I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a changeā€”a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Jacket Monton | Tee AA Tri-Blend | Jeans All Saints | Shoes Nine West | Bag ASOS

Let me cover your eyes double-chin kitteh, you don’t look old enough to see my face.
I’m flying to Poland tomorrow!


How did you come about to adore fashion; Who/what inspires your style?
[oh vandalism, ahmi]

I thought I had a cool and original style when I was in Poland, but when I came to London in 2006 for my Foundation degree I got to mingle with all these artyfarty types and realised I looked like something plucked out of the set of Little House on the Prairie, or like a door-to-door dictionary salesman. I really saw how fashion can express an individual and fell in love with that. Although, I did take a wrong next step and started reading Cosmopolitan to read up on fashion. BAD IDEA. All I learned from that damn magazine was how many ways one can get an orgasm. Then I stumbled upon blogs like Fashiontoast and Kingdom of Style and realised there’s much more to fashion than looking exactly like the next person.

Like everyone else, I get style inspirations from practically everything: blogs, magazines, movies, your average londoner… but I’d say I get direct inspiration from Taylor Tomasi and our very own Queen Michelle (Kingdom of Style). Oh also I get mucho influence from the Bible. No not the toga-dressing, Roman sandals thing – most of you know I’m a Christian, so I tend not to go for too revealing clothing – hence the lack of short skirts/shorts in my outfits unless accompanied by leggings or whatnot. No, I’m not aspiring to be a nun, but I do believe modesty is also what brings about class.

What is your favourite blog? [sharon]

Now now, that’s like asking me if I like mum better or dad… clearly it’s dad. I keeed. There are a few sites that I greatly admire, but I don’t really have a favourite that I read religiously.

I love a style that is completely unique and that doesn’t go with the immediate trend, so blogs like Kingdom of Style, Stylebubble hit my chords loud and clear; and then I enjoy the incredibly well maintained and adorned with immaculate styling of Le Blog de Betty. Being an anal graphic designer and all, I also admit that I selfishly frequent blogs with pleasing aesthetics, although of course it’s not the first thing I look at…

I just stumbled upon a blog that combines Graphic Design and Fashion – Nubbytwiglet, definitely worth a visit.

Where is your favourite travel destination; where would you like to travel to most? [Kim]

Not that I remember where I’ve been and all that from floating around with the schitzophrenic bunny, but I love the Austrian Alps – the idea of it, the look of it… I’d so want to settle on a hill and grow goats and stilettos and stuff. (Magic stiletto seed, I has)

May I have the url that you purchased the pants from? (these pants) [Suu]

Urm, I think this wasn’t a question for the Q&A but I guess it’s still a question – Today’s your lucky day, I’m deciding to be a kind soul and give you the URL. Except, the pants are out of stock so MUAHAHAH. Evil blogger prevails!

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  1. your title is hillarious!!! and did you get the idea of the austrian alps from a certain subway poster that’s around these days?! :o)

  2. Have a fab time in Poland!! We still need to meet up for a quicky street style photo for my blog!!!

  3. your nails are so veeery lovely!
    and i do believe i may be in love with that kitten haha :D

  4. Have fun in Poland darling! I’ve always had dreams of being a shepherdess with a goat for a best friend ahhahaha.


  5. Love the shade of your nail polish. And the entire outfit. I’d def. wear something similar. Have pretty much the same basics in my closet.

    Lots of fun in Poland!

  6. have fun in poland

    the crumpet girls

  7. Aw the photo with the kitteh is preshuzz!

  8. mom is nice and all, but nothing beats daddy!

  9. umm…don’t mean to be…mean…but was the cat yours?
    (it don’t look happy)


  10. I love Q&A’s =]

    LOVE your outfit, as per usual. I need more blazers, seriously! And those shoes? Perfect. I’ve been hunting for gladiator inspired wedges lately!

    La C.

  11. ah….love kingdom of style! queen michelle has the sickest tights collection:) and i didnt know you used live(?) in poland! awesome, do you speak polish?

  12. Thanks for the mention! I am totally addicted to your blog….

  13. hey love,
    i learned a new word from school today and had to share, Jonna EE BBUH! <3

  14. hahhaah i love your evil blogger laughter

    love your white jeans shini! you never fail to disappoint
    and your blue nails! i had become bored with my nails for awhile..but it may be time to give it a go again!

