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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


London Fashion Week · ss16
art direction SHINI PARK photography & styling PARK & CUBE supported by THE APARTMENT, in collaboration with KURT GEIGER




Place Charles de Gaulle: the deathtrap of a roundabout in central Paris where twelve straight avenues cross intersect in a star-formation – a place where I have sworn I will eventually die no matter what mode of transport I’m in/how veteran of a driver may be commanding the wheel/handlebar – is possibly the best I can do to explain Fashion Month to those outside the industry. It’s that noise, the lack of traffic lanes of any sort, the uncomfortable closeness to fellow comrades marching around the roundabout, and having to manoeuvre through the full circuit without crashing into, say, a scooter, or a blithe pedestrian (most possibly a tourist – even in the metaphor) (how many a German tour group experienced a Lion King-esque streetstyle photographer stampede towards Kendall, I do wonder) trying to jay-walk his way across to the Arc de Triomphe and wreaking havoc to any conceived order in this chaos. That is Fashion Month, for me.

In this equation, London is a relative comfort zone only due to the fact that the bed is familiar and the husband is baffled IRL (instead of ‘Y U DO DIS’ goodnight messages on WhatsApp), but the chaos is as thick. Tickets are missing, Simon – my source of enthusiasm in all this – ever scrambling in pursuit of some order in chaos (an impossible feat), and of course, the new Soho venue is simply a ‘hilarity’. Between all that, the fresh, new collections are the only clear sound in the commotion, that and the Apartment – a sanctuary known to digital somebody’s in the same plight. It may hustle and bustle, but anywhere that’s stocked with burgers, nap-pods, emergency Kurt Geiger, and infinite charge-stations is a clear win in this roundabout of death. In fact it’s like taking residence in the Arc de Triomphe, which coincidentally is also one of the best vantage points of the city (Alice knows).



Here’s a scribble and a song, on the past season in London. More a scribble, because even after three weeks of supposed R&R my ears are still ringing of shell-shock. But I suppose that’s just me, getting closer to my 30’s and the bottomless barrel of excuses that come with. Call us a cab, BECAUSE I’M 30 AND WALKING IS DIFFICULT. Heck, I can’t wait to be 50.

GTG, husband’s just texted me a ‘Y U DO DIS’ from the other room.


09:10 Japanese Breakfast at Koya Bar
10:01 Soho traffic is actual comedy
10:16 Stripes = YAS. At J.JS.Lee
12:20 Picnic-chic at Mother of Pearl: Season’s Favourite
Wool-piqué top
Mother of Pearl
Twist Lock Bag
Louis Vuitton
Love Chords Bracelet
Park & Cube for X Jewellery
Platform Sandals
Kurt Geiger
Platform Sandals
Kurt Geiger
L Der Watch
Larsson & Jennings
Platform Heels
Kurt Geiger





Top – Zara. Skirt – Louis Vuitton. Trousers – Finders Keepers. Shoes – Kurt Geiger


A hub, rest-stop and playground for digital influencers during Fashion Month

Move aside coffeeshops, hotel lobbies and odd little sandwich joints. Wrangling over one power outlet with 12% battery and changing awkwardly in the unisex toilet is a thing of the past. the Apartment is juice-a-plenty (both of fruit and the electric kind).


15:10 rockstar eedding vibes at julien macdonald
15:55 Flash hair trim at Jhair
17:25 slinky silk & fluff at Topshop unique
18:05 Regina Pyo pick-me-up
Peekaboo bag
Matte Home Ring
Effra London
Asymmetrical knitwear
Zipped Boots
Kurt Geiger
Pleated Culottes
‘Streets of London’ bracelet
Park & Cube for X Jewllery


Burberry SS16


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Simply artistic expressional images. Beautiful and different in cuts and designs in outfits. Simply fabulous! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  2. amazing post as usual, i can’t imagine the cray amount of effort that went into all that coding. also, I love your candid-but-not-candid looks, you are too adorable! my LFW highlight was bumping into you and having a mini heart attack. *facepalm*

  3. Amazing post as usual. That Julien MacDonald dress is gorgeous! & I love your chunky af neck cuff. It really finishes off such a simple & sleek look. Also, I feel like I could live in The Apartment. I’d probably gain a million kilos but it would be something I’m willing to risk.


