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creative direction SHINI PARK editorial assistance SIMON SCHMIDT in collaboration with FARFETCH
above: top J.H. ZANE bag SAVAS white dress GHOST

Ask me ten years ago if I’d like a bag version of that bus handle I’d gotten to know so well – the circular, plastic reminder that once again I am on the late bus to school and we are one violent swerve away from swinging smack right into someone’s wet armpit. (My glasses would have permanent stains from arm-pubes during exam weeks) If you’d asked me then, I’d have raised an eyebrow, nay, even laughed, at the prospect of a bag that looks like a bus handle ring.

Seemingly, it takes exactly one decade for body cells to turn over, metabolism to slacken, for awkward ideas to become… well frankly, awesome. While my grip on the ring of SAVAS clutch take a familiar, ferocious grasp that one 18-year-old’s good morning relied on, it’s a heck of a stunner – a statement, even. Goes with practically everything, but best seen with puffy, foamy layers and monochrome co-ords as worn in this digitorial for Farfetch.


Top & bottom – BACK. Boots – Bally. Bag – SAVAS via Farfetch


below: blouse J.H. ZANE dress FERRE VIA NORDIC POETRY bag SAVAS
above: jacket J.H. ZANE dress GHOST bag SAVAS


Top – JWon. Velvet culottes – Versace via Nordic Poetry. Shoes – Proenza Schouler. Bag – SAVAS via Farfetch


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  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Editorially beautiful . . . Beyond beautiful! Simply a winner, beautiful looks & layout, I really love it! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  3. Stunning work. :)


  4. Oh my!! I’m speechless!!! Every single photos and every single piece/ item are to die for!


  5. Gorgeous photos!


  6. FANTASTIC!!!!


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  8. you’ve such an incredible taste!


  9. Awesome, love the pictures!


  10. pia

    this is incredible, your style is so unique!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  11. oh my goodness! Such a gorgeous editorial! And that bag is an absolute beaut! x

  12. As always perfect!

  13. Loving the minimal and the details!

    Characters & Carry-ons

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  15. Who would’ve thought that we would look to bus handles for inspiration – I suppose it was inevitable but either way I am loving it. The monochrome with the metallic accents makes it a sure favourite for fall – plus it doesn’t come with arm pit stained glasses!


  16. YESS such an inspiration, I love these photos and the colors (that red is gorgeous).


    michenn Chanel Slingbacks

  17. Love that bag, amazing presentation.


  18. Dude, these photos are CRAZY beautiful. I love the styling. It’s all a bit exaggerated and undone but still looks perfectly put together. I’m in love.


  19. Aside from the bag, that I have been wanting despite the weirdness of the circular handle….I’m dying over those Bally shoes. Now that you brought up the bus thing I don’t think I can get it out of my head haha.


  20. Love that shot of you on the stoop! And all of the other ones, for that matter.

  21. Killer! As always!! Love it, Shini! Great job!

  22. In love with your photos. So creative & dynamic. That bus handle ring bag is indeed awesome <3

    xoxo Eva | http://www.evakindles.com

  23. Stunning editorial! Love your style a l w a y s !

  24. Amazing photos! love every single one


  25. Amazing styling !!


  26. The title of this post got me! Lovely editorial as always. In love with the ring trend, especially the ones attached to the dress and oversize hoop earrings now.


  27. i love it

  28. Where i can buy this collection?


  29. Running short of finding something smart to say, you’ve outrun everyone Shini and having had a look at the Lavender fields video I am just wondering, What Would You Do IF You Had A Bigger Budget from your advertisers?!!!?!!!

    Keep at it Parkowska! You’re the Leader, ring or no ring.

  30. You are very funny in your description of the bus handle. You made me think of going on a bus and hold myself on to the handle. However, I think the purse is elegant and I would definitely wear it! Thank you

  31. Veryyyyyyyyy coool clutch!! and love all the expressions in your photos.
    Joua to the Rescue

  32. The ring handle is really beautiful. It is simple but the results are elegant and lovely. Love the concept and the shoots!

  33. awesome shoes on this post…amazing~


  34. This editorial is everything you would want from an editorial. Pure candy for my eyes. So beautifully styled & put together too. Love that bag cinemagraph

    Jb // xx
    Travel, bicycles and style // Velondonista.com

  35. Augustinas Vasiliauskas

    That SAVAS bag <3 Beautiful editorial

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