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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Little sneak-peak of the Printemps x Dior Christmas windows!

And pile of meat for lunch before shopping, naturally.

Here she comes! I’m here Marion, kiss me.


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Zara. Khaki silk shirt- Iris & Ink. Midi-skirt – ASOS. Heels – Christian Louboutin Corneille. Bag – Reiss Mira. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective; Outfit shots by Kit

I’m sorry if lately it’s just been Paris this and Paris that, but let’s be honest, you can’t really blame me, can you. Same way you can’t blame me for sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to eat Nutella out of the jar while burning up the refrigerator lightbulb, which is pretty much always. It’s universal magic, we all know that. And seeing that my life is spectacularly, extra, extra ordinary (mind the gap), a quick trip to Printemps in Paris with Kit for an early taste of Christmas should no doubt be considered, extraordinary. Especially when it includes sparkling windows and a whole world of Dior behind a sheet of glass. Glass of course, makes this magical world much easier to reach than 1) the thick wardrobe doors of Narnia, or 2) a brick column to Platform 9¾ – technically at least. Plus I bet that window smells like Miss Dior from the inside and actually full of Helium gas that’s leaked out from the balloons. Squeakiddy-squeak-squeak, sang the dolls.

Thank you Ykone & Printemps for having us! (See last year’s mini-Karl domination in Printemps x Chanel windows)

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  1. christmas is near here!
    love the decor


  2. nearly*

  3. OMG!!! I want to High Ten the person/ppl who did those windows!!! They’re gorge! XO

  4. Kat

    @Fashion tidbits, Agreed! Making that much STUFF look amazing and elegant and almost necessary is practically magic.

  5. really the most stunning impressions, your pictures always inspire me so much!


  6. beautiful captures!


  7. I love your photos, I feel like I’m there! I hope to travel to Paris one day. :)

  8. ugh. so beautiful. so lucky.

  9. Oh these photos are absolutely dreamy! Thanks for sharing them with us Shini :)

  10. Dannielle

    Incredible captures. Schpankyou!

  11. i love the holidays. these photos are amazingg! x


  12. great photos! so christmas-y already!


  13. Absolutely amazing! I am not officially in the mood for the holidays!

  14. Absolutely amazing! I am now officially in the mood for the holidays!

  15. Incredible – the intricacies of the displays!

  16. That may be the most beautiful department store I’ve ever seen… those shop window displays are just amazing!

  17. So in love with all these festive and magical captures. x


  18. I remembered seeing window decors in NYC for the first time, and couldn’t close my jaw-dropped mouth! Im feeling the same again with these delicate, very delicate and magical glass windows! Love all the pictures as usual xxx

  19. Stunning photos as always!

    Step into Estherina’s World

  20. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Lucky me i’m going to paris this Thursdays!!

  21. Love these shots, especially the one of the dior sign with the floor below and the one of her through the crowds! Beautiful!


  22. SUCH beautiful photos, as always, looks so magical! ahh, i love christmas shopping, the lights from the shop windows are so inviting :)

    Katie x

  23. I Love the windows, so elaborate and beautiful. How exciting you got to experience it! http://paulatasker.squarespace.com

  24. how wonderful the pics are!!!!
    love them all!

  25. Gosh, your photography work keeps amazing me! You actually suck me in into the magic world of Dior and Paris. I think a lot of people can learn from you! Thanks for sharing these moments…

    With Love,


  26. Wonderful pictures, I have been there this weekend but the amount of people was just crazy. No way looking at the windows at all. Therefore your post is just perfect.

  27. absolutely gorgeous. stunning shots. love how you pay attention to every detail


  28. Paris is an amazing place!!! I love this city!!! the pictures are so beautiful!! I really love your style!!!


  29. Your pictures are always magic and the atmosphere you’ve captured ia amazing. I’m already into the Xmas mood!
    thank you,

  30. It’s safe to say, j’adore dior! haha, how cute are those dior dressed dollies, can we buy them?

  31. Shini, this is sooo preetttyyy!! Pictures are amazing as always and I just love, love, love your outfit here. Is pile of meat a new cupcake?

  32. Virginia

    …..Hermoso e Increible !!!
    …..Beautiful & Incredible!

  33. How beautiful! This whole post screams graceful and so wonderfully christmasy!



  34. Great post!

    Love the pictures :)


  35. Ahh Shini, j’adore ça!

    No amount of Paris is too much Paris, in my opinion. Keep it comin’.

  36. Your posts really inspire me. To be honest, more than the pictures, its what you have to say. You’ve got a very realistic take on everything and I know I’m going to sound uber cheesy when I say this, but its a breath of fresh air.

  37. Wow, these window displays are impeccable! No one does fashion better than the Parisians


  38. Beautiful images. And by the way…Paris is always a good idea!

  39. Too freaking beautiful Shini, I love all the flashes of red AND all the pretty shots of Printemps!

  40. These are some really magical photos and they make me want to go straight back to Paris. I love your outfit too.

    Sarah Betty xx

  41. You always have the most beautiful and inspiring photos!
    Gorgeous !!!

    xo Luci


  42. Agnieszka

    I absolutely adore this post, the feel of the photos, the moments you caught. Amazing.
    I follow park and cube for years now, there should be no surprises by now, and yet you still manage to make my jaw drop. ;)

  43. So luxe! Love your whole outfit Shini :)


  44. So gorgeous and captured well by you as always, I need to visit these windows one day! You always seem to Paris but can hardly blame you when you get to see things like this!

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  46. It’s magic! The Christmas season is already upon us, and I’m still having a hard time believing it’s November~ Oh how time flies.
    Wonderful photos, thank you so much for sharing!


  47. I’m in love with your olive silk shirt, and the absolute romantic beauty of these shots. I haven’t been down to printemps yet to check out the decorations, but it looks like a visit is very much in order.

  48. Beautiful pictures as always, that food looks delicious . Also love the dior theme windows, especially the hanging rose/paper things.

  49. AAWWW so purdy. It doesn’t feel at all christmas-y in Hong Kong. So lucky you got a good oggle at Marion!

    When are you and kit coming to HKers AHEM?

  50. Once I get meself a sugah daddy, which is proving to be quite difficult with me being married and such. BAH HUMBUG

  51. This looks like such a dreamy trip Shini. I always love seeing your photos from when you get to travel.

    p.s. your life is so not ordinary in the slightest.

  52. Absolutely perfect! Pictures like from farirytale :) Great style, indeed ;)

  53. Beautiful photos! Like the little dolls!


  54. I had been to Paris, the most beautiful city in the world (others will contest this for sure), and surely was dazzled, bedazzled, and awed by the Printemps displays. Every window had a presentation that was just jaw-dropping that I literally spend good time checking each and every one of them. Loved the Mama-Mia window back then in November of 2010. Seeing your pictures, the Dior displays looks fabulous!

  55. A truly magical post.

  56. […] lieu of what I wrote the other day, about how my life is spectacularly extra, extra ordinary, and that dressing is dressing up, […]

  57. These images are sooo freakin’ gorgeous- I luv all the inspiration!


  58. […] Christmas windows by Dior at the Printemps, with a bit of Marion Cotillard magic sprinkled on top. Tourist day in London, on the foggiest day ever […]

  59. […] some glitter. Even better than saucy French maid costumes methinks. This is my third year (year 1, year 2) seeing the curtains come down for their Christmas windows and I have a feeling it’s become a […]

  60. Now that’s what i call christmas shopping. (Mhhh … and I still enjoy the beach here in Australia.) Greetings from Down Under …