  4. Love all your LFW looks!


  5. love your post’s. I like how personal they are & the photos/graphics. The Apartment looked amazing…I want all the food haha!
    xx http://www.nuunablog.com

  6. So cool! Your style is amazing.

    xx Leesa & Kate
    Travel inspiration? http://www.wanderlustchronicles.com.au

  7. So cool! Your style is amazing.

    xx Leesa & Kate
    Travel inspiration? http://www.wanderlustchronicles.com.au

  8. Y U DO DIS? haha such a cute relationship and definitely the one I get jealous for :)

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

  9. Love the zippered boots!

    ❤ Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  10. Superb photos and such a cool and unique outfits!


  11. I’m enjoying your views and photos from all the fashion weeks you attended around the globe. Your sense of humor is so refreshing!

  12. So this is what an overdose of pretty feels like! I love all your Fashion Week looks, that striking blue coat being my fave. And that asymmetric knit sweater somehow needs to find its way into my wardrobe ♥

  13. so amazing <3


  14. so amazing <3


  15. fashion week in paris sounds chaotic but fun haha
    gorgeous outfits

  16. Shini I’m so happy you post so regularly at the moment, it is such a treat for my eyes. Your photography and graphics make me want to lock myself in a dark cave with YouTube tutorials and not emerge until I’m a fully functioning blogger extrordinaire. I think you hold the blogging world to a very high standard xxx

  17. Nice pics! Love London outfits!

  18. Gorgeous editorial!
    Love everything!


  19. I love, love, love the editorial of this post on fashion week. I love that statement bright blue coat and all the details of your fashion month apartment. The pastel ombre dress by Julien MacDonald is gorgeous, what an inspiring show! I really also want a larsson & jennings watch…maybe for Christmas this year?

    Characters & Carry-ons

  20. Amazing photos, love this blue coat!


  21. wow! so amazing


  22. The photos and your graphics are so Amazing! Love the post so much. :)


  23. Love that blue coat!

    Have a look at our new collection: http://www.shopsaul.com/collections/f-w-15-products

  24. As a London girl myself, I love the way you make London so stylish and chic. The colour’s you wear are perfect in the atmosphere and I would love to be able to have a photographer work with me that has your photograoher’s compositional skills. Please head over to http://myessenze.blogspot.co.uk, and give me some feedback on my fashion and travel blog.

  25. love this formatting of this post, looks like it came straight out of a magazine!

  26. Loving the skirt and pants combo you’ve been pulling lately. Suits you very much.

  27. Hey Shini,

    Yes, you’re right, Soho for LFW was too much of a kerfuffle. Paris would have been lovely, but I didn’t manage it this year. Which was your favourite show/moment?

    I LOVE this post, for all the details and beauty. Feels like we’re right there with you. Thanks for sharing. xx

    Patricia | http://www.viewavenue.com/2015/10/the-thing-about-honesty/

  28. Such stunning photograph as always, Shini. I’m currently trying to develop my own photography skills/aesthetic and continue to be inspired by your distinct style!

    Jasmine x


  29. Amazing pictures and outfits!

  30. Beautiful imagery!


  31. These pictures are very beautiful. Superb outfits.

  32. Spectacular designs and loving the dare to be different philosophy. Never losing the element of style and bringing the individuality and character to light.

  33. The editing and fashion looks amazing.

  34. I love your photos and the apartment looked amazing…!

  35. I love the quality and style of the pictures. Fab!!!! I love the blue coat, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  36. tiền con chó

    Simply artistic expressional images. Beautiful and different in cuts and designs in outfits. Simply fabulous! :)

  37. tiền lì xì tết 2018

    amazing post as usual, i can’t imagine the cray amount of effort that went into all that coding. also, I love your candid-but-not-candid looks, you are too adorable! my LFW highlight was bumping into you and having a mini heart attack. *facepalm*

  38. Minah Lynn

    Your style is superb especially your choice of accessories. Your clothes look comfortable and fashionable at the same. So inspiring!

  39. Le Girlsss

    These outfits are simply wonderfull, and even the locations too.
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