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Hermes Atelier Sacs

Rue de Sevres

Thank you TCS for the organization and the lovely people at Hermès for the warm welcome & tour. 

In school I had a friend who could draw a straight line without the help of a ruler – we called her a witch back then – mind, this was few years before the revelation of Harry Potter wherein witches carry ruler-like things called wands that might’ve made the name unsuitable. She also knew how to fold origami swans with a blade-sharp edge and tear pages out of her notebook without ripping out that bit at the end. We were always in awe – especially me (derpina) with a wad of ‘swan’ that looked like it was chewed on – because none of it was brain surgery and everyone technically knew how to fold a sailing boat by the 5th grade. Being in the Hermès Atelier Sacs reminded me of her, and I do realise this connection is somewhat far-fetched but as we entered the ateliers I was fully expecting to be told off for photographing certain things that might be classified as ‘brand secrets’. But get this, we were free to roam around –  they even explained the details in the techniques and process of creating a Birkin (average 48hours production time!) although I must confess, in most part I was sneaking around in the far corner where the Constance bags were being made and heard only about half the tour (so professional).

That got me thinking, and this is where my witch friend comes in – by now everyone in the leather industry knows how to technically make a bag, but Hermès clearly proves that it takes the talented, adept hands of artisans and a brand ethos that embraces quality to make a great bag. Granted, a bag that costs a lot of months in a London flat and throw in a few kebabs while we’re calculating, but now I’m convinced it really is worth it. The ‘secret’ of Hermès, is not in a mystery beeswax or a particular stitching machine, but the magic of attention and care by skilled hands, not to mention the history of the brand’s relationship with leather. It’s undeniably a perfect strategy on Hermès‘ part to highlight – not hide – this craftmanship aspect and invite certain people to experience what might be considered as secret lair to other brands that like to keep everything under lock and key. Who knows, perhaps in the future I’ll be able to fill a few thousand piggy-banks and grow a patience-bone for the waiting list, then finally get a bag that might be handed down generations until a great-great-great-great-granddaughter accidentally leaves it in a space shuttle on her way to Mars.

Celebrating their 175th year and the brand’s unique relationship with leather, Hermes will be opening a public exhibition on the 8th May (~27th May) at 6 Burlington Gardens where some of the artisans will be present making bags. I’m so in, are you?

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  1. Oooohhh – to see behind the Hermes curtain! This is fantastic, and the shots are magical. All those yet-to-be-closed hand stitches!

  2. Oh how i can’t wait for that exhibition <3

  3. This is just fantastic!!! I LOVE backstage tours like this. I admire their craftsmanship so!

  4. Dan

    48 hours?!! WOW I’m gobsmacked! Their factory looks so magical I would LOVE to visit one day! *__*

  5. I which I had such an awesome opportunity to view this beautiful process. Thanks for sharing this…

  6. Wow…it was a wonderful backstage tour. Everything was so perfect and ca fully pack, Envy..keke

  7. amazing captures!


  8. Making Hermes bags looks the same, as making jewellery, so precious and carefull work! Those masters probably have a lot of patience…

  9. amazing! so fascinating to see Hermes behind the scenes!

    boat ride through the sky

  10. waow.. your pics are great.. love them so much.. and waow.. that such a big big luck come to hermes and see how they make it.. cooool!! they make everything very neat.. and waow.. make straight line without ruler.. thats really awesome..

  11. ayy_ayy

    Wow, it’s a never-dream-about chance to me if i had a chance like yours. :-)

  12. All the beautiful colors and chic workspace at Hermes is wondrous!


  13. Wow :) Amazing photos It’s so cool to see the behind the scenes of Hermes!


  14. Dani

    Wow!! thanks, great post!!!

  15. lulu lhin

    I want to know What do you use brand of camera for take your pics?

  16. i love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  17. OMG that’s amazing! :):)


  18. Oh my goodness!!! This is the most incredible post, I too am now convincing myself that the bag is worth a year of rent.

    I can’t believe it takes that long to make a birkin either, woahhh.

  19. David Wright

    Thank you for some wonderful images. It’s always fascinating to gaze into ateliers / studios and view the designers, craftsmen and women & follow their creative process……..brilliant.

  20. Wow I’ve seen a YouTube video about the making of an Hermes bag, but it must have been amazing to capture for yourself. I hope I can afford one of their bags someday, I think it’d definitely be worth it. I’m definitely up for an exhibition visit!

  21. Gorgeous pictures! Hermès is for sure one of my favourite designer houses, it feels as if every piece breathes and carries a totally unique story with it. I love that feeling. :) Great story as well, by the way!

