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Bag – L.K. Bennett Rosamund

Park-and-Cube_NYC-Levis_04 Park-and-Cube_NYC-Levis_05


Gabi and Mike of Cup of Couple, new-found soulmates.


Hello from NYC! Just a quickie before grabbing some breakfast and diving head-first into the city. I know I kept piping on about ‘going to #NYFW’ on Twitter, but in truth I’m here with Levi’s to celebrate their Station to Station campaign launch and really keen on seeing Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs properly. Because let’s be honest, fashion week is pretty much the same everywhere, but you can’t download a walk in Central Park from style.com. I know you don’t subscribe to this blog to check the latest and hottest, although seeing how much I seem to be affected by this jetlag I can really only deliver week-late and lukewarm… but I have a feeling you don’t really mind, do you. For anything warmer may I suggest following on Instagram? 2-minutes-in-the-microwave warm, but hey, still better than nothing.

Anyway, we spent most of our time in Williamsburg on the first day, and if not for this crippling jetlag I’d have spent more time exploring but all I remember doing that day was half-reclined in a bench in the Wythe hotel garden tracing clouds in between interviews with Levi’s execs. I’m going back next week for a proper sweep through, and please do let me know if you could spare some NYC recommendations, especially good grub spots!

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  1. If only I could recommend places for you! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the best that NYC has to offer anyhow ;)

  2. Hanneli

    Agree, fashion week is the same everywhere but good food and good places for enjoying and sightseeing vary :)

  3. Lina

    Oooh Shini that’s why you’re on the top of the top in blogging!

  4. Love these photos, hope you have an amazing time in NYC!

    Tweet xx

  5. I need to know what that chocolatey-biscuity thing is, it looks delcious

  6. Wonderful!

  7. Lovely, just lovely. Looking forward to see more of NYC through your blog!
    When I was headed to NYC, I stopped by Magnolia Bakery for some very sweet stuff (good stuff tho, especially when you don’t have to queue).

  8. Yay! I’m glad you’re doing this instead of fashion week. It’s always on style.com and gotta admit it’s tad bit boring this season! :(

  9. If you like soul food check out some places in Harlem. Everyone will probably tell you Silvia’s which is good but try some hole in the wall, those are usually the best. I love the tacos on The High line at a place called The Taco Truck. The High line is worth visiting because it’s so unique.

    I would get one of the rental bikes that are around the city and explore that way, you can see so much more and you exercise at the same time. I would definitely ride the subway because that is an experience in itself but be careful because multiple trains run on the same track. You can add money to your metro card so you can ride as much or as little as you want.

    Junior’s in Brooklyn is a great place for cheesecake. Brooklyn is the original restaurant and the best.

    I personally love Bryant Park, there is so much to see and do there besides just lay on the grass. Check it out if you have time. Enjoy!

  10. Some Brooklyn-centric food recs for you: Roberta’s – great pizza, but the non-pizza stuff is even better; Five Leaves – my go-to when I want something delicious in a sexy environment; St. Anselm – they grill everything, and I highly recommend the chicken and fried mashed potatoes; The Commodore – best fried chicken I’ve had in NY (if you like dark meat) in a dive/tiki/rec room bar; No Name Bar – nice backyard & homemade Korean food in a Polish neighborhood (might be fate?). Some other spots you might enjoy: Alameda, Donna, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Bistro Petit, Totto Ramen, Cocoron… I could go on all day. Enjoy!

  11. I love these pics. enjoy your stay in NY.


  12. I have a wonderful time in NYC, I love that city a d wish I could check out a few fashion week shows!


  13. Gabriela Rose

    Really nice pictures!!!

    Gabriela Rose

  14. I’m quite a fan of the dapper dan on the side of the building there. I was really about the project t’other day actually.

  15. inspiring details!


  16. Kristin

    In Brooklyn def check out Diner in Williamsburg for dinner. Also great in the borough are Pok Pok Ny (best Thai ever – Columbia waterfront neighborhood), Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint for pizza, and momofuku milk bar in Williamsburg for dessert.

    In Manhattan The Dutch is great as are ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina. Pearl and Ash just opened downtown which has tasty small plates. Peasant I love for dinner and Prune as well.

