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Hotel Amour




‘Astralis’ exhibit at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Børre Sæthre – Untitled (Arches of Solaris)


Jean-luc Favero – Stag-Transformed


Chloe Piene – Untitled (CB)

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_09 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_10

Dome-Vanity by Charley Case


Four Angels by Siobhan Hapaska


Damien Deroubaix – Astralis; Life; Death; South of Heaven; Time; Messaiah


Myriam Mechita


Art Oriente Objet – Not Yet

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_16 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_17


Rina Banerjee – A Mad Woman

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_18 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_19





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Cape – LV. Jeans – MiH Jeans. Heels – Kurt Geiger. Bag – LV Sophia Coppola. Luggage – LV. Watch – Daniel Wellington. Rings – Monica Vinader.

Paris and I got along famously as we reunited under the blessing of Louis Vuitton for a 24-hour-long fling in the middle of February, which was in fact a mere 2 days before the beginning of London Fashion Week and naturally a perfect escape before the hurdle. We arrived late morning to celebrate LV’s latest artist collaboration that once again brings the street onto silk – this time with Andre B and his beloved Mr A character (who I’m sure Parisians will have seen spray-sketched in many crevices around the city), tagged in zingy pink on a massive, soft shawl (more pics of this later).We set up camp in Hotel Amour – owned also by Andre (alongside the Le Baron clubs for those still unfamiliar), counted the number of explicit photos that were hanging in each of our rooms (three in mine, enough to get this old lady excited) and waited for dinner with the man himself.

Speaking of escape, I had a couple hours to burn before dinner and decided it was good a time as any to visit the Espace Culturel atop the LV flagship store on Champs Élysées. I don’t always have good ideas, so this one gets a special mention, because it’s definitely a must-go when in Paris. The current exhibit, ‘Astralis’ (available until May 11), brings together twelve artists that explore concepts behind celestial, elusive, and otherworldly themes prompting visitors to temporarily escape from their minds/bodies. Even numpties like me will understand and appreciate the curation, which – I won’t lie – is occasionally chilling/creepy. But then again I find the lack of nutella in the pantry chilling/creepy, so.

Many thanks to LV for the short but sweet journey.

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  1. Gorgeous cape in the second picture :)


  2. cute post!
    new look on my blog!

  3. I love your first outfit, it’s perfection incarnated, the bun, the colourful jacket, the cool denim and leopard heels, it’s absolute heaven Shini!
    Mafalda ❤

  4. Really amazing pics, Paris is amazing, I woud like to visit it again soon! Love that cape you’re wearing, it’s super chic!
    Have a lovely day!


  5. Danielle


  6. i am OBSESSED with both pairs of heels that you wore!

  7. beautiful capture!


  8. ollyvia laura

    you really have amazing photos


  9. these photographs are absolutely stunning. i love the dress ensemble you wore! :)


  10. Beautiful pictures… I would love to visit Paris one day!

    xx Nicole

  11. Absolutely gorgeous shots, and love the shirt under the dress. x

  12. These photos ar truly amazing and your cape, I’m in love!! xx


  13. The cape is stunning and the luggage is too. Me want some LV luggage. Although, I’m sure I’d destroy it after one journey. What is is with airports destroying luggage?

    The photos are beautiful and the exhibition looks truly otherworldly. Stunning as always Mrs Cube.


  14. Amrit

    I LOVE your cape. You are so stylish!

  15. Oh how I miss Paris, beautiful photographs, the exhibit looks fantastic.

  16. Your pictures are really beautiful!
    I love this place for the great art finds.

    And cherry on the cake, you have a great view on Paris! ;)

    Des Bises
    Mademoiselle Stef

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  18. Definitely need to check out the exhibit soon.


  19. I absolutely love your leopard print pumps!!

    I’m not a huge fan of modern/minimalist art, so it takes a lot to impress me. That being said, I found several of the pieces you took pictures of very impressive, and, like you mentioned, a little chilling, especially the Stag one and the room by Damien Deroubaix.

  20. Love the ambiance created by the dark backgrounds in the pictures. Love the outfit too. Very cute indeed.

    Marriage Proposals in Seattle’s Chinese Room

  21. Shini, where can I get a watch like the one in this fabulous post please? :)

  22. Oh I have to go to this exhibition
    I’m a parisian and i didn’t see that, shame on me


  23. You have a great eye, love the pictures, very nice.

  24. Love this!