  22. I love these pics! So beautiful


  23. So beautiful!


  24. great gig.

  25. i love 14th picture from top …any ideas why there is my name hmmmm ginta on box….

  26. maybe it’s for you! :D

  27. Hi Shini, I love this this post! I know it might be a trademark blogger secret, but I was wondering if I could ask you what camera and lenses do you have? My photos need that light and sharpness that yours so pleasantly display…

  28. holy sxxx!! u r sooo lucky to be able to view their atelier! wow!! the leather is intoxicating to me, it’s fabulousand i wanna grab it off the rails and just stuff it in my luggage and act coy about it lol.. fabulous photos dear and how sweet of them to not worry about people taking pics of their stuff, very generous! lovely shots dear and thanks for showing me these, if it werent for u, i’d prob never know about this. stunning craftsmanship and well written post about their design ethos, u really do have a way with words ;)

    xx nathan.niche


  29. I always wanted to befriend people like that, to utilize that power when it comes in handy… you know… working together in pairs and such. Anyhow, I’m totally in awe looking at your pictures. Hermès is one of those big-name-companies I will forever love.

  30. Great post.

    Amazing and fantastic backstage !


  31. even though i was never into any of their bags i do admire the craftsmanship – and your post is just so beautiful and reflects the hermes spirit perfectly. once, like 10 or 15 years ago, i watched a documentary about their bags on arte or so and one of the artisans said that they were aloud to craft one bag per year for themselves as a gift (kind of christmas bonus or so? don’t remember exactly). wondering if this still holds true?

  32. That’s actually really interesting, I’d love to know as well. I remember them saying how each artisan can immediately tell which bags they made when they see it on a celebrity or something from the sheer amount of time they spend with it… plus apparently each bag has a tiny artisan’s mark (some shape, like a star) hidden in a crevice!

  33. These guys made me love haute cuture! You must have felt like you were inside a temple over there! Will definitely drop by burlington gardens at some point over that period!

  34. These guys made me love haute cuture! You must have felt like you were inside a temple over there! Will definitely drop by burlington gardens at some point over that period!

  35. I can honestly say I was never as mesmerised by an Hermès handbag as I am now. I started seeing this post and started thinking it would be an honour to own a bag like this (sure, I probably won’t, but you know what I mean). The attention to detail is what I think is the best quality in the high-end brands. Seeing how they create pieces with leather is so amazing. I am always left in awe.

    I really like the picture where Bart Simpson is. I had a mini heart-attacked whilst seeing this post. Thanks Shini, for making me smile a bit.

    xo Joana

  36. Prianca

    Just goes to prove that you cant put a price to either art nor beauty!! absolutely gorgeous :)

  37. Lovely writing and sentiment with awesome pictures. Thank you so much for posting this.

  38. Wow, this is so cool! Thanks for sharing this!

  39. Ryoma Sakamoto

    I product creation process of Hermes, in Japan, looking very
    I think not.
    Was very helpful. Hermes, is very popular in Japan.
    We’re sorry, but I love Cartier.
    I am so men, but more than a year and love 20, berlt, writing instruments, watches, and writer.

  40. it’s like made with love. I like the red sling bag :)

  41. they’re so beautiful!

  42. The biggest smile crept up on my face at the end of this post… I love the thought of your great-great-great-(etc) granddaughter with your Hermes bag on her way to Mars.

    Incredibly beautiful photos Shini – it looks surreal.

    p.s. an Hermes Constance bag would be the ULTIMATE bag. I’d like one in red. Maybe I’ll have to just call my first daughter Constance instead and put a little ‘H’ necklace on her… or tattoo on her forehead?

  43. vvn

    I love the Constance more than the Birkin too :)

  44. cant believe iam seeing the making of hermes !!! what an amazing opportunity !! lucky girl x

    Enter my First Ever Giveaway on my Blog


  45. Hermes Birkin my all time favorite bag! I just have to own one some day…
    So lucky you got to visit them.


  46. You have the most amazing opportunities. So many people would die to take a tour around where they manufacture Hermes bags. Lucky you xo xo

  47. wow Hermes is a dream…

  48. fascinating!

  49. It’s true, there’s such a difficulty in fathoming the true worth of a bag until you see it’s delicate and meticulous creation process.

  50. This is beyond cool! It’s so exciting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and the photographs themselves are like a look through a looking glass. Purely magical and I feel like I’m there on a trip through Neverland myself.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Esther C.

