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Created for
Officine Panerai




Before it ever dawned on me and by extension my immediate family, team and anyone who cared to listen on Twitter, that a runway show production is not remotely easy peasy (not even the lemon squeazy variety), I was aboard Eilean. Physically and figuratively; flying off the Minorcan port and promptly out of 4G (and IG) reach, her ivory sails trimmed neat and without a care in the world.

She is as wistful as she is unyielding, like a Leo Tolstoy heroine. Or Katniss Everdeen, for y’all millennials.

And boy, she’s one smooth ride. These noodle-legs can attest so. Granted, some other limbs were to be cuffed in seasickness acupressure bands after one particularly inky risotto and 5-minute attempt at screen-time.

Blazer – CELINE. Watch – Officine Panerai. Ring – Pandora


Jacket & trousers – JOSEPH. Watch – Officine Panerai.





Poster-child of Officine Panerai, born of William Fife III in 1936, stage of Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ (ask your parents), Eilean had been under care of six owners until a Florentine watchmaker and now Officine Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati took her under his wings, and restored over 40k hours in true watchmaking meticulousness. I boarded with Luminor 2 strapped on my left wrist, in blissful ignorance of any sailing terminology, much less mechanics of making a boat ‘go’ (Regatta is type of cheese, yes/no). We skated the Balearic sea like sails on a little island, chasing Spain’s September sun, and anchored for a swim and lunch near a particularly handsome cliff.

Park & Cube was a guest of Officine Panerai, but all views & opinions my own.

Body – Belize. Watch – Officine Panerai.


creative direction & styling SHINI PARK photographers SIMON SCHMIDT & MORGANE LAY in collaboration with OFFICINE PANERAI
Suede jacket & trousers – JOSEPH. Watch – Officine Panerai


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  1. So in love with the wonderful sweater!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. mm

    Where is the hat from?

  3. I’ve been waiting for another one of your gorgeous posts and I remember seeing this on Instagram! I love this whole set of photos – the watch is beautiful and the whole Mediterranean vibe you’ve created is giving me some serious wanderlust.


  4. Such a beautiful post! x


  5. Nora

    I still cannot understand how you can create such editorial-quality pieces!!! Also how are you not working for magazines right now?? They need someone creative like you to keep coming up with fresh ideas and layouts!

  6. I am in love with the first pic, like an editorial


  7. This photoshoot is amazing ! Great job. But I appreciate your article style how it looks and these photographs – love it ! :)

  8. Lovely post :)


  9. Omi

    Such an inspiration , LOVE your posts …please do more ! xx

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  12. All your editorials and posts never fail to inspire me, they are always of such great quality and are always pleasant to view. I aspire to have content as good as yours someday! :)

  13. Such a beautiful post! x http://www.gillne.it/abiti-da-sposa-c12

  14. I love the jacket and Officine Panerai watch

  15. The jacket and Officine Panerai watch is my favorite

  16. Cool pictures and beautiful watches.

  17. You write so beautifully! And the photos are to die for, they look like something straight out of a Vogue editorial x


  18. Lovely as always. First pic especially is so amazing!

  19. Oh, Shini. You’re always so chic. Love this digitorial!

  20. This is an absolutely stunning series. Your work never ceases to amaze me, everything from the styling and photography to the post layout is so well considered. Keep it up!

    – Michelle –
    MICHELLE X PAN | A surrealist fashion blog

  21. I love these photos and the tips are great I especially like the ones about editing! Thanks for sharing!

  22. <3


  23. very well dont, look at the modeling, you should won an award for this work, keep it up.
    have a nice day

  24. So dreamy and wonderful! I love the colors on that striped sweater!

    xx, Olivia

  25. You look really stylish, amazing post


  26. Nguyen thi linh

    Wow! so beauty