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Blazer – Monton, Leather vestette – Vintage Topshop, Pants – Topshop, Knitted – DIY, Shoes – Naked Lunch

Who’s been called a four-eye before? I have, all throughout middle school and high school. Love how I had ultra-supersonic-laser-eye capabilities on every photo from the light reflection on my glasses – I had this anonymous glasses-for-nonrecognition thing going on except you knew it was me because its that girl with the white eye sockets. People would then always ask how kissing would be with glasses on and I would tell them it’s quite difficult because the specs could concentrate sun-rays into the partner’s eyes and make him blind. There was always one girl who said Really? to that.

I have no idea why we had so much glass-ism when we were young, what was so bad about them? Now I really crave for them.

Just over a week ago, I was invited to this year’s SpecsaversSpectacle Wearer of the Year awards, (Thanks again, Tom!) and there saw the glassophilics of glassophilics come together. Hosted by Ben Shepherd and Jenni Falconer, it was a combination of cocktail reception, celebrities, catwalk of the 9 finalists, and then the awards ceremony. ALL GLASSED, naturally. (That sounds like gassed, sorry, making up words here) I must say, it was quite refreshing to see specs on the catwalk, the effect it had on an evening gown was all I’m down to business tonight. I’m rather glad that glasses are slowly rising to a stage of being a celebrated item of accessory instead of an annoyance – although, we’ve all had that time when we used a brooch to cover up a dirty area on our sweater, if you know what I mean. (No face washing anymore!)

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  1. i’ve never heard of such events let alone such awards. how awesome. i certainly wish i could look so dashing and smashing with my goggles on. i just had an ‘accident’ thanks to my granny glasses. show me your white eye sockets, pl? can’t be worst off than me, i guarantee you. and yeah there’s no point in piling on any makeup when i wear glasses. anyway they practically hide the whole of me.

    i love the greenish lights thrown on the walls. the colour of your pants matched with that DIY gem of a top. great butt shot.

  2. I look forward to Park and Cube posts every week. They are always well worth it.

    And glasses are great. I’m so tired of contacts, they’re awful.

  3. I’m four-eye too, but wearing contacts at the moment ;)
    I look awful in every kind of glasses :E

    Bows to your knitted shawl.

  4. Your way of wearing the knitted shawl is revolutionary!

  5. You look great! Lovely bag and shoes!

  6. I remember begging my parents for contacts. I barely ever wear them now. Although for real, I can’t see anything without them. I’d be a waste in nature, always asking “Is that a bear? Or a tree?”. I’ve actually had the glasses people tell me I couldn’t get a particular set of frames because my prescription was so strong that the lenses would be so thick the glasses would weigh a ton…although if you think about it, if I ever got lost in the woods I could start a fire easily enough

  7. AHHA made me laugh you are fabulous
    i never wash my face even when i’m wearing contacts …
    love the layering with the vestette and your rodarte knit!
    looks great

  8. Men in glasses are the sexiest. Really.
    Lol and I am a “four eye” too. (I didn’t know the expression, that’s kind of awesome, I should totally use it in my own language).
    That post was so funny to read.

    And your shoes are beautiful.

  9. Your outfit is adorable and I’m sure you look great with glasses! :)


  10. I love how you’ve worn your shawl here. So creative!

  11. tat is a real gorgeous stunning outfit on u. I really love how u pulled such distinct looking pieces and made it work.. loved thew white flowing dress too!

  12. Wow, that picture with the glasses and the eerie green light is amazing.
    I dont wear glasses, but I love the look.
    I also like your shoes.
    It would be mine

  13. It looks like it was great place to be! When I was younger I actually wanted to get glasses! I even lied to my mom about my sight and we went to the eye doctor. She saw right through me :D.

    juliet xxx

  14. this pants are stunning! I love the color so much!
    also… the shoes… just fantastic!

  15. Love your bag, rings, knitted and shoes!!!!

    Hope your had my mail!


  16. That is such an unusual and unique idea for an event! Looks like you had a great time~
    (Those shoes are wonderful, but the way!)


  17. Wow this looks like a fun event.
    Being a fellow glasses wearer I think this would of been an inspirational event to be invited to.

    I have never been picked on for my glasses, unless I just don’t know about it. But noone has ever said anything to my face.

    You looked really chic by the way.


  18. Carly

    Jeez girl, you work fast.
    One post later and the shoes are on you feet?!
    Very nice, love the jeans.

  19. Baahah nahh, bought the shoes, fell in love with them, posted them :P same with the blue coat and the gmarket softies! :P its a half eyecandy/half shopping post I guess

  20. Just love that white dress… perfect wedding dress… BOOKMARKED!

  21. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 1st grade. Back them, glasses weren’t as fashionable as they are now (mine were clear frames with multi color polka dots complete with neck chain). I find it ironic that the so called cool kids who once made fun of us glasses wearing folk are all now wearing (albeit, prescription-less) glasses to be cool. Who knows, maybe geek chic will be a strong trend in seasons to come. :D

  22. Haha yeah, except, the geeks actually have an authentic reason to look ‘smart’ :P Obviously, not saying that everyone who wore glasses in the 90’s are geeks hehe

  23. I have had to wear glasses since grade 2… so i’m still not past the annoyance stage. It bugs me to see girls wearing frames with no lenses, ugh. Love that Rodarte-inspired knit-thing! Wish I had enough time to DIY.


  24. I’ve worn glasses since like the 3rd grade. I used to always take off my lens for photos all the time for my blog but I’ve got new frames and decided to make it my trademark of sorts. Best decision yet. Glasses add so much character to people!

  25. Fanny

    LOVE your DIY knitted piece!! I’m blind without my glasses, but I’m glad that they are a lot more fashionable nowaday!

  26. YES to GLASSES. I used to try editorials or ad campaigns that had glasses in them and post them on my tumblr but it got kinda difficult and they mostly revolved around sex-ed up librarians. i’m sooo happy that more and more people are starting to wear glasses now :D

  27. This platforms look amazing ;-)))) and nice sweater ;-))) and I love this yellow dress on pictrs!!
    Have a nice evening
    Pozdszewka from Poland

  28. This event looks so elegant, and everything was lit seafoam green (one of my fave colors!)
    Were you able to snag some good champagne?

  29. OMG you went? My stylist-boss did the whole styling with the contestants and dancers, I couldn’t assist her due to clashing with other shoot job which I was covering for her. I was at the backstage when the fashion show was about to start…had to hand in some valuables to the stylist and then left hahaha.

    Glad you had a fab time…

    K x

  30. what a perfect bag!
    xoxo from France

  31. love.

  32. Why is it that your photographs have THE perfect lighting and angle to them everytime? WHY? I am so jealous, I always comment saying this. I need to say better things when I comment on your blog.

    Anyways I love the socks and shoes combo.

    x Natalie

  33. mmmm i love how the spectacles kinda give different feel to different outfits.

    finally something for the four-eyed! sadly the technology of contact lenses hasn’t been very kind to astigmatisms.
    but now i guess i’ll just rock those glasses with some elegant gowns! :)

  34. do you not love those Velvet Angels wedges? I love mine!

  35. Hey Shin,
    Only just saw this! glad you had a good time – thanks for coming.

    These are such amazing photos! really beautiful.

    Tom x

  36. Megu

    Just wanted to say hi! I’m your newest fan. Reading this blog makes me feel so calm! It’s a great design! And your style and humour are great too! Thank you for writing this blog!!!!!!