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Shirt-dress – Courtesy of Flik Hall, Pants – Zara DIY cut-off jeans, Shoes – Courtesy of Heavy Machine, Bag – ASOS, Jacket – Barbour

I think I may have discovered a new fruit, ladies and gentleman. Events from the past few days have helped uncover the existence of a magical species, in the same family as the banana, the ba-radioactive-neon-green-peel-lining-nana. I have discovered that, despite my entire life in a Western setting with aspirations not unlike an American teenager’s (running a Babysitter’s club, going to prom, getting punched by a mean girl), there is powerful Asian tiger-mum blood coursing through my veins, melting vital organs. If I had it my way, the London Riots would be dealt with kimchi-smeared fingers and a putter club from daddy’s golf-shrine. Yes, some say the riots were the cries of the neglected underclass, the abandoned youth deprived of role models, but before questioning the government on bad parenting, punishment should be ruthless. I personally don’t believe in beating as part of child raising, but a stick has always been a part of my childhood, and I can’t deny that there was always a lesson to be learnt behind every strike. So I don’t steal, well, except from looters, I’ll strip the hoodies off your back and DIY the crap out of it. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives.

There’s no doubt those involved in such shameful, disgusting acts have deserved the ‘Scum’ title, and it’s clear that the rule-abiding citizens have proved our worth by not retaliating but instead cleaning after the idiots, but please let’s do our best to train them not to soil the carpet in the first place. Use a water gun, or a rolled-up newspaper, give them good role models, invest in their future…

Thank you Alice (of Alicepoint) for helping with the shots

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  1. Brillaintly put. Your shoesies are super funky. X

  2. Too true. These looters need to take responsibility for their own actions, it’s not like anyone forced them to riot!

    I love that you added cutoff denim instead of something like leggings for coverage – so innovative. And your ASOS bag looks great too, I bought the same one online but when it arrived the quality was so poor… I suspect there were different batches of these bags made!

  3. Well said Shini!

    I really want to do another angry post about those thieving hyenas after hearing two 17 year old girls from Croydon saying ‘We can show the rich we can do what we want’, ‘I blame the rich, we burn down houses and businesses because they’re rich’ – sickening, the fact that their brains are a size of an egg: ignorance and limited intelligence…hello 17??!!! What do they know about work?

    Now please throw me a bucket of ice cubes.

  4. Shini I COMPLETELY agree with you – and thank you for putting it so eloquently! I couldnt help but wonder what the response would have been to such rioting if it was here or in china – probably at a scarily opposite end of the spectrum. But it is all about upbringing isn’t it. Also – you scored a millions points in this post for mentioning some of my favourite things – kimchi and tiger mums! xxx

  5. ” So I don’t steal, well, except from looters, I’ll strip the hoodies off your back and DIY the crap out of it. ” That made me laugh!

    You’re right. It’s unbelievable that people think they can get away with such things, but hey there are stupid people everywhere!

  6. I’m all for the rolled up newspaper and Tiger Mom approach to dealing with those rioters. I’d throw in bilingual threats, Chinese writing classes, and the daily three hour piano practices as well, while I’m at it. Those kids need more than their fair share of discipline!

  7. wow!! cool shoes haha cute outfit ;)

  8. sooooo could not agree more …! the stick imparts many a good lesson, methinks, and both punishments must be meted and the underlying root dealt with.

  9. Nodding my head vigorously with your methodology. Those non-law abiding rioters require more than a heavy dose of their own medicine for all the heartbreak and havoc they caused.

    On a lighter note, your heels are total eye candy. Such wondrous architecture for the feet.

  10. OMG I love your bag, I love your top, I died. They are absolutely gorgeous pieces!!! You look amazing!


  11. It’s true, a spanking or two does keep children more in line.. not abuse, but discipline.

  12. lovely shots! i looove your shirt dress xx

  13. lovely pictures and the heels are incredible



  14. Your shoes are amazing

    XO Charlotte

    xoxo from singapore,

  16. Kim

    I hope they get them and get them hard. Make them do some sort of (preferably smelly) community service in embarrasing outfits – don’t look so though now eh. Or, just making them hold up a sign “I looted” on a square and provide people with free rotten fruit would also be a nice alternative :)

  17. Your shirt-dress is amazing and the shoes are just perfect, I want them!
    If you have a moment I would be delighted to read what you think of my last outfit: http://goldielondon.blogspot.com/2011/08/gracing-rooftops-caprice-playsuit-and.html
    Have a good day :)

  18. oh wow what beautiful beautiful photographs, you’ve made the right choice by having them big, it really shows of the quality and the colour of the images, you look completely stunning <3
    As for what you are saying about rioters I don't entirely agree but something drastic needs to be done to stop it from happening again, I know people have been so hurt by the damage and that really upsets me.

