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Mary Katrantzou AW12

Catwalk photos from Vogue.com
Mary Katrantzou AW12 LFW Courtesy of Vitamin Water

Seeing as the writing in this blog is essentially ‘scribbles’ compared to the likes of Vogue’s Sarah Mower or my new pen crush Sophie Dening, I can’t deny that the research behind any given post also generally run along the lines of typing in Google ‘exciting angles to write a blog post on glitter shoes without sounding like a mad woman‘… and oddly somehow I always end up watching that one sneezing panda video on Youtube. This time though it was an uncharacteristically intense session of shovelling through articles about the design phenomenon that is Mary Katrantzou, each time finding myself more baffled at how brilliantly one can bring together schools of thought into one fashion collection. In fact, at one point the ‘research’ wasn’t so unlike an episode of CSI, not exactly in finding a speck of dandruff that solves a DNA crime, but on learning that this collection was inspired by elements of Mary’s desk drawer. So I went on a Zoom in – enhance, zoom in – enhance mission, even went on to magnify the reflection off a screwdriver on Anna Wintour’s sunglasses and finally saw the intricate details of yellow school pencils, telephone dials, vintage typewriters forming mind-blowing patterns. Surely one of the perks of having a big lens is that it does lend me telephoto vision during the actual show but during that particular show I believe I was busy wiping off the hearts and rainbow-tears out of my eyes. Plus, isn’t that’s the beauty of her designs – a world of secrets bottled in a dress?

Beautiful experience courtesy of Glacéau vitaminwater, the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week. (Facebook page)

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  1. Dan

    Runway shots at its best! WHOAAAAAA

  2. I am completely spellbound by these captures, Shini. Exceptional and magical snapshots, as always. x


  3. Luiza

    she is more than amazing !

  4. She is just amazing, which you have captured beautifully… and I love your ‘scribbles’!
    xxx dj

  5. Loved this collection, especially the blazer! x

  6. wow, these are great! we really liked marys topshop collection and we also love all these pieces, she is amazing!
    and your photos turned out fantastic as always :)

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  7. The cloths are beautiful, reminds me of an art gallery with its colorful designs. I have to say thou, I’m equally interested in the style of the audience and the structural set up of the runway.

  8. Ah! I do agree that you take beautiful photographs!

  9. Gorgeous photos, wow !! Great job :)


  10. Shini, you are an artist. I have no words for how amazingly mindblowing these photos are.


  11. gorgeous details!


  12. Stunning collection. Amazing prints. That typewriter print is just too cool.


    The Habit

  13. I never tiere of seeing Mary’s work, it’s all over the web, I’ve seen this pictures so many times and yet they still take me by surprise.
    Material Fixations

  14. She’s a magician with pattern and form. How does she do it??


  15. Wow, fantastic shots. This is a great collection.

  16. I love the take on a Watteau back for some of those. 1770’s lives again in a very modern way!

  17. omg, she is genius! looking at the photos, i was thinking, these are walking pieces of art/sculpture but when i read about the details involved, i was overwhelmed. her attention to detail is stunning!

  18. love the patterns!

  19. i always love what you write. it is too amusing.


  20. Such beautiful snapshots, she is always my favorite collection.


  21. I’m always amazed at her use of prints, and the placement of pattern on these pieces is mind-blowing. Your photos capture the clothes beautifully!

  22. Very beautiful!


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  24. breathtaking images!

  25. This collection is great!


  26. These are gorgeous!
    And beautiful pics as well, I love how you make the dress flying out of the picture!
    Very neat idea.

    If you happen to be in front of the computer I would be pleased if you have a look at my blog
    (I also write a post about you a while ago http://stuffveronicalikes.blogspot.com/2011/12/real-originality-and-taste-are.html)

    keep going like that shiny, i’ll keep following :)


  27. Her design is crazy/beautiful..

  28. i love this collection!!!

  29. Amazing post. I really love these collection!

  30. I’m loving all the different prints (and beautiful photography). Thanks for sharing, hope you had an amazing week!

  31. I am absolutely enthralled in Mary at the moment. I think her pieces are totally amaze-ballz.

  32. Easy to get lost in the patterns (just found myself trying to find a way out of that maze dress). Absolutely captivating, strong, beautiful collection. What a talent.


  33. The silhouettes are so beautiful, I felt a wave of emotion wash me over :’)

    Then I read your post, and realized how quirky the prints were. I didn’t even notice the first time round!

    To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with the initial MK for TopShop media pictures, but this collection…… wow. Mind. Blown.

  34. I am obsessed with Mary Katrantzou (though I’m not entirely positive how to pronounce it..?). One of her designs was featured on Gossip Girl a few months ago and since then I feel like I don’t go a day without hearing about her. These are really beautiful images you’ve chosen!

  35. really walking art pieces! love!


  36. great pictures and once again I laughed and smiled the whole time i was reading that, so funny.


  37. i love everything about mary’s work!

  38. Absolutely stunning, in the proper sense of the word. The ‘pencil’ skirt – so good! Yours are the best photographs I’ve seen so far, darling. Wonderful.

    Sarah @ Acid Wallpaper.

