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Soma Bay, Egypt | www.somabay.com/

Roadside Soma Bay is the postcard Egypt I have in my head as we near the end of the 45-minute transfer from the airport: sand, more sand and a camel-like creature in the distance that perhaps also is actually just a clump of sand. Abi, Carrie and I spill out onto the doorstep of La Résidence des Cascades, atop our bikinis-and-GoPro-laden luggage and realise, that we’ve possibly spent a little too long in that van (which was air-conditioned, if I’m not wrong) and ended up imagining one collective oasis.

Two nights later we have the exact same occurrence, except this time at the doorstep of Hotel Kempinski, two minutes down the Soma Bay strip on the shuttle and thirty minutes since a glorious buffet breakfast. Surely that isn’t enough time to cook up a heat-stroke? Here, the oasis is quite literal, complete with: a myriad of swimming pools, lagoons, bridges over lazy (swimmable!) rivers and a herd of gazelles by the watering hole (may or may not have been a water-acrobatics class…). It was clear, the five hotels of the Soma Bay  were gatekeepers of the amazing technicolour dream-coast, only accessible through a hotel lobby of sorts. The Kempinski ‘gate’ boasts a rather theatrical mix of Moorish fortress interiors with a tinge of influence from the East, with the unquestionable white Egyptian sun streaming through the dark wood lattice.




Dress and straw bag – H&M. Fedora – Hoss Intropia.



Sunglasses – Westward Leaning. Roll-on fragrance – Bjork & Berries. Phonecase – Casetify. Rings – Monica Vinader.


The rooms are sufficient, decorated with familiar time-honoured ‘luxury’, with mint-blue soft-furnishing that cools the overall orange tones of the wood and tiles. Abi and I unlatch the door that divides the two rooms and I use her terrace door as a shortcut to the beach for the next two days. The real luxury of Soma Bay, I feel, is the bespoke nature of setting the day’s pace at your will. A slow morning by Kempinski’s white beach followed by adrenalin-fuelled kite-surfing afternoon at The Kite House, and star-gazing at the Cascades golf course – all five-minute shuttle-rides away. In fact, water sports at Soma Bay is reason I’d return in the future, the waves reportedly best quality in the region. For now, I am content riding a strawberry margherita wave on the sky bar singing surfbort, surfbort while watching the experts flaunt at sea.






Great for: Couples. Fly & Flop with room for impromptu change in lifestyle (i.e couch potato to potential surfboard spud). Snorkelling in the Red Sea is interesting too, but watch out for sea urchins.

Park & Cube was a guest of Soma Bay, all views and opinions are my own.

Scarf worn as dress – Nazanin Rose Matin.


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  1. Shini, you are glowing! These photos look beautiful, it seems like everyone is jetting away recently and I couldn’t be more jealous haha. Anything to get away from the gloom of London at the moment! It may be spring but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

  2. amazing! x

  3. Inevitable that greatest vacations are spent lounging by the sea


  4. Absolutely stunning pictures. I love each and everyone of them!

    Floating in Israel’s Dead Sea

  5. the hotel and you both look gorgeous, but where are all the other people?!


  6. Amazing photos Shini! And that place is amazing! Definitely going to my bucketlist.

  7. Beautiful photos, stunning views and relaxing vibe!
    You look so feminine and gorgeous!!


  8. Such a stunning location and great shots!

    xx Leesa & Kate

    Travel inspiration? http://www.wanderlustchronicles.com.au

  9. Such a stunning location and great shots!

    xx Leesa & Kate

    Travel inspiration? http://www.wanderlustchronicles.com.au

  10. Wow! This post is just so beautiful! Your writing, photography and styling in just perfect! <3

  11. miri

    This resort looks stunning. It had to be amazing to stay there!


  12. Great photos!


  13. incredible… just incredible! the photos look straight out of an editorial…


  14. Great photos and beautiful clothing <3

  15. I need a major tropical getaway stat! Loving these photos and you look hot!! (no pun intended) x

  16. Such gorgeous photos :)

  17. About time you posted the second part of these posts! Enjoyed it just as much as the last but I have to admit, I leaned a little more words the first hotel – the golf course view was just too beautiful. Love the third photo, you look to modelesque there!


  18. Beautiful sunset goes perfectly with your pareo.
    Can’t wait to be stuck at a beach, too!

  19. OMG! This place is stunning!


  20. Amazing post! I struggle to find good travel posts, directing the experience to the public, like you did with the ¨great for¨ call.

    I am brazilian and I have an online Experience Blogazine, where I try my best to help people find the perfect experience that fit their personal world and dreams. Find the right trip, find the right app, find the right product.


  21. Wow, what a stunning place! A friend’s mum has told me to visit Egypt, and after seeing these images I think I might have to travel there quite soon!

  22. This place looks like a dream!! I was going to try going back to Cabo this year…but screw Cabo! This looks like the perfect getaway.

    xo, Alice / House of Inconnue
    The Blog || The Shop

  23. What a beautiful place!!

  24. Lovely photos! ♥︎

  25. Oh Shini, this makes me want to book a holiday and just escape the world for a week. It looks so tranquil and perfect. Lovely post and gorgeous pics as ever lady!

  26. well this is making me dream of warmer climates :(

    beautiful pictures!

    A Forte For Fashion


  27. Love the pictures. The place seems amazing


  28. Wow, can’t wait until it’s Summer! Looks breathtaking! ♥

  29. That’s a lovely green. And the design is beautiful. You made a very good choice, you look very good in it.

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  31. These are lovely photos, Shini! Looks like a great vacation spot.

    / O.R.R.

  32. Shini, not only are your images gorgeous and your adventures intriguing, but your writing is both smart and entertaining. Thank you for keeping me inspired since 2013 :D

    Patricia at View Avenue x

  33. Always in love with all your photos and your type of blog posting always tells a beautiful story. I’m longing for a beautiful destination to go to soon and come to your blog for inspiration and to make picks! Love the last photo a lot as well xx


  34. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this
    particular subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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