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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.







Nonsense, Mr Lamp is NOT for sale, he is merely supervisingĀ the stall while I get a burrito.

The rest of the 6 pairs of shoes are, though. While I was moving into my new apartment I realised how many shoes I adopted just to make them orphans in my own closet. So here they all are, looking at you with droopy eyes, how could you resist!?

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  1. i like those loafers!!!


  2. KIM

    LOL now these are my kinda pedigree ;)

    man i love your humour

  3. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    and we continue doing it… good that you don’t feel so attached enuf to let them go to better parents. but did you say you’re going to adopt more after packing these off? lol. i managed to do a minor detox and stayed off the buying for sometime. then i caved in to a few cheap ones lately.

  4. i love your photos! and those shoes are drool worthy…too bad none of them fit me!


  5. They look great (: let’s take a look at your shop!

  6. i love first ones!

  7. how dare you sell the h&m zipper booties! i wanted to wear them together with you when i come to london next time. partner look. man!

  8. btw – i wrote a blog entry about you, my dear
    and the gmarket things (backpack, sweater, laceup booties) are awe-some.

  9. those shoes are absolutely divine!! esp the black ones

  10. sophie

    hi, I sent you a mail about the black booties earlier, hope this is ok.

  11. love the zipped and the fringed ones!

  12. i wish you were my size. these shoes need a good home, errrmm i mean these shoes need me. :) too bad!
    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  13. Emilie

    What shoe size are you?

  14. Ooo I’m a 38.5-39 (depends on shoes) but all the shoes I’ve listed have sizes marked in the Blogshop ;)!

  15. ^Love these shoes!

  16. Oh, I love Mr Lamp!

  17. Why are you feet a half a size smaller than mine? :(

  18. Oh wow! I love those yellowish heels. (To bad my feet are to big to fit them! D: )
    I hope they find good homes, they’re all such pretty shoes!

  19. it’s crazy when you move out how you can realize the accumulation of things and most of all the huge pile of shoe boxes, i almost felt ashamed of myself when we move out! :D
    anyway i’d love to adopt all your shoes, sadly i have huge feet…

  20. nura

    i love the zipped booties! but they are not on ur blogshop…

  21. Owh I’ve linked the button to only available shoes, and the zipped booties just sold, sorry!

  22. What size are most of these?

  23. Sizes vary from US7 – US9.5! (Desperate attempt oh my behalf to try to fit into some shoes…)

  24. AHH OMG THOSE SHOES!!! And haha Mr Lamp is sooo adorable!

  25. such great shoesss !
    love them soo much !
    will check out ur blog shop soon .
    do you ship to indonesiaaa ??

  26. Yes I do ship to Indonesia!

  27. Love Love the Aldo buckled flat boots, let me know if your buyer falls through.

  28. Sure thing ;) Although, there are 2 others lined up for them! I’ll still let you know!

  29. sad that im not your shoe size! i have unreasonably small feet.

    love mr lamp :(

  30. nice booties.. but its hot here in m far away land… i like the office one, you wore it in your photo titled Nuisance paired with orange skirt and striped vest. would you sell them to a far away land? like Manila? BTW am size 37 I really loooove that..

  31. I was going to sell them eventually but they’re a size 39! Also, I’d ship to anywhere ;)

  32. nura

    how much are you selling the office booties coz I luv em too..thanks !

  33. Oh but not yet! :P I’ll put them up soon on the blogshop once I’m done loving them myself! heh

  34. oOOooo…black zipper & grey fringe LUV… and THEN, the black
    booties with the buckles … ADORE! WANT CRAVE.

  35. I love them all. soo good. xxx

  36. […] Mr. Lamp indeed banished to stairs after unforgivable crime of being too obnoxiously big for my tiny studio flat. Sorry, had to choose between you or stack of shoe boxes. Boxes illuminate a bit. […]

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