I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Knit coat, Chiffon bolero – Topshop Unique, Fringe bag, Pants, Jersey cardigan – Zara, Shoes – Loeffler Randall (Gift), Mint top – Shipley & Halmos for Uniqlo, Bikini Top – H&M, Nail Polish – Barry M
Photos by Susan Falkenas

Here’s what you need to do the next time you hardly hit the feathers slaving away at a bleak future: after final submission don’t go straight crashing into bed, go drink a harmless cocktail and WATCH AVATAR 3D AGAIN. I promise you won’t need the 3D glasses; you won’t even need much imagination. That, or spend £6.50 for a very deep yet somehow unsatisfying post-deadline sleep in a huge dark room full of strangers.

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  1. love the sweater. the boots, the sweater, and bag are to die for and complete the look without making it look like too much.



  2. these are such beautiful photos. i love the light and all the soft greys you are wearing. really lovely. xx

  3. omg looooove that cardigan!! amazing

  4. Every single time I look at one of you posts, I’m always reminded of how perfect your photos are. Lately I’ve actually found myself wondering, while browsing though my photos for my blog, “do these have that Shini-quality?” I realize that might sound a little freaky, but it’s nothing stalker-like at all, just plain ol’ admiration. Who does your photos, and does (s)he have a blog? And does (s)he do the post production, or do you do it yourself?

  5. I’m reeaaally flattered, because I don’t think my photos are the definition of great photography, they’re just clear and easy on the eyes! So thank you so so much.
    Susan took these photos, she doesn’t have a blog but she’s defo thinking of one – and of course on opening one I’ll be linking to it furiously ;) and I do the post-production!

  6. I love these pictures ! These are so amazing. Your outfit is perfect.

  7. Sorry to hear about your… interesting naptime? Don’t worry, the audience must have been too transfixed with Avatar to see that a stranger amongst them has fallen asleep. Though this reminds me that I have yet to see the movie…

    I really love the leg warmers, btw. The colors and lighting of these photos are crisp and pale, winter-perfect!

  8. great cardigan! fantastic texture
    i like your bag too ;)

  9. i love the texture of your sweater. sorry you hear that you stressing out? but baha, you don’t even need the 3D glasses…

  10. I love how you’ve matched your nail color to your blouse, and the combo of seafoam and light grey is gorgeous.

  11. that coat is ridiculous. these photos are ridic too. the details captured and then that still of the metalwork (?) bird is making me feel all tingly and funny in my photographer bits down there (i mean my lens of courrrrsee…hurrr)

  12. I think I’d hit the bed, at least after buying myself something nice (I like rewarding myself after deadlines…). I love love love the photos and YOUR SHOES! That wire birdy thingy is cute. :D

  13. £6.50? I don’t even live in london and it’s £9.90! Still, that is a marvelous suggestion, and think I might be doing that tomorrow evening. Solo cinema going can be so soothing… As is you outfit. I love love love the first photo.. its the tonality or something.

  14. great post… you look lovely and warm! love the little birdie


  15. i love love the sweater. congrats on being done w/ the final project!

  16. Peeerdy!! Not only the outfit – the photos as well. That cardi looks great!

  17. rg

    did u get a subtle hair cut? ANYWHO, i can really use that coat… its FREEZING where i am. fashionable & effective.

  18. Haha, I’m sorry you had to pay for an unsatisfying nap. I hope you’ve gotten some better rest since then! I love the colors of the photos. And that little wire bird! Too cute.

  19. lovely outfit!


  20. Great outfit again!
    The coat is amazing

    xx Robine

  21. Shini, I’m sure you did well. :)
    The future is not bleak, it’s neon bright!

  22. AMazing!!
    this coat is beautiful :)


  23. amazing look
    love your shoes

  24. What is that little birdy thing? It’s beautiful! And stunning shots too, Susan! ;)

  25. That bird is just sooo prettyyy! I love your chunky knitwear, too!

  26. You look great as always! Loving the jacket.

  27. Nina

    And again I love your photos and outfit! Thanks to these photos I’m again considering to buy mint nail polish, which is quite problematic, because I already want too many colours. ;)
    I come to visit Londen in three months or something, I’m so excited! :D (I’m from the Netherlands btw.)
    (Not that you care about my nailpolish or my trip to Londen, but I just wanted to tell you, haha.)

  28. i love the color combination and the socks over the shoes.
    it’s sophisticated and looks incredibly comfy.

  29. i really like the jacket. and your photos are always so good!
    you are honestly an inspiration to me


  30. absolutely gorgeous outfit.. the cardigan is amazing and i love the shoes
    the little birdie is so cute too!

