I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Kit and her ballet-appropriate Tabio socks!

Ballet & Shoes customization at Frame Shoreditch

What’s a Friday night without a bit of wild swaying to foreign music accompanied by a cocktail mix of friends

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& strangers? Frame of Shoreditch (Robinson Pfeffer PR) hosted a night of ballet with a session of ballet-shoes customizing a few weeks ago. The class broke about every micromuscle in my body… the last time I did anything that resembled ballet was installing shelves in the new flat – pointé and arms in fifth, but I think that was closer to circus tricks than anything… Which reminds me – when I was 12, I was offered a place in the Warsaw Ballet School, I wonder what kind of blog this might’ve been had I taken that path. Probably the same stuff, sans the Mexican we had in Brick Lane after the event perhaps. Do you like my Mr & Mrs Grand Plié shoes? I forgot to include the shot where Mr Grand Plié is stepping on the Mrs’ face.

* Not sure I’m in an ideal state to be blogging now but this is probably the only thing that seems to be constant nowadays so I guess that’s a blessing in itself…

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  1. bloggers and ballet definitely a great combination.

    *in times of uncertantiy cling to what you know, great friends, family, and of course this little space you call your blog what would we do without it. x

  2. Well they both look a bit hammered! No wonder he stepped on the missus.

  3. you used to do ballet??–that’s so awesome! hmmm am i too old to learn?!?! this sounds fun && the ballet flats are so cute.



  4. so you’re a ballerina and a golfer. interesting. i took ballet for about half a year, but never stuck it. i always wish i had though, then maybe i wouldn’t be such a sloucher.

    have you seen kanye’s runaway film yet? i know, he’s a total douchebag, but there’s a nice ballet section, around the 13 min. mark i believe.

    sounds like a fun event – what a nice change of pace from the usual PR events infecting the blogosphere these days! customizing party favors is always nice, although i do prefer the edible kind like cupcakes and cookies :-)

  5. Gotta say, Mr & Mrs are very charming, are ballet slippers even comfortable to wear? I did one ballet lesson when I was six, I missed a friends birthday party where they all got awesome goody bags and saw a live Gladiators show, It goes without saying that I never forgave ballet for these events colliding…

  6. tres cute….i can picture you doing ballet……i had myself taken ballet lessons..but gave it up….obeying the law of nature….great photos as usual….
    au revoir….!!!!!!

  7. Jasmin

    beautiful photos!


  8. Jasmin

    such beautiful photos!


  9. I like the ballerina dress a lot

  10. Look at that beard! How cute xox

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  12. One of the best post ever! Cool place and cute pictures, so DIY inspiring :)

  13. aaa it’s so cool and you were with Carrie ! it’s look like you had a lovely evening to do this
    so cosy !

  14. The ballet-shoes are so funny!
    Want a pair of fuuny shoes like these!

  15. Your Mr & Mrs Grand Plié shoes are so cute & I can’t stop saying Grand Plié now. IT’s so…chic!

  16. I’ve seen so much about this, it looks like sucha fun event. Love the little faces on your shoes, so quirky and cute!


  17. Those shoes are totally amazing! Looks like a great night….you must have been super-talented to be offered a place there!


  18. i love that ballet dress thats amazing geez

  19. Had such a blast shinster – hope all is well with you. Let me know if you need some TLC north london styles…

  20. i love your cutomization!!! soooo cute. can’t believe you were a ballet whiz, don’t believe that came up in one of our chats before, that is soooooooo cool!

    p.s finally posted those pics from our myeongdong trip

  21. these ballet shoes are extremely adorable!
    how long are you staying in Warsaw? i’ve read on facebook that you are here at the moment. and i just wonder, do you speak Polish? :)

  22. Such beautifully designed ballet shoes, and my Mum (who is a ballet teacher!) would be very amused at their names

  23. Hej! Spana gärna in min blogg på http://wordsbyme.se
    Där hittar du en tävling, modekollage, mina senaste foton m.m.
    Trevlig kväll!

  24. Those ballet socks are so cool~ Actually, decorating ballet shoes seems like a really neat group project – and I love what you did with yours! Too cute :p

  25. cute shoes, got mustache and lips on them, funny

  26. really cute post… lovely pictures… :)

  27. Loving that cosy-looking knitted top!

  28. I love them. And they do look hammered, as someone else said. Hilarious!

  29. Yo Yo!

    Your shoes idea was genius, I loved it when they made out, haha!

    When you back in Londres?


  30. You were accepted into a ballet school?!?! whaaaat you never said! i can’t believe it! :) i thought me and carrie were the only ones who had done it before – i think you should have done the cardio class missy haha
    i love the title of this post hehe love the pics as usual xxxxxxxxx

  31. it sounds like an absolutely perfect day. yes, i wonder what route this blog would have taken if you had been a ballerina. it’d still be the same kind of amazing, but maybe with more emphasis on glorious costumes?!

  32. I have been thinking about going to this for awhile, was the class actually any good? I have done ballet most of my life & really want to get back into it. The shoe decorating could be fun too, I guess! Probably need to go with friends though, huh?

  33. meep

    I came across these today, they’re strangely reminiscent of your ballet slippers!


  34. Hahahaa so true! Good find ;) I guess everyone makes faces on slippers like that…

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