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Now that’s how you do dinner

Day 2: A little project with Patrizia pepe

Florence, Lungarno Collection Suites; Patrizia Pepe show & dinner; Boboli Gardens; Jacket – Zara, tropical cardigan – COS, Fluffy skirt – Topshop, Jeans – C/O Raw Denim Bar, shoes – Chloe Sevigney x Opening Ceremony

Dear Florence,

May I call you Flo? I feel like you and I are buddies already and I’ve only really seen you twice; well I did Google you a few times but don’t we all nowadays? I also have a flattering pic of you in my phone, but surely that’s not creepy… Yes sure, I can call you Ms. Florence Italy.

The first time I met you with the hubby I remember we tried to find somewhere nice to eat off the beaten track, maybe a snug little trattoria that’s slightly tacky but one run by an old man the locals call papa and knows the secret to every pasta dish. Of course, we took that wrong (or right? we’ll never know) turn and ended up redrawing your maps for 4 hours before we gave up and ate in the hotel (that we somehow managed to locate). So the next time I saw you, courtesy of the lovely Patrizia Pepe‘s invitation, I knew the streets and landmarks as if I’ve been living there for 20 years. Alas, I was also able to concentrate on other lovely features of yours: the beautiful nose bridge you call Ponte Vecchio and a very well groomed garden called Boboli down south.

I do wish to see you again soon. Perhaps when the weather is warmer, a down-jacket in a suitcase to Italy is what the fashion girls call soo-not-in.

Gotta Boogie,

p.s You have really weird street system.

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  1. Never been to Flo, if I can call it like that ;).
    Hope you had a great time!

  2. is this a love letter?
    love it.

  3. oh wow. the images are breath taking!!!!!!

    I love your blog. its absolutely amazing.

  4. ahahaha drooling all over those pictures of cocktails / cocktail glasses. Yes please, one for me too!!!


  5. whaaaat? I’d love too see the Patricia Pepe show once! ps: love that fluffy skirt pps: do you attend NY fashion week?

  6. for some i love the photo of Nancy and Louise together

  7. Such beautiful pictures! Especially the rows upon rows of colourful drink glasses!

    Monochrome Magpie

  8. I could give you a bin liner and you’d photograph it so beautifully that I’d instantly demand it back. (What I’m trying to say is these are stunning photographs!) Hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit someday too!

  9. OMGEE those chairs, so many of those! It looks awesome. Maybe just because I love all those louis ghost/victoria chairs, ok I probably sound like a chair fetishist now, sorry about that.
    As always, I love the photos. And your tropical cardigan is amazeballs.

  10. I love that your phone/laptop setup is refreshingly non-apple. :)

  11. The clear seats looks stunning under the spot lights.
    I especially like the far shot of you in the centre with nothing around.
    Amazing photos as always.


  12. beautiful captures!


  13. major swooooon! Your pics look like scenes from The Tourist!!!:) so romantic

  14. ahah indeed it might be confusing at first, because in the very centre of the city it seems all spiderweb of alleys and little streets… But after a while you get used to it (also because it’s quite small)

    Next time you go be sure to tell us in advance and I’ll give you a list of typical places, on and off the beaten tracks ;-) (I was born there and lived there for 25 years before moving to Belgium)

    I’m happy you enjoyed my beloved city anyway :) (Boboli is one of my favourite places EVER)


    -The Red Dot-

  15. Lisa

    that’s how you breakfast! beautiful pictures, especially love the wide angle shot of you!x

  16. Those pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Is that Louise Ebel? Those gold heels are BEAUTIFUL!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  17. Gorgeous photographs as per usual, especially the cupped hands of glitter. Lovely shot!

  18. Your pictures are always so magical. This is such a beautiful tribute to Florence. Miss that city so much. x


  19. I lived in Florence for 4 years and I still get lost sometimes! It has the worst urban plan ever!

  20. Oh my god Shini. Your photos are stunninggggg. I think I will just throw my pink rhinestone covered digital camera out of the window now.

    …but before I do that, I must say that you look gorgeous in that evening-dinner photo and that dinner looks amazing!! It must have been such a sight when you saw it for the first time. The photo of you in those jeans taken from above is one of my favourites. Such a lovely photo!