    Happy eating and let us know where you end up going!

  17. Kristin

    Also, go to Magnolia for the banana pudding (no cupcakes!), Mast Brothers in Williamsburg for chocolate, and Norma’s for brunch!

  18. Visit Dalaga + In God We Trust (boutiques!) in Greenpoint, Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg, go out in the East Village, eat dinner at Little Owl in the West Village (booking needed!), eat truffle risotta at Risotteria in the West Village, and one more for the WV: cookies from – where else? – Cookies & Milk.

  19. Kristen

    Grimaldi’s pizza is great! The crust is a little thin but the atmosphere is nice and the restaurant is cozy, a little hole in the wall place. Le pain quotidien is also really nice, we had lunch there and it was superb. Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  20. Beautiful! Enjoy your stay. :)

  21. Great photos!
    Have a good time in NY.


  22. Gorgeous pictures! Love the bag!
    Mafalda ❤

  23. Enjoy NYFW but yeah your right you can’t download all of the NY exsperances to your laptop

  24. Inspiring as always!


  25. ChicTrends

    Lovely post dear! Hope you’ve been enjoying your stay. I go to NYC every month or so and highly recommend you stop by a pizza place called “Artichoke Basille’s Pizza” in the East Village. Amazing pizza but there’s always a long line! “Talde” is a really great spot in Brooklyn for some Asian fusion food.

    Hope you get to try these spots out! x


  26. not sure if you’ll stay till next wkend. if you will i would recommend to take ferry to the Governors Island! now they have the Fête Paradiso which you can see some vintage carousels and some French carnival stuff. you can take your time to spend entire day there to take a walk and see little kids on the very slow antique carousels (ha!). hope you are not overwhelmed by the NYFW. went on sat and did notice this time there are even more viewers outside the tent! have fun and enjoy your stay in NY~

  27. forgot to mention, if you go to west side pls try http://locandaverdenyc.com/ love their crostini!

  28. So excited for you – NYFW rocks! i attended last year. Love love love. Such an inspiring time for street style. <3 Excited for your updates!

    Thought I'd add my recommendation/s to the list of cool places to enjoy some amazing food & high fashion vintage.
    Lavanna's in the East Village was probably the best italian I had the whole time in NYC & in my life! I was staying in the Upper West Side, but loved the food & shopping so much more in SoHo/East Village. Gennaro is amazing too! In Upper West.
    Angela's Vintage, also in the East Village. THE BEST BOUTIQUE. I loved it so much, had to get another suitcase for the extra treasures haha
    Enjoy!!! xxx

    Allura http://www.kittenlamoda.com

  29. Pshhh who cares about latest and hottest? I read your blog for the awesome photos and quirky musings. I could never keep up with anything, gives me anxiety. Just yesterday I found out it was fashion week…O_O

  30. Amazing photos! Enjoy to be in and feel NYC!


  31. If you’re around Brooklyn definitely go to The Brooklyn Star (http://thebrooklynstar.com/). I can’t recommend the smoked marrow bone with toast points enough. In Manhattan, The Breslin (http://thebreslin.com/) is great. Pretty much anything on the menu!

  32. You made it!

    I was in Paris during the last Men’s and Couture collections, so many beautiful male models roaming the streets. It was great!

    I like a city during fashion week, there’s always that added extra something.

    Hope you have a great time. X

  33. elizabeth

    Joe’s pizza for the classic, tacombi for their awesome fish tacos and general vibes, atlas cafe in the east village has a great tofu scramble (as opposed to eggs, but they serve eggs too) that tastes so much better than the words tofu and scramble make it sound, tuna anything at cherry in chelsea, wander around eataly any time except right before dinner, laze around the brooklyn bridge park with ice cream, and very obligatory mention of momofuku milkbar. Get drinks at the rusty knot (which feels like your weird uncle’s tiki basement) right across from the hudson, radegast hall biergarten in williamsburg, or on the rooftop of the met.

  34. Beautiful photos !!

    xx, Brittany

  35. Great pics, you were lucky to be there… fashion week is the same everywhere but it never gets obsolete…

  36. Your photos are amazing and so chic!