I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Cardigan Zara Sweater Some boutique in Carnaby Street Pants Korean Boots Asos.com

Don’t trust that innocent ham-face smile, I am truly a deceitful scumbag with a potty mouth. I don’t actually swear, but you’ll realise a 10 minute conversation will leave you curiously feeling like you need a brainshower.

Some people asked me I really walk around like this in London. Yes and no – it’s about 12C/54F in London these days and growing up in Warsaw that’s incredibly warm – the other day I wanted to march out with sandals. I did wear a trenchcoat with this.

The heels on those boots don’t look high, but don’t let it fool you – it’s the highest pair of heels I own. Not in the sense of how much higher airspace you have, but the fact that it has no platform with 4.25inch heels. O to the U to the CH.

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  1. omg I have a pair of retarded red Chloé boots that I CANNOT wear because there is no platform. The only time I wore them out, I literally hobbled home yelping in pain even though the heel is a measly 4 inches. eh.

    BTW i am totally deceived by your “innocent ham-face smile”!! hehe. What is it with korean girls and their potty mouths. i can relate :p

  2. haha shini you are soo cute, i love your ham face smile:) the outfit is gorrgeeand so nice for a sunday. i love sundays. but monday’s always get me down.

  3. Aww so innocent yet dangerous…lol…I’ve been obsessed with finding a 5″ inch heel and higher but nothing has caught my eye. I’m sure I’ll be nicely plopped down everywhere I go.

  4. ahh, I understand! Stay strong though, because they look amazing. And I love the color of your nails, it’s a great touch.

    (and I can’t wait to see the results of your knitting adventures!)

  5. oh i love that ripped sweater!! how come your pictures always have this very pastel dreamy feel to it? just curious,haha. it’s lovely

  6. haha when i read “ham”, i instantly thought of H&M hahaha that’s what me and my sister call it here. and oh man, i’ve officially ruled out all NON-platform shoes from my life..at least I want to haha.

    Oh and no i didn’t mix my nailpolish myself..it’s nice yah? it’s one of my fav. colours right now, I got it from Urbie over here in NY..not sure if you can get it in london but if not then you can buy the brand here:


    BUT i realised they don’t have my awesome gray ): sorry! but maybe mixing your own concoction might be cool?? I’m currently shopping around for a CHROME one..heahe i’ll see what i can find.

  7. Love the outfit! Especially the boots! Pain is beauty? Good luck! :-)

  8. you look great, i love your sweater

  9. love the layering… love the sweater

  10. I totally feel you. My mom gave me the steepest pair of Steve Madden’s for Christmas.

  11. Gorgeous!!! I love the boots, I totally get the whole platform thing 0_0 doesn’t it feel like you’re constantly walking on your toes? well, as always you look fabulous. What color is your trench, i’m just wondering. :)


  12. finally someone addresses the ultimate secret of fashion bloggers – isn’t it a bit chilly for that outfit? i have total cold weather phobia (unless snow is involved, i’m weird like that), and it just gives me shivers to look at their dainty bodies and garments when they brave the freezing streets for our benefit.

  13. you create theee cutest outfits! seriously. you can do no wrong hahahaah. thank you so much on the DIY advice! you helped me out big time! that’s such a great idea! i’m going to do it tonight yay!

  14. lol ham-smile face= adorable

    and i love your sweater- it’s like… perfectly knitted :)

  15. darling i love the shade of your nails. what is it?

  16. i’m so bad with heels, i tend to live in flats, so for me those boots would have me on my hands and knees crawling around town!

  17. i love this outfit. the shirt underneath gives it a really cool silhouette. you’re brave to don such heights!

  18. OH GOD!! the layers are just to die for. and the color palette is so clever. even your nails say, I tried just hard enough. and I look really, really fucking cool.

    So, London! Have you lived there your entire life? I think I left my heart there at the local M&S last year studying abroad

  19. ouchhh those look like they hurt, kudos for you for sticking it out.

  20. hey lady, just wanted to say your blog is awesome. I have a great time checking it out. You inspired one of my posts. please check it out.

  21. global warming, i thought london was quite chilly there. Loving the outfit love.


  22. where do you get all these witty and funny lines? i can’t stop laughing everytime i read your blog. :)
    love that hole-y sweater.

  23. The sweater over the cardie is adorable. So anyway, I’m not a magician, I bought two pairs and as I forgot to take a before/after pic of the black pair, I had to use the beige pair. Haha!

    I should have told you that I dyed them, lol!

    PP x

  24. Oh I Love your Website and your beautiful pictures!!

  25. hahahaaha HAM FACE. hahaha. seriously that’s so funny.
    I’m also kind of a deceitful scumbag with a potty mouth you know… I’m used to it eheh.
    OUCH indeed!
    I wear weird “pillow” soles with no-platform shoes. It’s like the best invention ever!
    No more pain! You should buy some. really :)

  26. you’re so cuute! haha I was sooo excited when I saw your comment on my blog. I’m so embarrassed because yours is sooooo good! thanks for stopping by though! I look forward to your postings everyday!

  27. lulz your deceiving ham-face smile is so cute. i likey your grey + nude palette.
    i just ordered a pair of flats from asos but they’s taking forever to process :(
    or maybe that’s just me being impatient. heh

  28. I know the painful feeling! You never cease to look incredibly fabulous so it’s definately worth it. The texture of your sweater is so good.

    x x x

  29. those boots are amazing.
    totally worth the fact that you can probably feel every single little stone and crack in the sidewalk.

  30. It’s snowing up here! I want spring, now. And fab boots, even if they’d hurt. Me myself I only tend to get platform stuff these days for my own sanity :D

  31. that sweater is my new love. its so holey!

    and ouch 4.5 wiht no platform? yeow!