  21. Dan



    Absolutely blown away by the pics….


  22. 아싸

  23. You captured the charm and misty beauty of Florence with your pics and I loved your subtle irony: Florence labyrinth of streets drove me crazy too when I used to work there!

  24. The light in all the photos is beautiful. There’s such a great mood in all of them (ie.the hotel bedroom pics and city-scapes).
    The event looks quite marvelous and they designed it in such a fantastic yet simple & modern way. Yay :) it sounds like you had fun with Flo!

  25. “Flo” looks amazing. and surreal (through your photos)
    your photos are so gorgeous Shini! all that glassware, the glam and glitter everywhere~ so pretty :D

  26. haha. i love this post.


  27. Jo

    What is the name of the book in the third picture? It seems like a good read. Btw, I love your blog. <3

  28. Li

    @Jo, I want to know too!

  29. Best read EVER! JPOD by Douglas Coupland, read it three times and love it to death.

  30. Li

    @Shini, Thank you! I was in Florence with my love last year – your pictures are familiar and fabulous all at once.

  31. Jo

    @Shini, Thanks! You have one of the best blogs ever! ^_^

  32. ayy_ayy

    reading your blog is like travelling around the world.
    FUNtastic! :)

    hope i will meet ‘Flo’ someday.. *fingercrossed

  33. your blog really has to be my favourite – i just love your photography and the layout. it’s beautiful (outfits and locations are not bad either ;) you look stunning in that feathery skirt!)

  34. you always have such gorgeous photos!!!! I love this entire post..so beautiful :)

  35. I just want to say, what a GREAT photo post!

  36. You’re photos are so amazing! Do you use Photoshop?

  37. Thank you, yes I do!

  38. Amazing photos! I love Florence:)

    xx Laura

  39. The photos are simply mahhhvelous. SERIOUSLY.

  40. Carine

    Beautiful post! Now I feel like getting up and going places!

    Just curious, what kind of computer is that in the first photo? It’s a nice-looking computer.

  41. I love that some of my favourite bloggers hang out in real life.

  42. I am so happy you’ve enjoy a stay in Florence and at Patrizia Pepe, of course!!
    I love your pictures very much. even the most usual detail becomes a masterpiece object!!! Brava!

    Baci, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on the second Professional of Fashion’s interview on my blog! I’d love your comment!

  43. Wow, so beautiful!

    I now feel majorly hungry and ready for breakfast but Florence looks so beautiful! I have to add it to my to do list..

  44. tee hee. lovely note to flo. even lovelier, the pictures…..they always tell a great story

  45. That dinner set up is divine :-)

  46. I always love your photos so much. They’re so beautiful


  47. loving the layout with the clear chairs. great pics


  48. I love that first time traveling somewhere expecting that you’ll find the most intimate/local places only to be faced with the fact that you have not a CLUE how to get there. :-) Really amazing photos, the detailed shots are so awe-inspiring… – Aliya


  49. love your skirt and shoes!
    you always amazed me with great pics!

  50. Ryouma Sakamoto

    From Japan.We always appreciate the wonderful news.
    Dear friends around the world,
    Thank you so much for all the prayers for Japan

  51. You always have the most amazing photos. Your life seems awesome…


  52. awesome pics!


  53. what kind of phone model

  54. Samsung Galaxy SII White!

  55. oh my god those lit up tables! i feel like i need to try and make one and use it in my dimly lit kitchen! love your photo diary! looks like it was an amazing time!


  56. Amazing pictures! Love your skirt!


  57. Love all these images, especially the one of all the dinner tables!



  58. Sarka

    Hi Shini, next time try to visit Fiesole. It is very close and it’s incredible, beautiful place on the hill. B.t.w. your blog is one of the best blogs I know!

  59. Lovely pics, as usually!

  60. i liked in florence for a summer and took cooking classes – it was the best summer of my life :)


  61. Looks just lovely!

  62. Gorgeous photos.

  63. What a trip! It looks spectacular. Love your love letter to Flo :)

  64. Most amazing pictures. These are so beautiful, and florence… most beautiful city in the world.


  65. hahaha adorable as usual Shini


  66. omg, all those beautiful photos! I wanna go to Florence too ♥. I’ve never been there before :L.