  15. haha KITTEH.
    love your qs and as… le blog de betty is one of my faves too. and i kind of love it when ppl want something that is sold out already :P def evil blogger status!!

  16. i love you style, it’s classy, simple and elegant! what else could we ask for?

    i’ve started my own blog, have a look, let me know what you think


  17. I adore the polish!

    And your blog!

    Peace. Gracie.

  18. Thanks so much my dearest! Love you too!
    I am also prone to falling for blogs with good design – and yours score very very high indeed. It’s beautifully laid out and actually readable, without all the crap side bar advert clutter that so often comes with blogs. You have a fine a career ahead of you my dear xx

  19. You’re really making me want to buy a pair of white jeans!! I think gladiator shoes are perfect with everything. That cat is so cute, clearly enjoying your caress! Have a great time in Poland and can’t wait to read more of your answers!xxxoxo

  20. Ooh have fun in Poland! ^-^
    Aah the kitty picture is so hilarious hehe!

  21. I love this outfit! simple but with gorgeous details! I love the nail polish!

  22. One word: Sleek!!
    Enjoying your Q&As!

  23. This is such a great post. I do adore the pop of blue on the nails.

  24. Love how you put the basics together into a simple yet still stunning outfit!

  25. Kate

    You, my friend, are going places.

  26. Those wedges are so beautiful! lucky you!

  27. Awwww that cat made me melt!
    I would have never thought you were religious!

  28. Love the clean, chic outfit. Gladiator heels/wedges will never go out of fashion in my book – every pair I have are weirdly comfortable.

    That’s so interesting that you were brought up in Poland :)


  29. Nice n’ sober. Lovesit. Have fun in Poland :D

  30. I know a lot of people has said this, but I just had to say it too:

    The shade of your nail polish is absolutely perfect.

  31. love the outfit, great as always


  32. I love this outfit so much its kind of perfect

  33. I just found your blog and am such a huge fan already!! I love all your posts and your style. You are totally gorgeous. xo

  34. loving the nail color, miss shini! and have a great time in poland…take loads of pics!!

  35. haha shini, i have a question, why are you so funny? iDIGGGS your kitty, me likes kitties! btw, typepad doesn’t load on my computer for some strange reason so miss out on sea of shoes and a bunch of other blogs. do you know why?

  36. oooh, those sandals are fabulous. i’m a bit tired of wedges at the moment, and those are great, especially with your perfectly cuffed pants and blazer.

  37. Hey Shini,

    Random question, not generally for the Q&A, but it might be just in case enough people asked it.

    You posted pictures of the Micro Florals page, I was just wondering if you could tell me where those suede criss-cross wedges came from?


  38. Your bracelets are so stylish! I love reading the your answers on our questions :D

  39. I absolutely love your outfit.

    I’m starting out fresh making me a blog. Please drop by

    *bows down*

  40. hope you oodles of fun in Poland !

  41. Eeek that cat is so adorable! I love your outfit, so simple & chic <3

  42. Hey Shini,

    Thanks so much! I figured they looked like they were close enough to be Aldo Shoes. But err… Aldo only sells it in black. :( I checked out Office Shoes and it was the same. Well they had the gold version… but gold?

    Thanks for the other suggestions though! :)

  43. suu

    thanks for letting me know the url for the pants:) love your blog!

  44. the kitty is so cute :D love your nail polish too, i recently bought a similar? shade from essie too, currently reapplying the 2nd coat now!! I missed Q&A time? must catch up! xx

  45. Damn Shini. you cant be that evil? ;D

  46. heh, as much as I love this outfit, I love the title more, can’t help myself :P

  47. loveeeeee

  48. i’ve been away from the innanet for a while now, and coming to your blog and reading a bunch of posts at one go is SRSLY entertaining. your outfit looks so effortlessly cool here :D

  49. these facks are great. i’d copy you, but i can’t imagine getting as many questions as you do.

  50. Awww loving the outfit.
    the kitty is gorgeous!


  51. kitteh + blue nails = perfect

  52. margie

    Innit a little chilly in London to be wearing revealing clothing anyhow. A white toga and roman sandals would look cool.

  53. That nail polish is INSANE. I’m going to steal it ;)

  54. hot nail polish, and with all the white jeans flying around i think i’ll have to make an investment. i’m glad that you are still rocking the nine west gladiators – – – i think they look fantastic and modern, still. i’ve seen a lot of people selling them and such, so i’m glad you’re still hanging on tight. they’re fabulous.