  31. the photos have a very winter-y feel to them :)

  32. Just wanted to say you’re blog is so lovely. very aesthetically pleasing :) I noticed though that your english is great for being born in Korea and having grown up in Warsaw…did you go to the international school there? I recently visited the american international school of warsaw on a school sports trip from Munich, and the shopping was really great, actually. no wonder you have such good style :P

  33. Ahh did you now, was it ASW (the one in the middle of a huge field :P) or the one near loads of flats? I did go to the American School since I was very little, I guess thats the reason for the English. I guess it’s also the reason for no Polish hehee. Oh my, Munich is a dream city for me.

  34. haha, that’s awesome. Yeh it was the american school in the field :P Did you take IB or were you in the AP american system? I’m in my last year of IB now and it’s killing me, haha. There are actually a few kids in my grade who came from ASW to munich last year….he had an older brother that must have been in around the same year as you if i’m guessing your age correctly, haha. small world. You should visit munich though if you get a chance to, it’s THE most beautiful city in europe in my opinion. plus there’s like a million fairytale castles around. very nice ;)

  35. Khabipour. :)

  36. I took the IB! Gosh I remember my senior year, you’re close to exams aren’t you, good luck with all the studying!!
    Khabirpour did you say :D? Nabil or Aziz or Neysan? Hhaaaa oh my this is indeed a tiny world! I went to school with Nabil!
    Oh yeah I agree about Munich being the best, I want to live there one day :D

  37. That’s really cool… Neysan’s a close friend of mine :) Thanks for the good luck, i think i’ll need it. we’re dangerously close to the finals. Keep up the blog, it’s really great. I like the clean and simple ones, unfortunately there aren’t many of them around

  38. I adore the long knit coat and the Loeffler Randall boots, but especially how you paired them together. It’s definitely not something a lot of people can pull off and did it very well. Your style is always so unique and inspirational.


  39. That sweater coat looks so warm.

  40. I know what you mean about falling asleep in public places like that, after uni, some days I fall asleep on the bus…I can’t help it! Love this outfit, you look nice and cosy!

  41. That sweater is the most montrously beautiful knit I have ever seen.

  42. that knit coat is soo bbeautiful! great outfit

  43. and “That sweater is the most montrously beautiful knit I have ever seen.” – same here;)


  44. is it bad that i want to hug you?

  45. absolutely love the color palette

  46. Sacha

    I love that outfit especially the long grey wooly “coatigan”. It reminds me my boyfriend’s U-NI-TY one, so cosy, so warm, so perfect for today (it’s freezing here in Paris).

  47. Shini, lovely, lovely again!

  48. I love the colours – i love a soft grey & soft pink ensemble! that zara fringe bag is one of my biggest regrets!

  49. That huge crochet coat is insane! In a good way, of course!
    Where did you find that little wire birdie?

  50. this is orgeous! love your cardigan. The colours in the photos look so pretty!

  51. I love that cardigan and boots!


  52. oh wow your cardigan is perfection

  53. I love your cardigan!! And the pictures are so perfect!! Good work!

  54. i think i’m the tenth person saying this but I’ll say it again.

  55. Ah, wicked sweater and socks. God knows we need that kind of clothing in this weather!

    Lola Re

  56. FANtastic outfit! I love your blog, Its so diverse, I especially love your little tutorials on making a shawl and such.

  57. I love that cocktail/avatar idea, and I will have to get on that asap! I also love that jacket-wooly coat you are wearing. Great texture.


  58. OMG those greys, these photos are very near perfect. Like really.

    FYI I have totally just added you on twitter.

    MM x

  59. nice photos as always. perfect colours, or lack thereof really. that sweater is all kinda of shaggy comfiness huh

  60. Just discovered your amazing blog. Love the pictures!
    I’m following you, follow me too?

    “fashionably tasteful.have a bite”

  61. rebecca

    such a great combination of grays and light colors


  62. I loveeeeeeee this!!! oh and the photos are perfection!!! <3 <3

  63. wooow the bird is awesome. is it outside art? love it. your pics are great… as always

  64. These photos are a little bit lovely. Loveee your huge cardigan type thing :)



  65. Yoshi

    Hey Shini, I don’t usually comment, but I am curious…. and this is slightly off the topic of this post, but… did you end up going to the Angels Retro sale??

  66. Hi Yoshi, yes I did! Just preparing to post about it ;)

  67. Yoshi

    Oh okay! I am really excited :D You are so lucky to have been able to go… if I was ever planning a holiday to the UK I think I would plan my trip so that it coincided with the next sale they have… :D

  68. The texture in that sweater is to die for.

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  69. What first caught my attention was…

    the NAIL POLISH!

    the colour complements your outfit like, TOTALLY! =)

  70. you look like iceland!

  71. I love the light and the white…


  72. the birdie photo is so cute :) that coat looks like it could really help me out here. heater fan and hot water bottle just aren’t cutting it right now.

  73. love love.

  74. the way you photographed the texture on this coat is just mind-blowing. I’m home with a fierce cold and now I think I’ll just look around for any sheepskin blankets I may have lying around to try and replicate how cozy you look haha.

  75. lovely shots!!! these shades of gray are amazing <3