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Recent adoptions, soon new to the family
Asymmetrical Shirt & T-shirt, Zipper vest, Statement necklace | all from Gmarket
(Gmarket Tutorials here)

Summer is definitely not here yet in London, I’m sitting here with my hoodie hood over my head and feeling the need for an extra pair of gloves. Alright it’s not that cold, but it’s not blazin hot like summer that’s what I’m trying to say. On one hand I can still layer as much as I want to, and layering is probably the only reason I wish we can fast-forward the months of June, July and August – but on the other hand you, stuck in a normal midsummer’s eve, will look at me and sweat from the eyeballs.

Also, is it just me or is everyone else feeling that the blogging world has been sluggish these past few months? I no longer find myself cautiously opening Bloglovin’ like I’m opening an overstacked refridgerator, the number of new posts flying out just aren’t as overwhelming as before. No, I don’t check Bloglovin every 30 minutes if that’s what you’re thinking. My genius theory is this, bloggers have finally started to get lives. As disappointing that sounds, here’s me thinking it’s something to be celebrated.

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  1. ah, assymettry. i think im in love with your new adoptions, shini! that grey tee in particular:):)

  2. You’re telling me! I finally have some time to goof off and there are NO updates on my bloglovin’ this evening. Thank god you have some new stuff to read :-)

  3. maybe it’s because it’s summer now? great new finds shini-ssi :)

  4. Yeah I think you’re right on the general sluggishness of things, so goes summer I guess!

    I really love the gray melting pocket t, cool idea.

  5. Very cool new stuff, the asymmetrical shirt is very rad. And as for sluggishness, I blame the warm weather!

  6. Oh my friggin’ fucking GOD!

  7. Please do a tutorial on how to find ones way around this GMarket place…I must have that first shirt. Acne did the exact thing for Fall 2008, I believe, and I missed it then.

  8. Here’s a tutorial I did a few weeks ago ;)

  9. agh new york is so cold too!!! wear is the sun?!? people around me keep telling me this is what london feels like :/

    I really like that grey tshirt!

  10. i love the first one! such a lovely twist to the normal button down shirt

  11. Ughhh, I’m having the opposite problem. I can’t open my Blogger because I know that I have like 100+ unread posts. I’m sure a few of yours are mixed in there. ;) Is it summer in London yet?

  12. I think I’m in love with gmark.

  13. Oh, and do you have any favorite G Market stores?

  14. Sure I do! I mentioned some here, and these are some new ones I found last night!
    Titicaca and Sol, Real Coco, She-Story

  15. i need those first two shirts. Right now. They are so classic but with a perfect little twist. love it. the blue one may be worth braving g market for

  16. hahaha bloggers are starting to get lives…or we’re all growing up and out of it.

    today’s real feel is 44 degrees. I want to SHOOT MYSELF it’s too hot.

  17. Has everyone else been sluggish too? Oh good, I thought it was just me. I guess we’re all just enjoying our summer days. Well at least I know I am.

    The first blue blouse is just lovely.

  18. woooow! I love that asimmetrical shirts!
    the outfit is gorgeous and ne necklace too!

  19. Priyarrr

    Hi! Can you post the gmarket links to the first and second items, the asymmetrical collared shirt and the t shirt. I am looking around but can’t find it on there ;(

  20. Oh yes, I was hoping to keep it a small secret :P but I’m a kind kind soul.
    First | Second

  21. Hey Shini,

    Thanks for the Gmarket guideliness, they’re really helpful. It’s kind of funny how they’ve got that button on the top right saying ‘English’. But when you click on it, nothing happens. Perhaps it’s just there to tease us.

    That aside, I was wondering actually if Gmarket is an actual physical shop or are they just solely based online? There are too many things to rifle through that web site, I’m sure if I found something I liked I wouldn’t know how to get back to it.

    It would be nice if they actually had a store then I’d totally just drop however much money and go to Korea.

  22. Hey Patricia,
    The English button should work if you go in straight to gmarket.com, I find a lot of users like to browse through the English section, but you’ll probably have to come for help sooner or later because the sellers don’t translate – I’d be always happy to help.

    Many of the sellers in Gmarket have physical shops in Dong-Dae Mun and all around Seoul, some being boutiques, some being glorified stands at a ‘department store’, but the prices are usually cheaper online and it’ll be incredibly hard to find these individual shops since they’re all over the place! Like I said, many of them do, but some big sellers are only based online!

    Let me know if you need any help!

  23. Goodness, I love them all!

  24. 와.. 해외에 계시는 분들이 지마켓 이용하시는거 보니깐 신기해요!! (괜히 뿌듯ㅎㅎ)
    지마켓엔 물건이 너무 많아서 예쁜 옷 건지기가 참 힘들던데 블로그에 올리신 옷들을 보면 또 예쁜게 이리도 많은지!! 역시 고르는 사람의 안목이 중요한듯 하네요 ;ㅁ; 매번 조용히 눈팅만 하다가 슬쩍 코멘트 달아봅니당 ㅎㅎ 항상 좋은 정보 많이 얻어갑니다 ( ‘ 3 ‘ )//

  25. Love the grey t-shirt. Haha @ the ‘bloggers have lives’ comments. I used to feel guilty about ot updating so much, but actually now you’ve revealed our little secret I feel tons better.

