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ASOS SS11 Pressday November 4th 2011 @ Victoria House

Seeing that I’ll be cameraless for a few days I thought I’d give the backlog a good shovelling session… turns out I’m also backlogless with my hard drive over at a slumber party somewhere else… oy vey. Thankfully found this ASOS SS11 pressday post has been lingering in the drafts cabinet since November of last year. I’d like to say it was warming up the bench but as always the truth is that Susie of ASOS had put out a shush note until an appropriate time closer to release and judging by what they’re bringing to the table it looks more like a secret card than a benchwarmer. Particularly fond of the perspex heels, pop-colour bags and the ASOS Africa collection (second to last row) – I know this will be my catchphrase come fashionweek, but Summer where art thou? Take a cab, will thou?

Looks like ASOS just launched a Facebook app store, novelty! Not sure I’d like to advertise to everyone that I like to shell out at ASOS at 4am in the morning but there’s an option to turn that off, right?

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  1. omg !!!
    I absolutely love it <3


  2. ASOS is seriously the best online store around. Just look at those shoes! Anyway, amazing still-images as usual, Shini :)


  3. what’s NOT to love here!!??

    Amazing :D

  4. Amazing photos as usual :) I want all of those sunnies!

  5. Stunning photos and great collection. Can’t wait for Spring!!!

  6. wow, i love all the pieces!

  7. yo’uve been keeping this from us since November?? Shame on you Shin!! haha
    But those perspex heels really are wonderful. I’m always amazed at how nice their showroom looks, and I say this because I can’t help but think about how I used to laugh with ASOS when they were still ‘As Seen On Screen’ and sold bad balenciaga motorcycle bag knock-offs hahaha. They sure have come a long way!

  8. I still have some photos from press days – I won’t post them though, it’s enough already now that countless of bloggers had already posted about the event. I especially love all yours.

  9. These earrings are great, I think I’ll buy them!

  10. Haha, great catchphrase. I feel cheated whenever I open ASOS’s emails because summer isn’t here yet! :( Would really like those sunglasses.

  11. Eek can’t believe you kept us hanging on for this, it’s gorgeous! I love the bralette in the top image and the yellow satchel. YUM.


  12. I love the heels, though they’re a complete rip off of the Jessica Simpson ones. Hope they’re not too pricey, as I’ll definitely be adding them to my wish list. The shades are cool too,


  13. Carrie

    I could look at it all the time!


  14. Asos is putting in work! The boxy bags and striped blue heels are screaming out my name!

  15. lovely stuff! great shoes. and i LOVE that top in the first picture.

  16. I have my keen eye on those white heels. x

  17. Ahhhh I love all of this, especially that yellow bag and all of those sunnies!

  18. you named it pop colour? i like those bags in light yellow and orange. the shoes are definitely very stylish

  19. seeing all these bright colours I’m thinking it’ll be hard to resist puchases from asos…

  20. ASOS is my favourite online shop! It has such a good website that lets you properly see the clothes before buying. They are generally well made, have okay prices and good postage. Awesomes!


  21. When I first saw these photos I did not think it would turn out to be ASOS. I’ve always been a fan but this collection looks incredible!! The perspex heel is indeed crazy cool

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  22. i can’t believe this is all from ASOS, it looks like such a great collection. i wish i could have seen all of this in person.


  23. Just amazing!



  24. oh boy~! everything looks so awsome!!!!
    thanks for sharing!!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses


  25. Ah! Thank you for this post! Amazing!


  26. Incredible shoes! ASOS is such a dangerous place…

  27. Loving it!


  28. Wow!love the shoes.

  29. ASOS is cool…i love the pants..

  30. I love the satchel bags, too cute! xx

  31. love the pinkish pants :D


  32. love the bags and the sunglasses

  33. Hi! I love Asos and your blog is beautiful!


  34. i love anything w. color

  35. this looks just amazing. i love asos.
    thanks for sharing
    hope you’re having a good week so far dear
    take care

  36. love asos, cant wait for spring!


  37. The new ASOS coloured bags look fantastic! I think their buying just keeps getting better.

  38. all from asos? wow, I see JS Dany shoes! ;)

    anyway, I love the bags, glasses and those coral pants.

    hugs! :))

  39. this makes me think even more about spring. and spring seems so far, far away…

  40. huh the beaded bracelet <3 !!!

  41. how can you not love every single thing here? amazinggggg x

  42. OMG this new collection looks amazing!!!
    The colors are so beautifuls and fresh!
    Great continuation
    Kiss from France

  43. Crazy jealous, how do you get to attend these things?!

  44. Love the first picture!
    And the one of the chunky blue and green bracelet.
    It’s all gorgeous!
    Check out my blog if you’d like http://thegothictwist.blogspot.com/

  45. oooooh love them all!


  46. Sarah Lee

    Shini I love your blog so much. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love finding out about the latest press days and designer collections but I feel like your blog has too much of it at the moment. It must be the timing because of all the SS11 collections coming out in stores right now but I just love your outfit posts so much and your general musings so I am finding myself getting a bit tired of being PR’d too. You might disagree, that’s totally ok. But I felt that I needed to say something because I admire your honesty xo

  47. Totally understand – I personally don’t like peppering the blog with SS11s and events and such without a good balance of personal posts in between as well! Buttt 1) the blog is growing (absolutely thankful for this), and saying that I keep it as a hobby is now simply undermining the time and effort that goes into maintaining it (financial as well)… and 2) when I’m completely swamped with work, well in this case visa issues AGAIN, that it’s just so hard to meet up with someone for outfit shots/ personal posts! Honestly it’s the easiest to post up SS11s at the moment :(

    I really really appreciate your honesty though – promise I will cut back! xxxxx

  48. Sarah Lee

    @Shini, And that is why you are all kinds of awesome xo

  49. wahey, COLOUR!!! Yes! I’m so excited, puts me right in the summer mood! I’ve been utterly unimpressed with high street last month and even the previews of the future months, but thank GOODNESS FOR ASOS!

  50. the bodice in the first picture is absolutely fabulous and so incredibly pretty.

  51. cool bracelet and all those sheers… love it :***

  52. Asos is amazing. The sunglasses are to die for!!

  53. The shoes and bags are magnificent! Such great photos and many many beautiful things!

  54. The shoes and bags (especially) are magnificent! Such great photos and many many beautiful items!

  55. I am particularly eyeing that blue pair of shoes with the striped heel. CUTE!

  56. I love love love those neon bags. Summer, you can’t come soon enough!


  57. I love the colors! the red-orange pants are great

  58. love the yellow bag!!! is perfect for spring!


  59. wow their showroom is amazing!! I love the white blocks the shoes are on :0

    THANKS for sharing!

    come n visit my blog hun :)

  60. my god, some pieces are really to die for!