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The 2013 London Tweed Run, with Tokyobike



Yu Fujiwara, manager at Tokyobike UK and photographer at 8 and 2 blog


My ride for the day!


…then to UCL to meet the rest of the gang and fuel up


feasting on Vintage Rascal models













Our good marshalls








One can not decline a last minute invitation to join a biker gang, now can one.

The Tweed Run is one of those few elusive, fantastic events in London that you only hear about after its all happened, or worse, one you see happening one random Saturday when, just the other day you’d reminded yourself to find out when it’s taking place. So yes, being in a (flash mob) biker gang is pure awesome, but to be in time for it is a small miracle. The bigger miracle of course, is actually having tickets for it as they’re allocated through an auction (ours of which were provided by Yu Fujiwara [Tokyobike UK manager]). At 8am we convened at the Tokyobike shop in Shoreditch, where we were presented our rides for the day – mine, a mushroom-coloured beauty – and had our numbers pinned onto our sleeves. Then we joined the rest of the gang at the UCL courtyard, where the 500-strong mob filed in, dressed in some form of tweed, bumping fists and fueling for the six-hour tour through Central London. Promptly at 11am we were shepherded out by the marshalls and a day of grins-on-wheels (and bum-bruising) would begin.

Stay tuned for part two, the fellowship of the Tweeds, and a journey across middle-London.

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  1. Great event, never heard of it before! The photos are beautiful!


  2. this event is really cool and interesting, if I were in London I would have gone there


  3. oh my gee this is so excellent! i take back what i have said about how young people not having any business wearing tweed but this level of kitschiness makes me so happy. you all look so elegant!

  4. Garsh do I wish I had enough tweed to run in it.


  5. I love the bicycle with the Pimm’s bottle strapped to it! I think this post really sums up why I am so, so proud to be 100% British!

  6. this is amazing! i love how all the guys are dressed. And them riding on those bikes, oh gosh


  7. Fisayo

    Your ride is lovely. I love this so much. Wish I could be part of it.

  8. Guys in tweed…swooon!

  9. Heather Fonseca

    Burberry eat your heart out! They’re ads are cool, but not this cool.normally I just lurk, but you’ve outdone yourself today. I am impressed.


  10. THIS is amazing! I’m passion cyclist I wish that this would happen in Prague one day too. but Im afraid its quite i long journey yet.
    I really love it and its great that people keep doing this! :)
    with Love

  11. Beautiful photos!

    xx The Expert Dreamer

  12. The photos are incredibly amazing.
    Such a lively event.

  13. How lovely!!

  14. Mark

    It was such an amazing event – the weather didn’t disappoint, the turnout was very good and the atmosphere was splendid.

    It is a shame you seem to have failed to capture me in your photo coverage of the event. My outfit was superb, and I have been awarded a number of prizes for it. Hopefully you can be on a better lookout next time!


  15. Hi Mark, thank you for your comment.
    As I’m sure you can see, these photos were shot to convey the general atmosphere of the event, not to showcase the best tweed dressers (prize-awarded or not).
    I’m sure your outfit was ‘superb’, but is it really something to go around blogs criticizing photographers that they’ve failed to capture you?


  16. Zbigniewski Zbigniew

    @Shini, Zbigniew strikes again. I almost fell off my chair in the office laughing.

  17. Teresa Stokes

    @Shini, as a fellow Britisher it is obvious to me that Mark was just having a joke with you, he is just pretending to be offended and in reality he does not mind at all that you have not got his picture; he is all over the internet in other blogs anyway. This is an example of the typically English humour we call irony. Please don’t be offended!

  18. Hi Teresa, thank you for your comment! It turns out it was my husband doing the prank. There was a certain Mr.Smith on another blog that wrote something similarly ‘interesting’ and thought he’d feed on that. But thank you for trying to lift the air! ;)

  19. Danielle

    @Mark, WOW what a completely selfish comment!

  20. Teresa Stokes

    @Danielle, It is obvious to me that Mark was just having a joke, he is just pretending to be offended. He does not mind at all that he does not appear in this blog; he is all over the internet in other blogs already so he is just pretending to be greedy and fame-hungry! This is an example of the typically English humour we call irony. Please don’t be offended!

  21. MSmith

    @Mark, please don’t use my email address when posting here. Surely you must have one of your own.

  22. I am utterly confused. Mark (actual owner of email) – HUGE apologies, it looks like one of my readers is finding it funny to use someone else’s email. Your email will be deleted off to avoid further inconvenience.

