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Freemasons’ Hall; Saturday 20th February 19:00

Jasper Garvida

Towering heels, lavish sequin embellishments and geometric cuts – Jasper’s AW10 screamed Art Deco and vintage Hollywood. Contrary to last season’s multicoloured, multi-textured and what I personally thought was a rather confused theme, this season’s golden thread through the collection was more than apparent. The show started with tipped-bowler hats and a flirtatious atmosphere by half-prancing models; gold zippers on forest greens evolved to scales of sequins and a more romantic colour palette. Jasper’s love for sequins was epitomized by the last dress, where champagne-coloured fabric squares were applied like sequins, an excellent finale to the collection.

Watch the video of this catwalk here.

I’m finding myself in a rather unique situation here with Jasper Garvida! For the past 3 seasons I’ve been so kindly invited by Forever Better of Miele for various events around Jasper, some of you may remember the Fashion Weekend collaboration, ON|OFF presentation from 2009. I feel that I’ve unintentionally been given a position where I can closely witness the growth of a designer from the beginning of his career, which I’m truly thankful for. Thank you Miele for the invitation, the wondrous front-row seats, and a great time with new and familiar blogger faces! (Kit of Style Slicker, Winnie of Diamond Canopy, Bianca of Fashion Slant, Felicia of Chic In Town, Cherry of Everything Cherry Chan, and 40 Not Out)

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  1. The shoes are amazing, great collection!xxx


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  3. Gorgeous photos! I so loved that final dress – I just wanted to reach out and touch it. Not the kind of behaviour accepted in the front row I would imagine!

  4. These look amazing!

    juliet xxx

  5. wow, I think of all you’ve photographed, this is my favourite.

  6. The hat in the top picture is amazing

  7. Wow! That last dress is to die for!

  8. First picture is like art. Last dress is a dream.

  9. I started off and was like, hmmm maybe something a bit circus-y? Then as I scrolled down I went, no art deco, no 70’s knit, no classic with a twist. Its not partifcularily cohesive but each garment is wonderful in it’s own right.

  10. this is so lovely! I adore it. I adore all your LFW posts! Keep em coming, girl!

  11. That’s a badass jacket