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the lasting faces of fleeting moments:
a photographic essay
creative direction SHINI PARK photography & styling TEAM PARK & CUBE in collaboration with Larsson & Jennings
Shoes – Bally.


To don a watch is to wear a miniature black-hole at your left, or right, sleeve – a cleverly disguised little weapon that brings a micro-second of chaos as the wearer, after having so deliberately employed her wrist and peeled back the sleeve of her Equipment blouse, DOES NOT REALLY REMEMBER THE TIME, and checks it again. My relationship with my watch is as such – made up of singular moments amidst a flurry of activity, as our faces mirror eachother’s, and our eyes meet, just as you would with your best friend in a house party of sorts, that micro-second that says nothing but tells everything. And perhaps the real purpose of consulting your watch for the time is not for the very data itself, but a nod to the smaller moments that go undetected.

The second hand glides around the jet-black lake of the Larsson & Jennings The Automatic, newest series to the family and an upgrade to the cult models that has been dominating the instaworlds on wrists of taste-conscious millennials. The watch is silent but packs a punch – even its refined, golden arms dance with intent, even in the smaller moments I’ve decided to photograph for this story.

Top & Skirt – Rejina Pyo


…perhaps the real purpose of consulting your watch for the time is not for the very data itself, but a nod to the smaller moments that go undetected.
Blazer – 2ND DAY. Watch – Larsson & Jennings ‘The Automatic’
Top & Skirt – Rejina Pyo


The Automatic is the older sister I never had. The one that has a degree in political science, looks flawless at all times (#Iwokeuplikethis), and yet knows how to rock a tune at the family Christmas gathering. We found this amazing flat on Airbnb, and spent one day idling in corners where the soft winter light trickled through the blinds; occasionally looking at the Automatic, but never registering the time.

Exclusive to the series is also the deployment clasp, Swiss AR-coated crystal sapphire glass and the date calendar functionality of a 21 jewel ETA 2892.A2 mechanical movement. Available directly from Larsson & Jennings stores and a small number of selected partners.

Coat – 2ND DAY
The second hand glides around the jet-black lake


Top – Paule Ka. Skirt – Filippa K. Watch – Larsson & Jennings ‘The Automatic’





idling in corners where the soft winter light trickled through the blinds; occasionally looking at the Automatic, but never registering the time.


Top – Paule Ka. Skirt – Filippa K. Shoes – Siegerson Morrison. Watch – Larsson & Jennings ‘The Automatic’





Watch – Larsson & Jennings ‘The Automatic’


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  1. The watch looks beautiful and precious!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. gosh this was such a beautiful editorial, Shini. Also, that AIRBNB?! Is that for real? I’m consistently impressed by your creativity <3

  3. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Simply editorially beautiful. Very interesting and captivating. Creativity goes a long way. Just fabulous! :)

    Merry Christmas

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous product photography. Your layouts, as always, compliment the elegance and class the editorial exudes. Also love the simple overlays of the time on the images and the hands of the clock in this image here. always enjoy your work.



  5. I love love love the atmosphere in this photos, the play with light and shadows.
    I’m guessing that Airbnb flat will be booked solid in the months to come ;-)

  6. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I was so excited for this post because I watched the “behind the scenes” on Snapchat. This location is unbelievable. I want to move in today. *.*

  7. Ana Ilka

    I’ve always loved your blog but these days it seems that every post has been sponsored by hotels, leather good shops or jewelry brands. They are always very stylish and well produced like this one I wish I could see more of your incredible thoughts and point of view.
    Still your fan!

  8. Hi Ana, thank you for your comment, it’s very thoughtful! To have more personable content is indeed the plan for the new year, but for now I’m just taking these amazing opportunities to create content from scratch and exercise storytelling. I’m incredibly grateful in fact, that my sponsors allow me such freedom of creativity and to talk about such varied, colourful topics/content. I just hope that my readers can be inspired by not a message of ‘buy this buy that’, but more the brand’s story that I tell, how I do it, and the work that went into producing them (this post, for instance, took 13 hours in total)! As I age, I’d like to think that this is not a blog, but more a platform that interprets client briefs in a more down-to-earth, personable manner and also one that inspires online visual expression/documentation. Let’s be honest – there’s enough ‘my Sunday at the flower market’ blogs out there.

    Of course, as always – the sponsors that get confirmed for the blog goes through strict quality control. They are provided itemised billing for services rendered (photography, styling, location, post-production, edit, expenses) and only on-board if I believe in their ethos and the project is to my readers. I am sorry though, that you felt a little bombarded – do feel free to reach me personally via email or any other social media if you’d like to chat more! :)

  9. such a beautiful and inspiring story!
    love that airbnb apartment!


  10. Ana Ilka

    Thank you for your reply! I have enourmous respect for the quality of your site and your talent, I hope I didn’t come across as one of those fans who argue miserably about light sabre colors and who shot first. I’ll keep coming for your great work (and excellent witty writing). Who doesn’t love a stylish talented stylist who makes LOTR references?

    Much love from the other side of the world!

  11. The top with the extreme flared sleeves is so incredibly beautiful!

  12. Wonderful post as always! I totally love the storytelling concept of brands and respect all the work done behind each post. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get inspired this way and by a genuine brand that has its history and actual great products. I feel in this digital community, being simply inspired by something and getting motivated to create new content is far more important than just focusing on looking at the brand itself. Keep up the work Shini. Cheers!


  13. Gia, I absolutely agree, and thank you for the incredibly uplifting note too!

  14. Girl, you’re giving me life. Like… were you not shooting this and posting it on snapchat like 3 seconds ago? srsly what is dis saucery? always in love with your work xxx

  15. wow so good shini

  16. So stunning Shini! Every photo, every moment is just so beautiful!

    Vikki, xx

  17. love this idea of whole day schedule ! by the way, your blog lovin link from your homepage isnt working.


  18. Ahh wow, I really think these photos are great, I like them! :)


  19. I think your blog is by far the best I’ve seen ever on the web. And I must say I’m not being like generic; it’s really the best. Your creativity, talent and man, the professionally you show is simply inspiring! Thanks so much for the effort!

  20. Such powerful pictures! I just loved the whole concept of it.

  21. Sweet baby Jesus- just got ahead and start a print magazine already ;) I’d snap up every issue, even if it meant getting it shipped from London to the US with an obscene markup. Maybe put Margaret Z. & Alice G. on the editorial board too!

  22. Love the new strap going on. Have been wearing the Black Lader for a full year now. Never regretted the purchase and never have I taken it off other than in the shower and in bed :)

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.com

  23. Beautiful photoshoot, the watch really stood out in that concept <3

    Love from http://lastestbag.com

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  25. http://www.patagoniastoreonline.com

    Enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week.

  26. aaaaaaaaaahh what magical photos and story line to go with the watch!
    Joua To The Rescue

  27. Woww watch is so Classy :)

  28. Gorgeous photos!