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Cardigan Uniqlo | One-arm Bodycon, leggings, Shoes Topshop | Skirt Gmarket | Scarf Mum’s | Bag DIY Studded Vintage




Yes I’m in ROMA! Punkie and Winnie you’ve just won a goldenvault full of my wet and affectionate smooches for guessing right. Actually the pretzels hint was rubbish, I learned that the pretzel-like things they were serving on the Alitalia flight were were called Taralli so gave myself a tutti frutti smack on the butt for getting it wrong. Sorry.

Other than the fact that everything written reads to me like a Spaghettihouse menu, eg. Spaghetti All’Arabbiata: Please Do not lean, this city is the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. So rich in history and culture, you can almost taste the height of the Roman Empire by the mere vastness of the architecture. Breathtaking doesn’t even start to explain what this place is, even tap water tastes like laced with some kind of myth. Actually tap water here tastes pretty damn good, like rainbows and kitten butts.

Tomorrow: Vatican city with a sprinkle of gelato, and shopping under the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps). [Q&A on hold until I get home and have no obligation to get up and walk till my feet are stubs]

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  1. luckayyyyy! you look fab, as always and those shoes are so clever.
    planinng to go to rome myself next year, on a school trip to france, monaco, and italy.
    you must recommend me some awesome shopping sites!

  2. Jealousssss. Rome is one of my favourite European cities, it’s just so beautiful and laid back and filled with exciting foodstufs. It’s raining in London :( xoxo

  3. I had a sense you were in Rome! Those steps in the previous entry look like very ruin-ish. btw, Brutiful photos!

  4. Oh, how I miss italiaaaa.. Le sigh! Beautiful photos esp of the Fiat. So classic Italian :d

  5. Oh I’m crushed I guessed wrong :0}

    How awesome is traveling? Send me ur pants then it’d be the traveling pants…

  6. beautiful shots
    what kind of camera do you use?

  7. Rome is gorgeous, I’m so jealous of your trip! Make sure you eat as much pasta and gelato as you can. Can’t wait to see some Roma purchases. ps loving the shoes girl :) xo

  8. I am the green-eyed monster of envy right now. Partially because you’re in Rome, surrounded by all that beauty. And mostly because you have true gelato. *sigh*

    I am still obsessing over your DIY bag. I must find a bag to stud-ify!

    La C.

    P.S.: I’m also wondering the same thing as Ayana; what camera do you use? I’m quite annoyed at my shotty digital camera at the moment. Haha

  9. Gosh, I remember drinking that kitten butt water, not so long ago. I love Rome, but also sort of hate it..as a result of someone stealing my umbrella (which I had just bought from a street vender for E7)from an internet cafe. Gorgeous photos!

  10. wow! i can’t wait to see more pictures of you in roma! i love the photo of the fiat. looks like you were at the trevi! the last time i was there my friend’s wallet got stolen by gypsies and i chased after them! haha

  11. “Actually tap water here tastes pretty damn good, like rainbows and kitten butts.”


    I feel the same way about NY tap.

  12. enjoy bella!

  13. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of the mini x Sushi

  14. beautiful photos!

  15. wow! what an adventure, rome looks amazing…i like your ensemb lil miss, and your blog is perfection. I took some of your tips on blog presence and I was wondering if in your spare time (if you have any because you seem to be quite the busy bee) you could take a gander at my blog; because I know you will tell me the honest truth ; )

    have a fun and safe trip love!


  16. Mmmmm… rainbows and kitten butts. Lucky girl, getting to see Rome! Have fun!


  17. you lucky duck!! ROME! i wish ==
    love your DIY bag! make me one :D

  18. KABOOM! that was the sound of my head exploding as I wished myself to rome and failed
    have the bestest time

  19. I love Rome, I was there last summer, if you can do the Spanish steps pub crawl it was a blast. The Vatican City is also an amazing experience. Have fun and eat lots of gelato!

  20. trevi’s fountain seems to be SO beautiful, i’d love to see it with my own eyes

  21. aggggh rome is one of my favorite places in the world!! so jealous :/ hehe

  22. Rome! wow, i’ve always wanted to go there & it looks amazing in your photos, love your outfit as always & jealous it looks warm enough for sandals! ;)


  23. I don’t know if you’ll get this in time, but you should DEFINITELY go to the Vatican Museum.

  24. Your style is so simple yet strong

    keep up the good work & i am so jealous youre in Rome!


  25. I wish I looked half as amazing while I’m travelling. You look so good! My guess would have been Rome too. :)

  26. I hope you post what camera you use in your Q&A (and so do about 90% of your other readers)

    Seems like you get to go to pretty places a lot, and wear pretty clothes and make people envy you… a lot.

  27. When I read the title of this blog, I was like, “Oh my, Romulus and Remus are twins….”

    So hard for me to convey the right emotions via the internet.

  28. hey i live in rome! :) via de corso and marconi are great shopping places too.. :) lovely bag

  29. simply gorgeous! love those flats from topshop xo


  30. aaaah! yeah! ;D
    pitty that I don’t live in Rome, or we coul have met!
    can you belive that even if I’m italian, I never visited Rome?? and the incredible things is that I’ve a cousin living there…
    but in one of the next months, I’ll go! it’s sure! :)

  31. PS: amazing pics and gorgeous look! <:D

  32. Ah I love the way you’ve combined everything you’re wearing, so inventive. Even tried to go on the Gmarket site, but was bewildered by all the Korean, looks like you can get some great stuff there though. Rome looks great, I’d love to go some day.

  33. Wow!
    I’ve always wanted to visit Rome. Seccond on my list after Paris of course!
    Your pictures look amazing. I hope you have a fabulous time! x

  34. perfects pictures! i love your look! is a perfect!

  35. awwww i lived in italy for a while. this makes me miss it so much! eat rice gelato it’s the best

  36. Oh to be in one of the most romantic cities in the world. I love your pics, and you look incredibly stylish. Love the blog.

  37. lucky duck you are. i hope i get to be in your shoes one day. literally, because i want to steal those sandals. mmm. gelato.

  38. Lacy

    LOVE the bodycon!! I kind of want it… how long ago did you get it??

    Oh gawwddd I need to stop shopping…

  39. kim

    where did you get those sandals? if so could you tell me what site i want them soo bad yout look gorgeous love how its put together

  40. Awww…too bad I guessed wrong! I wish I were in Rome too! My boyfriend is half-Italian so it’s a city that we both want to visit someday. You look so pretty in the first picture! xxoxoxo

  41. Oh wonderfullllll! I nééd to go there, just once in my life (at least..) I love your shoes by the way :)

  42. It’s rome!! my dolce rome! my favorite eropean city! the pic’s are amazing!! lucky girl! and you look fantastic :)xx

  43. ahh rome is so darn pretty. i miss it and want to go back pronto. are you making a stop in venice by any chance? it’s utterly breathtaking (of course, breathtaking doesn’t even start to describe how actually breathtaking it is…). the topshop top is so fun!

    yes, their tap does taste pretty good, but i’m not exactly sure about the rainbows and cat butts part. maybe i’ve just forgotten?? :o)

  44. ahhhhh i need those shoes!

  45. omg im going to rome too this summer! like the outfit and have fun over there!

  46. gorgeous
    hope you’re having a great time ♥

  47. Oh so that’s where you are! :)



  48. Rome looks stunning! You’re one lucky gal =D

  49. […] well that’s about it really. A few years back I’d been in Rome with my mother and picked up the few key words that helps you get around, but for the life of me […]