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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

Truely majestic hospitality: Plaza Athénée, Paris

Bag by Marc Jacobs

Necklace, DanniJo

Dior Institut au Plaza Athéné

The Courtyard

Dinner at the chef’s table at the Alain Ducasse restaurant

Head chef, Christophe Saintagne

Neoprene Jacket, H&M Trend. Knitted pleat-dress, Maska. Stone-Stud heels, Zara.


Thank you to TCS and Hermes for the lovely trip.

As I’m typing this my husband and I are sitting side by side at our white £39 IKEA desk, with our favourite lamp lit dimly behind us – favourite because it has an energy-saving lightbulb that is kind to the monthly bill, and the fact that it takes about 3 gazillion years for it to get to maximum brightness so at least in the meantime it sets a moody light while we randomly slot a few bites of our swirly-pasta dinner between our online game/Sex & the City marathon (him/me). I’m also editing these photos, and realizing what a world apart it is – so much that it seems that the photos don’t entirely seem mine. These shots are from a night at the Plaza Athénée during the Hermes trip in Paris – might be familiar to some as the hotel that Carrie and her Russian ‘luvv-er‘ Aleksandr Petrovski stay at in the last two episode of the SATC series. The five-star Plaza Athénée defines hospitality, where the attention is so subtle yet omnipresent it almost feels natural to be catered to such level of service, it’s like they think ahead what might be comfortable before you even have to ask. (Although, they didn’t appear at the door at 3am with a pizza and marshmallows, but I suppose one can’t expect too much) Also, I found a total of five closets in the room, and while I had only brought a dress, another pair of shoes and pjs I separated them into the closets  just so I had a reason to use them all.  Dinner at the three-star Michelin restaurant by Alain Ducasse leaves you speechless, simply for the fact that you’re busy devouring seven courses that roll in seamlessly, and if you’re with good company consider yourself sitting for the rest of the night… in fact we departed the table well past midnight! The Dior institut is like an underground extension of the couture house from across the road on Avenue Montaigne, except, couture in Beauty. See what I mean by world apart? These rare hotel treats spoil me rotten (last one at Hotel de Crillon Paris courtesy of Dior), but thankfully I’m usually back home in my Dalston warehouse-conversion flat before I even have a chance to say ‘boy, I can get used to this’. And at least I’m left with beautiful places to share with you all.

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  1. Isn’t it an odd feeling returning home?! We’ve also just returned from a weekend jaunt – though definitely nothing as wonderful as Paris! I’m quite awful at unpacking afterwards too, which definitely adds to the whole ‘coming back to reality’ notion!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  2. I wonder if they have a suite up for sale so I can move in and have a 24/7 concierge service, ”could you refill my mini bar and refill my English breakfast tea tin, ce vous plait?”

  3. Seeing that a junior suite (pictured) is about EUR 1,300 a night I think we both might have to sell our families for one…

  4. What an absolute fairy tale! I would pinch myself too wondering if that experience was real. In every photo you captured such bliss!


  5. I don’t think I could handle that much luxury! Looks like it’s out of a fairytale. <3

    Castle Fashion

  6. I couldn’t either! Especially when you know you have to tip but you don’t really know the rules behind tipping and how much…etc

  7. I do!? I’m still baffled to be very honest, and hey, hardly royalty. This was weeeeeeks ago so no Garance ;)

  8. I was looking into staying at this hotel several months ago, now here it is on your blog! Wow.. I’m speechless.. I definitely have to stay there when I go to Paris!

    Also, Dannijo! I used to intern for them and I know the girls would be so excited to see you supporting the brand.

  9. Cheryl

    Plaza Athénée is indeed a gem in Paris everyone!

  10. Some consider a Dalston warehouse-conversion flat pretty darn charming too! Especially with windows like yours.

  11. ahh what an amazing experience … just beautifully put down in the right words i would struggle to find to explain if it was my experience …. worlds apart … cant be more right :)


  12. What a blissful life, staying at the Plaza, eating at Mnsr Decasse’s restaurant… How I miss Paris!

  13. Wow! Your stay there seems amazing! What do you work as? I would love to be a free lance photographer and I was just curious.


    Stephanie in Style

  15. Absolutely stunning photos – that hotel looks just beautiful!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  16. lovely, beautiful and delicious stay in paris. i am very jealous. while new york will always be my favorite city, paris is my favorite city to vacation!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  17. What gorgeous shots. the color and the light is stunning. the food photos and the photo of Alain Ducasse are exceptional. I love his smile in that shot. (that’s him right?)
    Gahh Plaza Athenee is so friggin stunning during the summer with all the red flowers overflowing from the balconies. That street alone is stunning. what a splendid experience~ super jelly.
    hahaha aren’t those eco-friendly bulbs are the best. and woohoo SATC marathon~~~

  18. the hotel looks amazing! and as well as you!


  19. I adore the fact that even with a post with such (intimidatingly but not in a bad way!) luxe photos, you’re still so down to earth and don’t make the rest of us feel like we need to sell our organs to live ‘the high life.’