  39. I like these bright and flashy colours! Beautifuls pics, as always.

  40. Ah, I love this collection so much – it’s just so much fun and so clever. And of course, I feel it’s only complimented by your lovely pictures and commentary

  41. The collections can’t be more amazing!! I mean I am totally in looove with it!
    Love the printed jacket!

    x Romi

  42. this collection is perfect and so well crafted!

  43. Stunning!


  44. She makes the most special patterns.

  45. Oh, how amazing! Everything is so unusual and attractive


  46. Keyhole! Dying for it.

  47. Beautiful shots, what an absolutely stunning collection!


  48. Beautiful pictures!
    I love the collection so amazing colors and patterns (:

  49. fantastic! Very fashionable!
    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: http://www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  50. iEatVogueForBreakfast

    Gorgeous collection by my favourite designer! i simply adore the telephone-keys ensemble and the red typewriter dress. The photogaphing is stunning, too. You are truly an artist.

  51. I borrow yours pictures on my blog, I hope it don’t bother you. Thank you :-)

  52. oh totally! I am in love with the newest A/W collection from Mary Katrantzou!!
    the photos you took are so representative of their dreamy, wonderland and fantasy feel. some of the close-up shots you took, e.g. the lagoon-printed dress really makes me feel like I am AT THE FRONT ROW of the runway.

    thank you, thank you, thank you lots for sharing Shini! I hope you all the best for the rest of the weekend,

    Style Hostess

  53. simply out of words for her design. i guess her work is what i was longing for to see on the catwalks. chanel and other classical names are so boring compared to these models. maybe kane, house of holland are in the same lines as mary

  54. I just love your comments.

    In times like these I never know whether to just stare, or just take photos, or just stare… you got such beautiful shots :) X

  55. I love your shots! And her designs for topshop are amazing!

  56. Your photography is so amazing! And those prints make it even better!

    check it out!

  57. these photos are down right mesmerizing, and the prints! i could stare at these for ages.

    (also, giggles at the CSI strip!)

  58. I love the heels

  59. Cate

    Love your blog – fab prints – have a look at designer kaftans http://www.bluemojito.co.uk and lovely embellished tunics – let us know what you thinkxx

  60. most gorgeous pictures ever… but then i love all the pics from your blog.

  61. Gracis K.

    Hey~~I really dig your blog and I’ve been following it for a long time. I just wonder what camera and lens are you using for the photos. And do you retouch them? It would be very kind of you to let me know…cheers.

  62. cate

    amazing photos – great blog – have you seen our new designer kaftans – http://www.bluemojito.co.uk – let me know what you thinkxx – and lovely floaty tops

  63. This collection is like controlled chaos. I really like it alot. The fluid tiered dress is my absolute favorite. So pretty.


  64. Wowza. Your photos are super stunning! I’m so pleased that you get to attend these shows so we can check out your GORGEOUS pics. Yessss.

  65. bellissimo post!!!

  66. Susan

    I know everyone’s commenting on the photos but gosh your hair looks amazing short!

  67. Susan

    @Susan, ha i just realised i commented on the wrong post..

  68. Thanks for this review, this is awesome!


  69. Great to see a fun collection! So many details you caught them very well!

  70. Shots are absolutely mesmerizing.

  71. What an amazing blog you have! I will follow you on bloglovin!:)

  72. very beautiful photos

  73. so fascinating. I thought I was going to be disappointed with Mary K this season but not even close

  74. Just incredible.

  75. LOVE the collection! XO Rebecca


  76. Beautiful pictures! I really like you blog :)

  77. Whenever I see your posts I wonder why I even bother blogging anything, your photos ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. OMG that one where the twirls of the dress are popping out of the photos across the dividing lines?? ARGH


  78. Oh my goodness Shini these pictures are absolutely stunning – thank you so much for sharing! Such a beautiful show. xx

  79. I love the way you put it ”a world of secrets bottled in a dress”, she really is a fantastic designer with a brilliant mind and crazy imagination the fruits of which lead to such extraordinary pieces, and she really deserved the Emerging Talent Award she got from BAF2011!

  80. Wow your blog is amazing! Loving the runway and close up pics! So glad I came across your blog- looking forward to more posts!

    If you want to see some pictures I took from the Isabel Marant fashion show for Paris Fashion Week check out my blog!!


  81. First of all, I absolutely love your pictures!
    then, I love the brand
    and, I’d loved attending to it’s fashion show :)
    lucky you!
    xx ale

  82. Your photos get me every time.


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  84. sara

    Perfect photos!!! Can you please tell me, which lens do you use, because I’d like to buy some camera and lens for my private life (photos with family, friends etc) and think that something like this would be great for me? :))

    Sorry for my bed English. :/ xD

  85. Awesome pictures!

  86. Beautiful photos, as always. The detailing in these pieces is amazing.


  87. Three things: 1. Mary Katrantzou is a godess and I don’t think my heart could possibly want anything else if I were to own the lampshade-esque dress shown 2. I absolutely LOVE the way you write, one of the big reasons I continue to come back to your blog and 3. I can’t help watching the sneezing panda video either “achoooooooo” *nom nom nom*

  88. Loving this post <3

  89. amazing photos…thank you!

  90. Wow, I absolutely adore the graphics on the collection! Bravo!


  91. Mary Katrantzou is my all time new and favourite designer.
    So pleased she’s been noticed this year


  92. Amazing structural technique, it looked sophisticated and precise, very nice collection !

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