..
    reading your post takes me back to 2013 winter…
    so lovely

  54. I love how you captured the beauty in modernity and in tradition in Seoul. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in the world and it looks extra charming through your lens!


  55. Seoul looks amazing – I’d love to visit and eat my weight in Korean food.

    After spending many a school summer in Kuala Lumpur, away from my friends and sitting in my grandparents’ house being made to drink boiled nutritional herbs, my visits as an adult were getting fewer and further between, but as you mentioned here, returning with my boyfriend made me see it through completely new eyes and now I can’t wait to return again!

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  57. An amazing post!

  58. Much fun and informative to see your photos of your travels to places I’ve never been. You capture the feel of the place so well.

  59. These all look amazing!! Thank you for share