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Forte Village Resort, Sardinia; Part 1

Suit – Agnona (via Donne Concept Store at Forte Village)

Park-and-Cube_Forte-Village-1_03 Park-and-Cube_Forte-Village-1_02


Suit – Agnona (via Donne Concept Store at Forte Village). Top – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen. Necklace – Noemi Klein. Sunglasses – Couronne.





Floppy straw hatClaire’s. Straw bag – Chloe. Kaftan as dress – Tallulah & Hope



Floppy straw hat – Claire’s. Straw bag – Chloe. Kaftan as dress & Belt – Tallulah & Hope





Red striped topChinti & Parker. White culottes ASOS. White heelsZara. Clutch – JinYoo103684. Flower hairclip – H&M





Red striped top –Chinti & Parker.White culottes ASOSWhite heels – Zara. Clutch – JinYoo103684. Flower hairclip – H&M

I’m aware of the fact that I tend to overuse Disneyland as a basis of good, or in other words omg-pee-ze-pants-awesome – for example that cake shop down the road that offers infinite free samples is basically Disneyland to my eyes. However, when I say Forte Village is like Disneyland, its one thing that it is indeed omg-awesome, but technically it’s probably the easiest way to describe the concept of this Sardinian resort.
Once you enter the candy-cane barrier and the pastel-coloured gates smothered in Mediterranean flora, it’s similarly a whole other world inside; one that makes date, news, time irrelevant for the entire duration of your stay. There isn’t a stuffed-mouse posse to greet you, but will a parrot named Mario do? We find out later in the week that watching it fight with two other parrots is one of the best entertainment when slightly drunk. A golf-buggy transports you to a remote bungalow amidst thick vegetation that effectively hides the thousand other guests staying at the resort. Once you’ve unpacked, it’s up to you which ‘rides’ you want to go on – I personally abuse the spinning teacup, which involves my hubby spinning me underwater in the Mediterranean sea while he ingests fish of sorts while I have the time of my life forgetting I’m on the other half of my twenties. By lunchtime you hit the pizzeria to reclaim stolen calories, and depart with a cheesecake to eventually nap with, while the adults (hubby) catch up on a bit of rest themselves. See, I’m sure there was a very rich culture and lots to see in the island of Sardinia, but not once we felt the urge to leave Forte Village. In fact it’s exactly what we wanted in a holiday: being locked in a fortified playground with infinite icecream.

Thank you Forte Village Resort for the warm welcome. Stick around for part Two!

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  1. That sounds like a great holiday! Love the photos and your looks, especially the one with the big hat!


  2. look awesome and relaxing ^^

  3. Absolutely stunning photos :) Looks so dreamy and nice!

  4. Adore that picture with the hat. Love this psot.


  5. That cylinder-shaped meat actually looks really good, despite it resembling like it looking like cat food.

    I’m just hungry I guess. Ugh…

  6. beautiful photos!


  7. Such paradise! Looks like you had a divine time there. x


  8. Andrée

    I loved the pictures but most of all I loved to see that one of the facilities we are currently selling on http://www.theluxer.com has been visited by you! Looks lovely, by the way. Well, our Sardinia IS lovely…
    Well, if any of the readers here is interested, here’s the offer: http://www.theluxer.com/GB/categories/Travel/Classic-Escapes/Seaside/Forte-Village/p/EL0004

  9. Danielle

    This place sounds magical..

  10. your posts look like a fashion magazine editorial.. love it!

  11. stunning capture!


  12. it looks wonderful! my family is and lives on the island so i’m there quite often and it is just always so relaxing and all so i can understand that you just stayed there and enjoyed every bit of it!

  13. I love the images! I could almost feel, taste and smell through the eyes of your camera. The peek-a-boo shot of the waiter through the trees was perfect. Great post!

  14. What a beautiful place, lucky you! Enjoy your holidays, your pictures are fantastic!

    Mafalda ❤

  15. Everything is so postcard chic, fabulous photos!


  16. You look amazing in every pics! I really like your style!
    Francesca from http://everydaycoffee23.blogspot.it

  17. What beautiful photos! It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I love your last 2 outfits.


  18. Looks gorgeous there!

  19. Emily K G

    Looks so freaking beautiful.


  20. I am always so in awe of your photos! I absolutely adore these…. it looks like such a beautiful resort. Xx

    K a t e C r o s s | Modette

  21. What camera do you use?
    Your photos are always amazing to look at.
    This is as if coming out of a travel and fashion magazine!!

  22. Lucy

    Which camera do you use, please?

  23. Canon 5D Mark III :)

  24. This whole blog post is like a magazine spread – So very lovely


  25. so unfairly beautiful! looks like the best time. so beauty-full.

  26. Anne-Lise DePolignac

    Oh Shini… You’re so unique! Beautiful, great photographer and an outfit genius! This is so cool to see that there still are few incredible unique bloggers with their own style and you’re definitely one of them! I lce your posts so much :)
    See you later on instagram ;)

  27. such incredible captures, love those pictures!

  28. The place looks so awesome and full of colors, giving me happy vibes. And seeing all your clothes together is cute. <3

    xx Diana

  29. Amazing pictures!


  30. My, my, the place looks beautiful. Your post looks like an editorial! Love it. Romi

  31. I love the blue kaftan you turned into dress! Beautiful!

  32. Great piccies. I LOVE the location of the pool. It is set in quiet idyllic surroundings. I want to be there right now!

  33. Looks like you had a great time chick. Loving the pictures,. :-)

  34. Martha B

    These pictures give me goosebumps and make me want to melt into a little puddle. Amazing in every way!

  35. What a fantastic set of pictures. Every post I read there are always beautiful pics. I would love to live near you so I could see so pretty things.

  36. Such beautiful photos – I start reading your blog and end up spending hours on here!

    Charli X

  37. ayy_ayy

    it’s heaven on earth.

  38. Hey, love the white culottes, they look really well on you & fit well. I bought a polka dot pair & a denim pair from Asos too but not so sure. They seem to look just too baggy & like giant skater shorts on me…not the look I’m going for!

  39. Oh wow. You’ve seriously got me needing a beach holiday sometime soon! These photos are absolutely stunning. Looks like such a lovely hotel. Glad you enjoyed it!

  40. Your photos are so pretty. It’s really amazing. Most of all, you are really pretty. I love your style and taste in fashion. :-)

  41. Amazing pics :-)

  42. Wow! That’s a great resort! I wish I could visit that place. It’s so beautiful. I love all your photos! :-)

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