    PP x

  26. I LOVE that top shirt. Beautiful ♥

  27. I reaaaaaaaaaaally like that first shirt x Sushi

  28. Aww, love it.

  29. Hi. I looked at the tutorial, but found GMarket in English. Is that the same site?

  30. Yup it’s the same site. I’ve mentioned that you can shop through English Gmarket but there’s less categories and the individual sellers don’t translate their stuff so it’s best off if you just stick to the Korean and use the guidelines.

  31. Oooh, I can’t wait to see the outfits you come up with! And I’d agree with the others, it’s probably the warm weather lagging the blogs.


  32. Oooh, those are some NICE purchases from gmarket. Especially love the bauble statement necklace.

    Also, I have noticed the meltdown in the blogosphere. Its dreary here, so I’m scratching my head at the sluggish posts, etc. Still, isnt summer nice. And err…hope it comes to you soon? ;)

    Have a great one :D

  33. Love the blue shirt.. yum..

  34. That grey shirt is seriously awesome. I need more bizarre basics in my wardrobe.

  35. w Polsce też lata nie ma w sumie.. ale jest coraz lepiej :)
    szara bluzka jest świetna i niebieska z resztą też :D

  36. The asymmetrical shirt and tee are amazing. They have ones like on lagarconne.


  37. danielle

    What about sizing? I can’t understand!

  38. At the end of my Gmarket Guidelines I’ve put clothes & shoes sizing conversion charts. If you need any help in translating, email me a screenshot!

  39. I love that first shirt! It’s so creative the way it looks like it’s buttoned wrong.

  40. Oh how I wish I could layer. I am wearing a singlet and shorts as I estimate it is about 30 degrees here in Madrid, at 9pm. Want to swap for a bit?

  41. shiniiii you’ve got to tell me who you bought that straw boater hat from on ebay. i’m dying for one and yours is too cute

  42. Here’s the seller! you know, I dunno where the hat is -_-…

  43. Probably the lives thing. It’s summer (well, hah, most places) and suddenly everyone wants to just wear cutoffs and drink in the park. Which, that sentence makes “everyone” sound like a hobo, and that’s not what I mean. I’m just going to stop this right here.

  44. I’ve been feeling that too. Posts are scarce, comments are even scarcer. Cruel sunshine stealing away the blogging community.

    (Great finds by the way.)

    Love Grace.

  45. I think it’s just the summer months, bloggers have lives because the sun draws them to the outside world
    By winter they’ll back to their reclusive ways

    Holly x


  46. I love the blouse and the necklace! Very nice


  47. Heh, I think we had lives all along.. it’s just that summer holidays are here and lots of us are travelling etc. It’s nice to have a little break sometimes. However, I have noticed a decline on the number of posts by my favorite bloggers but that’s alright, we’ll manage right? Plus it gives us time to find some new interesting blogs to follow.. :)

  48. you lucky thing. i’m jealous

  49. love all of it. that tee is so interesting haha. i know summer SUCKS right now. i went out for the first time in the whole day yesterday at around 3pm having watched the clear sky for the morning and 3 minutes after i stepped out it started HAILING and thunderstorming and i was absolutely soaked :( i was wearing denim cut offs too…… so hopeful xoxo

  50. betina

    All veddy pretty items, but do they last, in your experience?

  51. They dooo last in my experience till now! although here’s me thinking that the t-shirt would only get a few wears and then I’ll mistakedly put it in uberhot water to wash and my 4 year old niece will have to inherit it. I’m thinking the quality of the fabric won’t withstand washes well, especially jersey.

  52. Woah, I love the tees! I think it’s a good thing that bloggers are getting lives, heh heh, I’m feeling the sluggishness a bit too.

  53. I love all of the pieces!

  54. i love the 2 top!!!!

  55. Name

    The reason it doesn’t feel like summer is because it isn’t summer. Summer starts on June 21.

  56. Then I shall wait for June 21 for summer to magically click on. I guess June 21 came earlier for other countries then :)

  57. Hi Shini,

    I’ve searched G-Market but I cannot find that first blue “Acne-esk” shirt. Do you have a link for where you found it by any chance?

    Thanks so much!

  58. Sure, it’s this one here

  59. amazing first shirt!

  60. lives? LIVES?! hah hahah hahahhaha maybe in the next ice age

  61. sheila

    for the grey tee with slanted pocket, can it be sew by hand? or need a sewing machine?
    Do reply please :>

  62. Uerrrmmmm I didn’t make it so I wouldn’t know but I’m guessing you could use both sewing machine or sew by hand depending on your patience and skill level. I’d personally use a sewing machine.

  63. prescott

    I have to say, I absolutely love this blog… It’s quickly become one of my favorites and I really respect that you’re so very stylish while respecting your religious morals and such… That’s not something you really see coming into play within the fashion blogosphere (I feel silly using that word).

    I was wondering if you could supply the link to that omgfabulous statement necklace? And I’m lost in translation on the following page: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=164771217 I’m attempting to get the pink skirted one, but… Haha.

    Thank you an inexpressible amount for helping all of us through Gmarket and for running this fabulous blog! :^)