  67. omg, all those beautiful photos! I wanna go to Florence too ♥. I’ve never been there before :L.

  68. Effie

    How I love your photos! (and your shoes too ;D)

  69. You are so good at taking photos, they are so bright without being overexposed :)

    Tjek my blog out here: http://www.fashion-cocktail.com/

  70. I am an avid reader of your blog (despite not commenting as frequently as I should). I love the photographs and really appreciate the resolution and quality of your images. I’m glad you had fun on your trip to Florence!

  71. looks like a truly fantastic trip. i would love to visit florence. i have never been. thank you for sharing this.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  72. Aaaaaaaahhhh I’m going to Florence in two months, I can’t wait!!!

  73. Beautiful photos. I definitely need to go to Florence now, and I love those photos from the dinner! Stunning.

  74. This is so lovely. Your images always make me smile, thank you for sharing!


  75. I always love visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous photographs, this is such a stunning blog post x

  76. I love the moments of this trip you capture. These photos might even be better than the ones I take on trips – you know, the kind where it’s just a forehead and the outstretched arm used to take the shot. ;-)

  77. Amy

    Ugh my boyfriend and I had a mini meltdown using to drive to the river in Florence. Effing one-way residents-only system! We sussed it out eventually and had a great time, I’m glad you did too. Love the headphones

  78. Your pictures are just incredible as ever! Love the last one the most!!!

    x Romi

  79. stella

    Beautiful pics!


  80. Oh my! Everything looks so awesome! Especially all the clear chairs!

    Love from Seoul,


  81. Your blog is gorgeous, I love it :)
    Stop by my illustration blog if u get a minute dear!

  82. Incredible post, amazing photos. Loved the shoes by Chloe Sevigney


  83. Florence is such a dreamy city to live! GORGEOUS PHOTOS!


  84. Everything seems so precious and whimsical!


  85. i really like your photos, especially the first one – fruit + wine = fantastic combo & somewhat healthy too!
    xx, k

  86. A-Mazing photos, looks like you had an amazing trip
    x kat

  87. LCM

    Dear P&C,
    May I call you P&C? Charming post, lovely pictures.

  88. Love your blog and the style of your pictures!
    I’ll definately be back to visit

  89. My lovely Florence!! :)

    Kisses from Italy!

  90. Natalie

    What’s your lens to the camera?

  91. It’s a Canon 50mm :)

  92. One of the most beautiful blogs we’ve stumbled upon in a long time. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Block heels are having quiet a moment this season and we love yours!

  93. Seraphina

    Your photos are absolutely stunning!

    You nicknaming Florence as “Flo” totally reminded me of finding nemo hehehaha.

  94. So beautiful pictures <3 xo

  95. OMG, these photos are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

  96. awesome pictures and I was wondering what your laptop is? :D

  97. Ah it’s the HP Envy17!

  98. @Shini, ok! thanks :)

  99. B.

    Amazing photos ! Florence really is a beautiful city, you should try to go back when the weather is better :) the dinner looks so modern and elegant, great location and decoration

    new outfit post

  100. wow that is a stellar dinner set-up!! do you know who catered/planned it? would love to see some of their other events!

    i haven’t been to florence since high school – but remember loving it! glad you had a nice time :)

  101. Florence of course have a weird street system but i love it for that! You should go in spring, but not during the easter holidays neither after may. I lived there for a while and even if Florence is more beautiful and charming at the late spring, everybody seem to agree and my beloved city becomes a full one and so uncomfortable to visit.

  102. Saci

    Just wondering what kind of headphones you have, I love the color!

  103. Saci

    Just wondering what kind of headphones you have, I love the color!

  104. They’re from Urbanears!

  105. Such a beautiful pictures especially for the dinner set up. it looks really shines. i wish i can have a dinner there somedayy
    anw, lovelyy heels <3

    Neon Attract

  106. Pretty blog and pictures!

  107. I love looking at your blog! It never fails to make me jealous on your daily going on’s – in a totally good way ofcourse!