  23. MSmith

    @Shini, Thanks very much.

  24. this is so great! I loved to be also there to take some pics.

  25. Amazing pictures!

    And such a great event :)


  26. Best. Event. Ever. The photos look so magnificent, this could probably only happen in the UK. I wish the Dutch were as well-cultured in previous times so we had some real standard in history. But the only thing we can be proud of is the waterworks and painters, but halve of those are mad too. I am dying to get myself a tokyobike, but I’m afraid it gets stolen here in Amsterdam. :’)

  27. Danielle

    Wonderful shots Shini! Tweed Run FTW!

  28. This is beyond cool! The pictures feel like they’re from another era. If I were a tourist in London stumbling upon this event I’ll be so fascinated!

  29. “The fellowship of the Tweeds” nearly killed me as much as the little white pups did. I didn’t know London did an annual (retro?) bike tour. I’m a clumsy bike rider, so the mob of people would most likely discombobulate my coordination further. I can’t wait to see more pictures though, and pretend (through you) that I had equal grace on a two-wheeler!


  30. This is magical. I can only imagine how fantastic it would be to take part in the Tweed Run. The outfits are brilliant and the photos capture them perfectly – great job Shini!

  31. This is one of the best events I’ve ever heard of. I love this post so much the photos are incredible and the style is too!xx

  32. Oooo la la. These photos are gorgeous. I love that shot of the girl with green netting over her hair! Looks like so much fun. xx

  33. fancy images.
    those bikes are nice.
    – Janine

  34. Alex

    LOL this is fantastic. Good stuff. Eagerly awaiting part 2!

  35. Lucky you to have been able to participate to such an event. I really love the spirit behind it and you beautifully captured the spirit of the event ! Will be able to have a hint of your tweed outfit ?
    I can’t wait to see the part.2 of this post !

    I don’t know anything about tweed but seeing that such an event has been created to celebrate biking and this fabric I should make some research about it !

    Thanks a lot Shini !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  36. What a cool event, I had never heard of it before. When I saw the photos, I thought it was for a fashion shoot.

  37. Very jealous that we do not have this in the States. So much more style!


  38. Teresa Stokes

    @Lust Covet Desire, There are many, many similar rides in the State now, this website seems to keep track of most of them. Hope this link works, otherwise google the Tweed Ride Report. http://ridingpretty.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/tweed-ride-report-calendar-2010-revised.html

  39. So funny!


  40. placetotoplace

    The Tweed Run is one of those few elusive, fantastic events in London that you only hear about after its all happened, or worse, one you see happening one random Saturday when, just the other day you’d reminded yourself to find out when it’s taking place.

  41. placetotoplace

    The Tweed Run is one of those few elusive, fantastic events in London that you only hear about after its all happened, or worse, one you see happening one random Saturday when, just the other day you’d reminded yourself to find out when it’s taking place.

  42. Teresa Stokes

    @placetotoplace, Look at http://www.tweedrun.com or join their Facebook page and then you will be able to find out when they are happening

  43. Oh this looks so familiar – my husband participated in the yearly event when we lived in Philadelphia. He always came home with great photos, too. I wonder if it originated over there or here in the states…

  44. It looks like it first started in the United Kingdom, held by VC Nottingham in the early 1990’s (not surprising as historically tweed is a very British fabric!) since then lots of other cities have taken inspiration (e.g Tokyo holds big runs annually).

  45. Yep, totally wish I’d known about this. Great photos though!

  46. So much dapperness, I can’t even stand it!! Love, love, love…

    I feel the same way about Portland. I always hear about these wonderful events after the fact…

  47. This is all sorts of awesome.

  48. Such amazing photos!!!!! The style of guys is perfect!!! Very cool event!!!


  49. Tokyo bikes are blooming lovely, that shade of green on that beast is amazing. seems like a lot of you lot joined in this year, looking forward to the second part

    Here’s my bike if you’re interested –


  50. Beautiful blog!
    amazing post
    I follow you


  51. These pictures are awesome! I love the tweed and I LOVE the bikes!


    Follow us on Blog Lovin’!

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  53. Ahh I don’t know how I missed this post – all I can say is that Pimms carrier is genius! Where do I buy!?

  54. So cool! I would have love to have seen it in person!


  56. Merina

    I cannot believe this started at UCL (where I study)! I saw them pass my house and was lucky to be able to snap some pictures, great initiative!!

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