  19. I totally agree with your observations. You can’t blame a high power for stupid stuff young people set out to do. They hold the resposibility themselves.

    And your top is beautiful in the pictures!

    ~bumbling bee

  20. Kate

    oh babe how i love your shoes!!!!!!!!:))

  21. Vero

    Loving the geometrical style of the bag and the shoes!

  22. This thing’s got me real curious…..As much as I resent the hooligan behaviours…. Is the ‘real’ incident race-related..like a race-war?! Not much info on the tensions occurring on the other side of the pacific but whatsoever, I really hate injustices!!
    And completely with you on the ‘disciplinary’ thing. I guess..one should take a tip or two from ‘asian parenting techniques’ haha… And seriously..what is up with the hoodies?? saw some ‘action’ on the news, Gives more reason to stereotype it eh…
    Now moving on to more blog-friendly……WOOWWZaaaaa.. at your pics…Love the ease effect,if thats an effect at all :D
    Those heavy machine shoes <3<3

  23. Nah I’d say it absolutely was not a race war. A peaceful protest started in North London for a police shooting of a black man (I’m sure there’s an explanation to that as well, British Police aren’t encouraged to use their sidearm at all unless provoked), but violence broke out during the protest and from then on situations deteriorated as thugs and youths of all races started causing trouble and looting. The family & friends of the man condemned the violence, and at the end of the day the riots really had nothing to do with the original protest. In some places they say there was an incident where a police officer did a stop-and-search on a black youth and then there was violent reaction, but again – at the end of the day it was just idiots causing destruction in their own neighbourhoods and thieving from local businesses. If it was a ‘war’ of any sort, it was war between uneducated, opportunist youth vs. policement and law abiding, innocent citizens horrified at the scene.

  24. s h

    i am a little disturbed by your breezy dismissal of the riots as meaningless or thoughtless. certainly violent action is not something to condone, but what is happening seems to express some kind of class divide and class rage. let’s not forget that riots do occasionally play a part in later helpful legislation and often also bring problems to light, such as the stonewall riots in nyc. i don’t know if that will happen in your country, but i hope so.

  25. Hiya. I do recommend reading a little more into what happened, I think many countries are getting very condensed information on the riots in England.

    There are undoubtedly numerous reasons behind the riots, including things I’ve already mentioned in the post – neglected youth/underclass, no role model, possible race spark – but the things the rioters did was simple criminal act and unjustifiable by any ‘social excuse’. Yes, the riots rang the alarm and it made everyone question the system, but in essence, their actions were thoughtless. These people have no underlying social or political agenda – 12 year old boys, swept up in the mood, setting fire to residents (because ‘it’s great fun’ (BBC)) and stealing things they already have at home… A guy asked a 14-15year old girl why she was looting, and she said it was getting ‘the taxes back’, what does SHE know about paying taxes, taxes that give her health service and her discounted council housing? I’m not saying that it should be dismissed because these are just idiots in the streets, quite the contrary – good discipline will start with harsh punishment, and will eventually also bring about legislations that will hopefully help provide better education.

  26. Iggy

    @Shini, you say “discounted council housing” like someone ought to be happy with this lot. Let’s remember that the government and the Met could start by learning a little of this ‘discipline’ (by which you seem to mean good morality) themselves. Punishment is certainly necessary – I find the arson attacks and attacks on people incredibly alarming.

    But job and housing opportunities are decreasing and the cost of living a reasonable life or having aspirations is increasing. This is so obvious. This is what the dialogue needs to be about.

    A witty piece about how those in high office should lead by example: http://nathanieltapley.com/2011/08/10/an-open-letter-to-david-camerons-parents/

    Beautiful blog, btw :)

  27. Thanks for that :)

    I’m simply disturbed by the lazy, benefit-milking people living in ‘discounted council housing’, regularly involving themselves in petty crime AND these riots, while so many lesser-off candidates with dismal living conditions can make better use of the council housing. Of course, I’m not generalizing that everyone living in council flats involve themselves in unlawful behaviour, there are so many people that seek opportunities and try to make something out of their lives, which makes us question those that don’t even bother. These riots also affected their own neighbourhood’s businesses and therefore job opportunities… who would want to invest in a self-destructive community like that?