  20. Your photography always amazes me. I adore the look of greens around windows, (of the hotel, or restaurant?). I would love to stay at that hotel one day. Just for one night. I feel like watching Sex and the City now. I love the episode with ‘the Russian’.


  21. ayy_ayy

    Wow, so beautiful.. i won’t go home if i were you.
    Haha. (close my eyes about hotel payment after all)

  22. The photos are exquisite. I couldn’t possibly dream of even staying a night at a hotel as beautiful and almost magically as that. I would have been pinching myself every second to see if it was all real. I hope you didn’t , otherwise you would have been left with a bruise.

  23. Gorgeous pictures… They look like a dream.

  24. Your photography is the best!!
    XO Charlotte

  25. You always have the prettiest photos



  26. Sometimes your life is just so effing chic I just can’t go on.

  27. This is so beautiful, that restaurant is amazing too!! Love your photos.

  28. Lovely photos! the Dannijo necklace is gorgeous!

  29. This is beautiful! This is actually an amazing place, I would love to stay here just for a little bit and indulge in all the Francais goodness!

    You’re absolutely beautiful shini :)

  30. What an absolutely stunning hotel! It is the sort of place I dream about going – but probably if I did I’d be too scared to touch anything and just sit and stare at my room!

  31. these are the most stunning shots ever


  32. oh my god your life is amazing!!! you’re so lucky! such a beautiful place to stay, amazing food! and your photos are amazing as always!!! thanks for sharing!


  33. B.

    Everything in these photos looks so perfect !


  34. Shini,

    It’s nice to see how the other-half lives sometimes. Perhaps it would be too easy to get use to! Paris is such a gem and what a treat you had!

    peace & love from SF,

  35. The photos and food look absolutely divine.


  36. omg these are sooo gorgeous i dont have the words to describe them.
    and no wonder it’s so familiar, i was in the PLAZA too cos i was like i recognize the window knobs!
    paris is soooo beautiful and it just got a lil’ prettier with u in them
    the food stuff is sooooo attractive, im starving looking at them ;) someone please bring me french gormet cuisineeee!!!! im dyingggg hahahhaa

    xx nathan.niche

    check out the new pieces i got in my newest post from the CHRISTOPHER KANE SAMPLE SALE!!!!

  37. Congratulations Shini! I remember when I started blogging a year ago, you were one of the few bloggers that was very kind to email me back – I’ve always remembered that. You deserve all of your success and many wishes for plenty of Hermes and trips to the Plaza to come!

  38. @Katherine, Here, here!

  39. great pics again! love it!

  40. Angela

    May I ask which camera do you use?

  41. So beautiful, I’m speechless. Every photo is like from a magazine, and your kind tone in writing just tops it all.

  42. Che dire? Bellissimo post con foto stupende
    Un bacio


  43. what a beautiful hotel! i was thinking that it is similar to the last two episode of the SATC!!

    beautiful photos as always :)

  44. Wow, your photos are to die for! Truely inlove with your blog!x

  45. As always the pictures are so amazing, the one of the breakfast makes me dreeeeam ! Thanks for sharing it’s inspiring :)

  46. iLaktionova

    The pics are awesome!


  47. Paris again? not. fair. I wannna goo so bad! Your blog’s pictures always amaze me, they never fail to keep me wanting more and I sure know what you mean by “another world” it’s the furthest it can get from my world. I dunno which I prefer though, the room or the food? my entire mouth was filled with saliva as i scrolled through them, sooooo yum!! x

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  49. You know, I have been following your blog for years now and I am still stunned with your photos, how you dress up, almost everything about your blog. And only if I have tons of money I would love to invite you here, in the Philippines and have a little chit chat about blogs, personal life, maybe. I really do admire on how the way you blog, cause every time I read your posts I can’t help but think that you are my friend because you made me laugh. I really do hope.


  50. Imogen EIGHT

    Oh Shini I wish my Paris looked like this! Now that the Ritz has closed before I ever had a chance to look in it I must drop by here for a drink.

  51. Ummmm. You are so right. The photos are a world apart from reality. As soon as I realized how monumental this post was (in terms of photos and text) I snuggled down under my blanket and got real comfy. This is so beautiful Shini. Your blog is really such a stunning extension of who you are. Even though daily life might not be this glam it’s incredible that you get to slip away on these little excursions.

    p.s. next time can I please sleep in one of your closets?

    xx Miss you.

  52. Your shots of Paris are amazing! Love all your blog posts- this one especially makes me miss Paris so much.

  53. your photos and writing made me smile, wistful, and very very hungry. thanks for sharing that awesome experience!

  54. Wish I was there!!

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  55. So jealous! The hotel looks amazing and don’t get me started with the dinner plates yummy!! Love following your blog :)


  56. Such a great place.i wanna go there

  57. LCM

    Absolutely gorgeous and chic. Adore


  58. Beautiful, really beautiful pictures ♥

  59. Wow. So lovely and elegant!

  60. I just can’t take my eyes out of this picture. Beautiful place! Beautiful photo,and count me in!

  61. OMG the hotel looks so romantic and special! Love the style of the room…



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