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Cape – ASOS. Jeans – Frame Denim. Bag – Chloe. Boots – Tibi. Sunnies – Madewell. Watch – Larsson & Jennings



3 Favourite Work Spots
in Warsaw

‘Thank you for your message, I am currently Out of Office stuffing myself with homemade cake and watching endless Korean TV with my parents. For urgent issues, please take a number and divide it by ZERO.’ Trips to Warsaw are never classed as work in my book, even if for genuine business purposes. This is one place in the world I will always consider as childhood playground, home sweet home, and at times, exciting new horizons. So, even as I lug a buttload of work and deadlines from London, in my mind I am absolutely, completely Out of Office.

In time, handy little gadgets like this HP Stream with Intel Inside® tablet snuck their way into my occasional Warsaw stints, and every time I find myself venturing a little further from home to find a happy place to work from. Anywhere with coffee and wi-fi, initially, but we all know a bit of zing goes a long way (McZing sold out since the dawn of hipster cafes). Many a local was consulted – particularly The Styledigger, my resident yellow pages since her days in Krakow – to narrow down three great spots to work in town:


1/ Charlotte – chleb i wino
aleja Wyzwolenia 18, warsaw | bistrocharlotte.com

‘Bread and Wine’, a more-than-attractive sign-off of a trendy yet-slightly-rough-around-the-edges bistro at the Southern cusp of Warsaw centrum – one haven that I frequent whenever I’m back in town. Open from 7am, the premise is thick with the smell of fresh-baked leaven bread – plain or garnished with raisins – heroes of town. Keep an eye out for the pots of conserve, chocolate spread and lavender honey that accompanies the bread basket, for the jars are deep and the contents are finger-lickin’ good. A great place to catch up with emails, or wind down after a day – free wifi, of course. I do suggest keeping your tech gear minimal, because after a glass of wine you’ll suddenly be speaking Polish and making friends.


Blazer – Max Mara. Skirt – YesStyle. Shoes – Aquazzura (similar). Bag – Gucci Soho


2/ Museum of the History of Polish Jews
ul. Warecka 4/6 , warsaw | polin.pl

An important visit, if not mandatory – especially if a visit to Krakow is not yet on your itinerary. Highly educating and inspiring – a great place to work and find food for thought. Food for stomach too, in the cafe at the heart of the building.


3/ eMeSeN
ul. panska 3,warsaw | emesen.pl

Short for MSN, or Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej – not the chat application of adolescent heydays although eerily exciting in similar measure. Relatively new to the block and a rather balancing presence to Warsaw’s ‘golden’ mall a few doors down, the Modern Arts Museum houses a café-cum-foyer that sports a tasteful selection of design books and comfortable chairs/stools to work on. I’d only recently discovered it, but found myself returning more frequently than the usual spots. Free wi-fi, decent coffee, and lots of good distractions.




Speaking of gadgets, the HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with built-in Intel Inside® Processor, which means ‘fast’ for those who, like me, only speak colouring book. I picked it up because it was kind to 1) my wallet and 2) my bag – at a size just large enough to fit in one hand, and thus inside one of those mini-bags that make you suddenly proud of a questionable skill of editing your life down to a matter of a few essential belongings. Nevermind of course, the mess of an inbox – if it fits inside a Gucci Soho, it ships. Lastly because, 3) it runs on Windows 8.1 – which might come as a surprise to some given my profession as a graphic designer, but yes, I am a PC. And guess what, since we’re sharing secrets, I eat pizzas backwards. Now what.

In collaboration with HP & Intel. All views and opinion my own.


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  1. Cool post. Warsaw is so on my radar for this year or early next year if I havent blown all my annual live by then.


  2. I think we all have those places that quickly put us in a “do not disturb”/ “out of office” sort of mind set. The bread spreads from the first option sound pretty delicious.


  3. Such great places to work! Those tablets seem so convenient! :-)

  4. In love with both of your bags and you look fabulous in both of your outfits!


  5. Olga

    I really ought to visit Warsaw soon…

    Also what is this current obsession with Chloe Faye bag?! Every blogger seems to have one…


  6. Not gonna lie, but your collaborations are LEGIT! Loved this post… Though I didn’t see myself going to Warsaw anytime soon, adding it to the list now. I love how the tablet fits in your smaller Gucci bag. I would love for you to share some of your favorite London places to work! x

  7. The way you feel about your work is really inspiring. It is amazing that you treat a business trip as a relaxed Out of Work experience!

    Lovely pictures.

  8. You made me want to go out today (and visit Warsaw).

  9. Thank you for this blog post – my boyfriend wants to take me to Warsaw and I’m racking my brains looking for Wi-fi spots where I can have meetings (meeting = me eating. And Instagramming). Any more Warsaw posts coming up? x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  10. Sarah

    This is a lovely post! I love working from cafes with relaxed vibes (and good provisions!). Also, can I have outfit number one on-the-go please?!! <3

  11. That Gucci Soho has been worming its way into my shopping list for so long now…..and is slowly creeping higher and higher. Credit card danger zone.

    Sophie xxx

  12. Im going to Warsaw in the summer and i definitely have to check out these recommendations! Lovely visuals as always!

    x, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  13. Your layout is magnificent! Great post :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  14. Woah, absolutely love the layout of this post. Great read, as always! xo

  15. the design and quality of this post is insane! love always
    September Rules

  16. Love this post! Your posts are always fun to read!


  17. all these posts lately are really spoiling us :)

    Love the spots you visited – I’d love to take a trip.

    A Forte For Fashion


  18. Loving that fringe piece!

    Ripped Jeans

  19. That Gucci bag is gorgeous!



  20. I’ve never even considered a trip to Warsaw, but your wonderful photos & suggestions make me want to go and visit and put on that ‘out of office’ – thanks!

  21. I’d love to visit Warsaw, it’s looks like an amazing city

  22. I love how you mix little “ins-and-outs” about the city with style inspiration. Set’s me in the mood for long brunches and soaking up museums and their bookshops, which are my equivalent for candystores.

  23. Great post… I would love to visit Warsaw on day!!

  24. Great place. Awesome