  51. Love Hermès so refine on details. And I love the burgundy bag in progress! Can’t wait to see it out in stores. It’s a really wonderful chance you had to visit the Ateliers!

    x Romi

  52. B.

    Very cool you were able to see all of this from close. Great photos !

    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  53. These photos are beautiful! Love this post

  54. Wow looks so amazing! X

  55. this post is really interesting. and these pictures are incredible! you were lucky to learn more about the Hermes world!

  56. *dies, etc etc*

    Shini, it’s photos like these that make me want to smash my SLR into smithereens and go back to the physics… Or maybe I’ll just stuff my face with more speculoos pasta.

  57. Wow, what an amazing space and so interesting to see the bags being created – its like a factory where dreams are made.
    Gems x

    London Fashion Review Blog

  58. We love Hermes. Thank you for your post.

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  62. Such great photos!
    Thank you Shini for the amazing virtual trip to this Marvellous brand…

    Maybe one day ill own one of those..:)

    xx from Tel Aviv

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  64. Linda

    It must be like a dream come true to be able to see how these amazing bags are being made. If I could make a wish that would for sure be to go there for a day. Thank you so much for sharing! Best regards, Linda

  65. These are beautiful photos, what a lovely experience it would have been to see the bags being made!

    So fascinating to look at, thank you for sharing.


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  67. […] photos from inside Chanel and Valentino, but today, we have something truly special to show you by way of Park & Cube: the Hermes Atelier Sacs, where the brand’s handbags are […]

  68. Fabulous post- very interesting look at the process/behind the scenes. Thank you!

  69. […] photos from inside Chanel and Valentino, but today, we have something truly special to show you by way of Park & Cube: the Hermes Atelier Sacs, where the brand’s handbags are […]

  70. perfection. just sheer perfection.


  71. Hermione

    Hi, love your blog, your photos were used in today’s Daily Mail article.


  72. Why would you do this to us? This makes me want an Hermes bag THAT much more! Also, props on the writing portion of this post (yes, I managed to read it after wiping the drool from off my chin). Hopefully our spacefaring future kin will appreciate and not leave behind our most coveted objects! Thanks for the great post!

    La Petite Gigi

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  74. my god everything is exquisite!

  75. Fantastic shots and a great insight into bag-making at Hermes! xo

  76. wow, Hermes. this is really an honor to see the procedure, the making of… they are stunning.

  77. Such an interesting post. The pictures are amazing!!

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  79. Olivia

    GOOOOO! the had the Artisan expo in Madrid and it was amazing. Dozens of people stood in awe at how they silk screen the oh-so-fabulous scarves, hand paint the ceramic paints, sew the bags, and even put together a watch. it was amazing and it makes every piece seem more then fashion, but a work of art.

  80. What an amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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  82. Love the photography! It’s worth the money of a Hermes bag after seeing this!

  83. totally amazing!

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  88. Wow Shini, insanely good photos considering we were only in there for an hour….

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  93. Wow! Beautiful photos. I am currently reading Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it’s Luster and while so many other ‘luxury’ brands are cutting corners Hermes is focusing on the quality and craftsmanship of what they do. Truly inspiring.

  94. Rachel

    oh a glimpse behind the scenes… what a unique feeling! i did a short sales assistant stint for one of the Hermès boutique’s in Singapore and it made me fall in love with the brand. thanks for giving me a chance to experience the process behind making the bags! love your site too. :)

  95. I love these pictures! Thank you for the opportunity to look into the workshops designers and fashion brands. <3

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  96. Hermes bags are good and fashion

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  98. taillet cecile

    Quel est le nouveau modele de sac?

  99. I could not agree more about quality. I would much rather pay a seemingly large amount of money for a quality hand bag or item of clothing that is going to last and look great for years.

    ps I can’t believe you got to go behind the scenes. I wish i was you right now.

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  111. very nice!!!

  112. Christy

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  113. There’s definately a lot to find out about this issue. I really
    like all of the points you have made.

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  118. Your pics are great! love them so much

  119. wawww, the amazing picture.

  120. Awesome! Good picture. I love it

  121. Making Hermes bags looks the same, as making jewellery, so precious and carefull work! Those masters probably have a lot of patience…

  122. Awesome! Your pics are great. Thank you so much for sharing!

  123. I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this blog.
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  124. Making Hermes bags looks the same, as making jewellery, so precious …….

  125. Wow, You’re making Hermes bags looks the same, as making jewellery, so precious …….

  126. Wow, You’re making Hermes bags looks the same, as making jewellery, so precious …….

  127. beautiful photos. i love it

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  129. Ikan

    I want to know What do you use brand of camera for take your pics?

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