    There’s obviously much to argue about when it comes to these riots – the causes, the methods of punishment, legislation… one thing that’s clear is that there is no ONE topic for dialogue.

  28. Love that piece by Nathaniel. But again, the 550+ comments just proves how literally everyone seems to have different opinions on the underlying cause and what should be done next…

  29. s h

    thanks for replying shini, i like being able to have a positive dialogue!

    i do agree with the person below who brought up the lack of opportunities. there are a lot of people who have the cards stacked against them from birth. sure, some fight their way up, but without better support from society most are doomed to fail. sad but true. i just don’t think it’s as simple as “work harder”, for example the american dream is pretty much a sham at this point, and in our country there are also the really wince-inducing racial dynamics of poverty. it’s pretty horrible in america right now economically speaking, so my heart goes out to everyone in london.

  30. That white bag is Mmm, mmm, mmmm!

  31. I’m disgusted by the mindless brutality and looting and still wonder if it isn’t a question of values (or the lack of). If all our dreams and achievements are steered towards material gain and people in high positions lack any moral compass (bankers, MPs, Murdoch-gate comes to mind) I cannot feel surprised that grabbing stuff becomes a means in itself. But then, I think in my blood still run the ideals of the 70s. Beautiful photos, and Oh! the shoes!

  32. I want your shoes in a bad way….


  33. Great outfit, love the bag! :) Cool shots and wow, your hair is so long. ♥

  34. the shoes are some kind of glorious contraption.

    and as an asian, I definitely agree with the tiger mom approach; say what you want to say but IT WORKS.

    also, just randomly, I remember checking out your site/blog wayy wayy back when it was just starting out and for some reason didn’t visit it aain until NOW. I’m so blown away, this is such a beautiful extension of your witty personality and you can feel the creative juices literally flow onto the page from you (sorry that sounded kind of gross) keep up the great work!


  35. In love with your shoes. And you look gorgeous!



  36. the shoes are….il want them…

  37. Pretty bag! But i love your shoes more :)

  38. Ohhhh, these shoes are stunning!

    Your blog is pure Joy!!


  39. Love your outfit! :D

    Have a Good Day!



  40. Looove the shoes!!!and the scarf is beautiful:D:D

  41. ….those shoes are something else.

  42. Fierce shoes! I also love your blouse beautiful!

    xoxo Despite color

  43. this is quite a crazy outfit, well, in a good way, of course!!!!


  44. Love your shoessss :-)


  45. Antoine Dodson knows where it’s at. When the riots in Vancouver broke out, I felt exactly the same as you.

  46. OK first I want your hair;))

    then, that white cute bag !

  47. This is all so true. The thing is the people who took part weren’t all part of this underclass. They had jobs and a future they were just idiots!

    Love this dress on you :)

    Leeds Fashion Blog

  48. inspirational words

  49. Your shoes are sort of epic! Hide yo kids haha.

  50. love your bag and your shoes dear! :)
    Decimal Shoes

  51. Love the top! So pretty! Great pics! XO Rebecca


  52. Well said!! I agree completely and also I LOVE your blouse! XX

  53. gorgeous outfit! Your shoes are to die for!



  54. love the bag! too bad its sold out! xx


  55. Hi.

    I’ve just recently started blogging, having you and Rumi from Fashion Toast as inspiration.
    You’re awesome.
    Your photos, your blog content, your ideas and how you express them.
    I’m really really inspired, every single time I come to your blog.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    Your fan from Thailand.

  56. Thank you for reading and following, I appreciate it and value it more than you can imagine.
    Your blog looks lovely, keep up the great work!

  57. @Shini, you checked out my blog?!
    Wow… thank you for stopping by.
    It’s so hard to make a blog interesting, everything’s so new to me.
    I’m still sticking to the already-made-template provided by blogspot ^^”.

    Your blog is an inspiration, and I will not stop following for sure!

    Always had a great time reading and looking at photos you share.

  58. Those shoes are beautiful ! :)

  59. Bellissima, I soo love this:)


  60. You lok so chic!! I love the bag.

  61. divine bag!

    Check me out:

  62. Amazing outfit

  63. Love the bag, love the shoes, love it all.


    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day! Made my afternoon!

  64. Love the photography and your shoes! :)


  65. somin lee

    is that olive green quilted jacket Barbour?

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