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Shirt, Pants Zara | Shoes Nine West | Bag DIY Vintage

This is my third day in Belek and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying the amazing weather, friendly people and delicious food. We’ve had to move hotels because the first one looked like summercamp, but now we’re settled and milking the current hotel of all its supplies and services. Like today, I was wading through the hotel pool and out of nowhere a water aerobics class started around me and I ended up having to do splits under water.

Oh and Alis you’re right, the seawater is so salty – I thought I was getting pickled swimming in it yesterday.

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  1. awesome beach attire, would never have thought of plaid and buckles:):)

  2. Amazing pics!!!

  3. Love the pictures! The shorts are so cute


  4. oh my it’s so hot there!! your body must be happy with all the vitamin d it’s making :)

    safe travels and show us more pictures!

  5. Vanessa

    Wow, love the shorts.
    And the water looks so lovely!
    Wish I was there. c:

  6. I really like the combo of the plaid and those shorts, which are gorgeous!

  7. Great piccies!
    I’m jealous of the sun you’re receiving btw :)

    x http://www.kaelasroom.blogspot.com


  8. You look so chic for the beach.

    Loving the shorts and shoes! =D

  9. you are the cutesttt! i love the outfit you are wearing.
    the pictures are fantastic. wish i was there with you!

  10. you look adorable!!!


  11. pwoahhh!
    41 degrees!
    that’s mighty hot
    love the outfit though :)

  12. take me there!!

    (btw, you look amazing!)

  13. beautiful pics and adorable look!

  14. Wow! The place looks unbelievable & you look great!

    It looks like the perfect place to vacation.

  15. i’ve always wanted to learn how to do those crazy moves in the pool! when i was little i was always doing backflips in the water. now i’m too scared i won’t be able to lift my body over, haha.

  16. No kidding it’s 41 deg C?? Woah I’ll probably get roasted there. Props to you for looking so great in that mad heat! ;)

    And you’re making me so jealous of your vacation! Wish I could go on one right now haha. Anyway glad you’re enjoying yourself despite your apprehension previously! :)

  17. sha

    that’s probably one of the awesomest beach outfits evarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    41 degrees? WAHHHHH!
    eh i wanna go on holiday baaaaddddly.

  18. Love your shorts!

    Being pickled doesn’t sound like too much fun, haha.

  19. kocham te spodenki!

  20. beautiful photos and very nice shorts, i love your outfit!

  21. I absolutely love the pictures! :D Very nice and sunny!
    But the weather is way too hot for my liking…

  22. Cuteeee.
    I’m so jealous, London feels like January right now.. hhmmppff.. going to put on tights, wellies, woolen cardie and military jacket.. oh and the umbrella of course! But you know me, always with a minidress! ;) Only positive thing is Topshop sale heheheheaaakniak!
    Have a wonderful time dear, and enjoy the sun! Kisses! xx

  23. Those shorts look so comfortable and stylish!
    I didn’t realise the saltiness of the sea varied from place to place! (Except, like, the Dead Sea, obvs..)

  24. Your are very LUCKY!!!!!
    grrr!!! …^^

  25. God, it’s hot! 41*C?? I’m surprised you haven’t melted with your camera gear!

  26. Gorgeous photos! I wish I was there!! Love your sandals :)


  27. shini!

    i’ve been a zara whore lately and i must say i am lovinnnn your outfit.

    no joke. these are some really good looking pictures :)


  28. I’d love to bathe there.. Please, come get me :p

    Nice outfit =)

  29. I love your shoes!

  30. It looks lovely there. :)

  31. ack, 41 degrees!? I think I would die there, I’m more of a cool rainy day person xP
    Love the outfit, especially the shoes!

  32. lovely outfit! you looks so cute!!
    the shoes are amazing!


  33. great combo… i’d be too warm though ahha


  34. love your shoes! omg, 41 is really hot!

  35. wow awesome pics and awesome fashion sense! i want your heels.

  36. I love those shorts.

    Love Grace.

  37. haha so funny how you said your body got “pickled”. Considering you are korean and many korean foods are pickled I find this funny!

    I am into those shorts as well, lucky you to be near the beach I love hotels and 247 service

  38. Great outfit, I love it. It is so chic and perfect for summer,
    un saludo

  39. I love your shorts!!!!

  40. I love these oictures! So cute!.x

  41. *pictures haha.x

  42. The pictures are beautiful – Belek looks absolutely lovely.
    I really love your beach attire! I never would have thought of wearing plaid and khaki at the beach. The shorts are adorable as well.
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I must say that I adore your sense of fashion – you always surprise me with something fun, chic, and unexpected.


  43. That shirt is really nice

  44. Ah! I need those shorts. You are my fashion muse.

  45. Haha :) Salty or not, I wish you a great time getting pickled :) I myself am enjoying the non-salty cool water of the black sea right now!

  46. cute outfit! love knotting plaid shirts up!

  47. i love this outfit. perfect for a holiday! have so much fun!

  48. ljubica

    i love this outfit.. so elegant and yet so casual also!

  49. ahaha since I live in the states I misread the air temperature as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and I thought WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!?! ok ok Celcius got it.

    btw, I really love your blog! you’ve got great photos. :) and I can’t wait until your store opens up again teehee

  50. love the shorts!!

  51. deniss

    u should go to istanbul too!!!
    i went to antalya last year this year i went to istanbul to see my friends and the bosphorus is amazing the food night clubs restaurant andd most importintly shoppingg!!!


  52. Loph

    I really love ur shorts!!! :))
    nice blog btw