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Fit & Flare
Fit in, or flare-out: my two shoulder angels for all major decisions in life and also two denim styles I’ve loved and abused since I was about thirteen


styling & photography
Park & Cube
in collaboration with

Top – My own. Jeans – flared mid-rise jeans by Paige Denim.


Jeans – Margot ultra-skinny high-rise jeans by Paige Denim. Top – POLO Ralph Lauren


Come on skinny love just last the year…

Hands up, if you too took a pair of blunt scissors to your jeans in middle school, cut a slit up the sides and haphazardly stitched floral/plaid(/corduroy!?) fabric to make flares. We used to call it morning glory jeans – my mother used to call it WHY IS THE SEWING MACHINE BROKEN. Fast forward a few years, skinny jeans dominate the denim world, and I guarantee you took the same blunt scissors and ripped up holes up and down the legs of a victim pair. Your mother may have tried sewing them up at one point too.

What’s clear is that these are two denim styles that punctuate my youth, and still reign a hefty side of my closet. I must own a billion iterations of the ‘skinny jean’ and one too many stripper-heels now to make some of the zillion flares I own work. Point is, years later, they still work – as attempted in these looks I’ve been abusing this season – in collaboration with Paige Denim at Selfridges, which has allowed me to glorify the two staple jeans of the last 15 years of my life in a wee digitorial that I had such fun putting together with my team.

Disclaimer: Personal story, sponsored by Paige Denim and Selfridges



Dress – My Own. Jeans – Margot ultra-skinny high-rise jeans bye Paige Denim.


Lou lou flared
mid-rise jeans

Suede coat – my own. Jeans – flared mid-rise jeans by Paige Denim.

Top – My own. Jeans – flared mid-rise jeans by Paige Denim.

Margot Distressed ultra-skinny mid-rise jeans


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  1. the layout of this post is on point! <3 it

  2. Umm, can we just take a moment to discuss your legs in the light flare jeans? Y they look so long? Are you using some sort of warped lens? Do you have on 7 inch heels? What is happening??


  3. I sprayed water on my legs everyday and they grew and grew and grew.
    No, yes, hooker heels I tell ya.

  4. Ummmm… how are you legs about 7 feet long in that third photo?!!??! Please teach me your ways. If it’s the flares, I’m getting some right now.


  5. Let me tell you a secret: HOOOooOooOokker heeeeeels. Literally 7 feet tall heels or something.

  6. wow these are amazing


  7. these photos are all so flawless and looks like pages off of a vogue editorial

    Agnes x


  8. Great photos, you look amazing“


  9. Oh Shini, your posts are awesome and I look forward to every single one! You look lovely and flared jeans suit you so much. I had flares at one point but it was my ’emo grungey’ phase and it was not a good look for me…they were wider than I was tall. Imagine having to hold your trousers up when going up escalators, yup that was me….

  10. AH YES I remember those, mine were ULTRA BLACK and ultra wide, and had some kind of chain hanging from it haha… Flared only works for me when I wear hoooker heels so I think it’s still the same thing xx

  11. Your art direction is SO on point Shini, if you can direct and compose shots of yourself like this to the cameraman I really wonder what you can do for projects of different nature. More digitorials please!

  12. Nice photos!! Love your look <3

    Long Kurtis

  13. Gorgeous digitorial (yay, I learned a new word today!)!! And thanks for sharing your hooker heels secret! Now all I have to do is learn how to walk on those damn things without breaking both legs… That legs for daaays photo make a sprained ankle seem nearly worthwhile. Or I can stick to my mission impossible trying to find a pair of flares that won’t drown this hobbit ;-)

  14. My other secret is basically chopping the flares to a point where it’s actually doable, and as long as you’re not chopping half the jeans off it should keep the flares!

  15. Thanks for sharing yet another secret, Shini! Unfortunately, I can’t sew to save my life (so jealous of those who can!), but I should be able to find a tailor who’ll be my new BFF :-)

  16. I can’t either, I just hack mine off and leave the hems raw haha >O<

  17. Ah, yes, that is an option, too! Would add a more industrial/rough vibe, I like!
    Erm, as long as I don’t cut one leg shorter than the other (don’t laugh, I have a talent for messing things up that others wouldn’t deem possible!). I always thought you can sew. At least your mom would let you near her sewing machine, mine wouldn’t let me touch it with a ten foot pole ;-)

  18. Great editorial <3


    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

  19. Love the colourful backgrounds for the studio shots. Such a great collection of pics!


  20. you are so talented! I’m deeply in love with the art direction of this post!

  21. I have also been wearing flared jeans these days. I used to wear them a lot as a kid. It’s funny how this trend is coming back. By the way, love these looks :)


  22. Shini, your blog has turned into a personal lifestyle magazine and I’m lovin’ it!


  23. The photos are so chic, I love it! I loved your story on your diy flare jeans, (especially what your mom calls them haha) and I’m glad the trend is back! Nostalgic and lively, I’m excited for flares!

  24. you look amazing! x

  25. I love the mid flares! I remember finding the most perfect flared jeans in H&M in high school and literally wearing them to death, split crotch which I tried to sew a million times!
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  26. OMG! you pictures and looks are amazing! I love to stop by your blog, it is always so inspiring. Love a little flare.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  27. Your top is lovely. It fits you perfectly for you’re tall. Skinny jeans, yes, I wear them and I like them. But I never cut the jeans. Nor bought some already cut. I like them like originals.

  28. Ollyvia Laura



  29. Shireen

    Great pictures, you have an amazing style.

  30. Truly an amazing post.I really like it.Thanks for sharing with us.

  31. I’ve read all your information that you shares in your article and I really love it. Thank you for sharing this post. I appreciate it.

  32. I’m actually planning to do something very similar since one of my friends convinced me to do so, so I’d also greatly appreciate any advice that anyone has on this topic!