I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Hat Christie’s London | Cardigan, Jeans Zara | Tshirt AA | Shoes ALDO

Hello I’m bored.

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  1. this outfit is so freaking cute! ooo, yellow nailz!

  2. hey
    im so glad i stumbled across your blog,
    love the pictures!


  3. i’m bored too… tv is boring right now
    gosh i want that hat !

  4. the red hat is so cute!! :)

  5. Very cool hat. And btw, I’m bored too.

  6. when i’m bored, i invite friends over to play Uno. Lame, but cool after all ;D

  7. sorry but all i can think of since reading that title is PANCAKE SHAMPOO…oh how delicious i really do want some. in fact i just googled pancake shampoo but you seemed to be the first and only relevant result.
    hmmm maybe im bored too?!

  8. Your title sounds..a little tempting haha. I like the way you buttoned up your cardigan.

  9. Cute outfit! I’m bored too, which really should not happen because I have way too much work.

  10. I love your HAT. The red is so much fun!

  11. Love love love the hat! I was almost buying one in black when I was in london ! I’m so regreted for not doing it! kiss :)xx

  12. Did you button up your cardigan with your toes. :P Nonetheless, I think that red bowler hat made this outfit. :)

  13. I adore your bowler hat!

  14. Ahh, if I had your hat I would never be bored, I would like run around and take pictures of myself and just flash it to the world….

  15. Cute outfit! Love the nails!

  16. I’ve an adddiction for stripes… especially black and withe stripes. The red hat is amazing! I love the outfit!

  17. your title makes my stomach grumble! i haven’t had good maple syrup in such a long time.

    love the asymmetrical buttoning!

  18. my bf literally LOLED when he saw your comment and called him “bear”. hahahaha.

  19. caroline

    i have that same cardigan! too bad i’m not adventurous enough to button it up that way!

  20. Yay the hat is back! I love that hat.

  21. you look like a cute little oreo sundae with a red cherry on topppppppppp

  22. Patrice

    what a perfect outfit. you really show how anyone can make an item interesting and their own.

  23. love how you buttoned the cardigan that way. ;)

  24. You’re wearing the cutest hat available on planet earth! I love the striped cardigan and jeans too! xxoxoxoxo

  25. That bowler is freaking SWEET. Amaaazing!

  26. That is such a cute bowler hat! I wish I could do bowlers. I tried, it SO didn’t work. LOL. Ah I’m so jealous of the sunny warm-looking weather as well!

  27. i love love this outfit, esp the hat!


  28. the red and stripes are sooo cute! such frenchness ;P

  29. LOVE the hat, shini!

  30. What a beautiful blog you have here! And YOU, my dear, are absolutely stunning! I’m so looking forward to seeing you wearing some of my special garments from Gossamer Wings Studio. I love seeing what people are interested in for their fashion choices, because I’m not particularly good at fashion, I just know what I like! So, you have given me such a gift to be able to learn more about the world of fashion – at least YOUR world of fashion! Looking forward to chatting again soon, Nina @ Gossamer Wings Studio

  31. So sorry – I gave you the wrong website address ;o) I’m tired! it is actually http://www.mamaslittletreasures.typepad.com Nina

  32. sweet hat!

  33. incredibly and adorable, from your hat to your nails. i love the cardigan with grey pants and red hat. you are ahh-mazing.

    mad love,

  34. oooh stripes! and red velvet! bowler hat! oh my!

  35. so cute :) the hat!
    and the mismatched buttons!
    i do that all the time…not on purpose though :)

  36. your red bowler hat + yellow nails is too cute. auuurrreerrgh when is it gonna get warm enough for me to just wear a sweater and tshirt out TOO.
    wanna traaadeee places yet? heh

  37. cute outfit! i especially love that red hat :)

  38. cute hat! it reminds me of the minimarket ones!
    back in the day i had a white one but it got stolen :(

  39. you look fab with the red hat on darling!!!!

  40. Love this! Is this your interpretation of the cardi buttoned all crooked like I had it? Looks good! :D

  41. Fair shopping fairy

    Bored? How about answering our questions about you :)

  42. Don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I adore your blog posts. So creative ;)

    And that bowler hat. Is. Divine.

    have a lovely weekend!

  43. Thanks so much for the b-day wishes! And why do I always notice that you have the coolest nail polishes!?

  44. I’ve been waiting for that red hat to come out again! I am totally in love with it.

    Also, I remember you saying that you are attracted to blogs with good design and I just gave my blog a total overhaul recently… I wonder if you might take a look and let me know if you have any feedback? I’m a photographer, not a designer, so the more feedback I can get the better! Also, is there a way to get my pictures to post larger, like yours? I am sick of tiny pictures!


  45. the hat is WOW!!!

  46. hello, I was bored.

    BUT NOT ANYMORE! that red bowler hat just cheered me up!

  47. Thank you for your lovely comment! and happy belated Easter to you, I feel like an ass for not logging into my email earlier to check for comments. That was, in fact, my boyfriend, I would never hug my brother without first stepping into a biohazard suit and bathing in a tub of Lysol……or vinegar, whichever got the job done. I’m glad you liked the music, I know it goes against your layout rules, but I can’t stop myself from forcing my musical taste onto others.

    and I love your outfit here, that hat is stunning. I’ve always wanted a hat like that, but the ones I’ve tried made my ears stick out like wings, so that my head looked like it was preparing for flight.

  48. u look awesome with the red hat …it’s a pretty one …love it

  49. i love how your outfit make the hat stood out!

    oh, and you must be the most creative title maker of all times! LOL

  50. You may be bored, but you certainly never look boring!!!

  51. Coool!:)

  52. super cool and chic hat!
    i’m so in love with it.
    넘 이쁘다. ^^


  53. I totally, utterly, completely love this outfit! The hat adds a bit of..spice?

  54. yo. i feel cheated. where are the shoes? yo.

  55. that hat looks so cute on you! too bad i’ve watched too much of the wire and connotate red hats with drug dealing. too lazy to explain. let’s just leave it that i’m an odd one.