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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.



Jacket Urban Outfitters | Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants Mom’s Daks | Shoes New Look

Back in Warsaw now.





I think I may have pretzel-jinxed my planeride home – look we actually got pretzels this time. Hey, at least gimme something Italian to end my Roman Holiday, like a 21-gun salute out of the country with pasta flying out of the rifles…

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  1. I love this outfit (esp the bottom part lol). Your photos are just fantastic! The ice-cream, oh, the ice-cream!

  2. Oh if only rifles were meant to shoot out fettuccine..That ice cream looks so good right now..

  3. oh oh. that ice-cream photo is sinful looking ha. YUM. great skyhigh shoes too.


  4. awesome trousers. Warsaw looks delicious.

    ps. if only i had a girl to pick clothes out for…sigh. I suppose publicly admitting that might not have been the best move…

  5. ohohoh you look so classy AND classic!!! Your photos are always insanely lovely and I love seeing all those cool places you go to in Europe!!!

  6. hahaha you are quite the witty one I was really laughing out loud when I read this. I hope your trip was as amazing as the outfit you are donning. It is truly a sartorial look, where the hell is scott freakin schuman?! he must capture you! lol btw i am eternally grateful that you took the time to stop over at my blog thanks so much for actually responding… I thought of you when I put the rodarte look up( i still cant get the picture of you knitting your dress out of my head- cant wait until your done) ok im done ranting, have a great rest of the weekend

    cant wait until your next post!

  7. at first I thoguht you were wearing a plaid jumpsuit, but then i realized you werent! how awesome would that be though?!

    you look super cute, the pumps are amazing! and love the photography, the close up shots are great:)

  8. mom’s pants are great! and those pumps are gorgeous!


  9. ohhh i really like the plaid trousers ! my mum has a similar pair but in blue. i wonder though what’s with the locks because it reminds of a place in taiwan where couples go and lock a pair of locks at this place to symbolise being together forever or something like that.
    btw – lovee the shoes!

    love victoria,


  10. wonderful pants! i’m sitting here cold with two pairs of socks on and your photo managed to get me tripping to the upstairs fridge to fetch some ice cream =_=

  11. Last time I was in Warsaw I got alcohol poisoning…or possibly ‘random meat from a stick’ poisoning. Shame.

    Great photos, the one of the locks is so quirky and cool! Is there a story behind it?

  12. ps. other than the mystery poisoning, it was awesome. ;)

  13. Awesome jacket! I love your shoes too! Such a soft, delicate color! Love those icecream shots! Tempting me, huh???!

  14. i love the plaid with those pumps. And that ice cream… i’m stuffed and now I want some… that picture of the locks is really nice as well

  15. The check pants and nude/grey heels combo is awesome! I like it when it doesn’t match but still manages to go so well together!
    also why all these locks on the gate?


  16. I’m kinda in love with your pants! They look so great on you. Especially with your shoes. I love the color of it. I feel like it would match absolutely anything. :)

  17. yummmmmm ice cream!!!! :D i love how you have two cones. two cones is always the way to go hehe

  18. Mm ice cream and pretzels. I love your shoes and pants, you pull this look off so well. Love the imagery of rifles shooting out pasta hahah

  19. i’m reading through all your answers to your Q&As. you’re soooooo funny!

  20. ooooh plaid pants… totally rockin! i love your photography skillzzzz

  21. i am in LOOOOOOOOOVE with that icecream shot.

  22. I love those plaid pants! Ice cream would be so good right now. It’s really hot in LA currently.

  23. How interesting those locks are, wish I knew the story.


  24. wow amazing pics! now I need an ice cream! yes… even if it’s terribly rainy here!

  25. I love those plaid trousers and the way you wear them, GREAT!!xx

  26. Love the pictorial!

    you always exude impeccable taste in the outfits you wear and all this aesthically pleasing:)
    Hope you have a great day

  27. Ah those trousers are fantastic. i never thought i’d see the day when i’d be lusting after pleated tapered trews but it seems to have arrived!

    ps. need. ice. cream. now

  28. O those trousers are killing mee!! I bought a pair with similar shape but mine are cream, I can’t wait to wear them!! And those shoes… are they this year’s?? because I never find anything in New Look!!!!!
    Are we both back now? I finally didn´t see you around in London lol, the chances were small!!


  29. You make me want to dig out my grandpa pants now. :D Love the color combination and the heels. :) Hope you had a good trip!

  30. great outfit, great photos, great trip! thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

  31. Shini I may be slightly in love with you.

    Just saying…

    PP x

    P.s the shoes are to die, I mean New Look- really?

  32. The shoes are fab, and the ice-cream yummy. You epitomise the best things in life. Love. x

  33. haha daks has never looked better!!! glad you got back safely!

  34. Love the trousers and shoes.

  35. Ahhh, I love how fabulous you look whilst being a total tourist. Inspiration strikes for my next trip :)

    Also, those pants and the shoes? Fan-bloody-tastic!

    Enjoy the rest of the vacay.

  36. oh boy the end of your post made me laugh so hard. And I really need it, as I have a huge exam in three hours. I like how I can be reading along your entries, looking at fantastic photos, neat outfits, and at the end I can be surprised by some random humour and end up chortling and spewing bits of breakfast food out of my mouth. You truly have something for everyone.

  37. Jennifer

    Hey, at least gimme something Italian to end my Roman Holiday, like a 21-gun salute out of the country with pasta flying out of the rifles…
    Oh dear, THAT would be a sight! :)

  38. so sweet. the forest green an navy plaid look so lovely with the pale neutrals. the fit is also killer. oh and when i receive those outrageous biker shorts, you’ll be the first to know how i style them!

  39. London was great as always and the course kind of inspiring so I’m very happy!! I’m going to apply for one or 2 masters in CSM but I don’t know if I’ll get in!! Anyway, I still need to go back to Spain and finish my jornalism degree next year so we’ll see!!
    I’m very jealous of you being in Rome!! Hope you had a very good time!!

  40. love those pants combined with the shoes!

  41. mmmm ice cream!! boooo I’m lactose intolerant.
    Those tartan trousers looks great on ya…

  42. the shoes are amazing.

  43. looove the cuffed hem of your green plaid pants + nude pumps combo.
    that ice cream shot makes me want to omnomnomnom :F

  44. I love your plaid pants & your shoeeees!

    oh and you made me crave ice cream & pretzels now hehe ^-^

  45. shini, i adore those pants of yours. and i had no clue you lived in poland. lol!

    at least its sunny where you are!

    The Voguette

  46. the pants are soooo funky!! you’re lucky, i could never pull that off ;)

    channy :3

  47. holy cow your pants are amazzingg!!!!!!!

  48. 21 gun salute of pasta. sounds deeelish. and poland + your pictures are so pretty. *sigh*

  49. yuuum the ice cream looks SO good

  50. Thuy

    when I see your photos this http://www.flickr.com/photos/27866516@N00/3463415450/#preview immediately came to mind :) Love the pants!

  51. These are lovely photos and an even lovelier outfit.

    You make plaid pants look easy! Haha

  52. i love the color of your shoes!

    and the padlocks reminded me of something similar couples did in South Korea, in the fences of a tower, if i’m not mistaken! lovely shots!

  53. your shoes are rockin! and loving the pants, too!

  54. I like your pants. I like your pictures.