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Six to
art direction & photography SHINI PARK in collaboration with FARFETCH



How anyone in this expedited-delivery-obsessed century opts to wait 6-8 weeks for anything is a baffling yet fascinating notion. Patience is a ‘retro’ concept and kids scoff at the very thought. Heck, don’t we know our way around the IKEA warehouse like the back of our hands and are on first-name basis with the next-day couriers? How many times has the UPS delivery man made our blood boil by playing ding-dong-ditch with a yellow ‘We Missed You’ slip? Ergo, anything that takes 6-8 weeks to produce and deliver is 1) a long-term commitment involving a completely different mindset 2) a bloody tease, 3) from a dragon egg.

Perhaps it’s prescribing to the same ideas as stumbling upon a £10 note in the back-pocked of a pair of long-neglected jeans and feeling like you’ve earned some new cash, fair-and-square. Or signing for a parcel from US/Australasia, the one you ordered half-drunk a week back, and feeling rather as you’ve received a surprise gift. The one you bought with your own money.

Customized Trainers – MySwear via Farfetch




Six weeks is how long it took for this MySwear beauty to be produced, and it did not disappoint. I’d spent just about the same amount of time swirling the virtual shoe around and around (and around), deciding on colour and texture like my life depended on it (of course, then ending up choosing the most basic colours, because sense). And all I can think is that for six weeks they planted the little MySwear seed, watered it, and fed it some corn until ripe. Week of Christmas, it arrived in its wooden-boxed, woollen-dustbagged, customized glory – and of course it felt like a gift by then.

Now I just wish they have a dissertation option so that when I time-travel back to 2010 I can just feed it ‘Cream suede, white sole, ivory laces’ and wait 6-8 weeks for good results.


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  1. Coool trainers!

    ❤ Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  2. These are gorgeous.. It seems like the 6 weeks were well worth it! :)


  3. Bess

    Lovely post! Very well written.

  4. Gorgeous and Love the photo so much. :)


  5. Customization is the future! My pay grade still has to catch up, but I’m definitely on board with this development. Fab shots of your new pets, especially the close-up pics. The materials and finishing touches look so alluring, I just want to stroke and cuddle those shoes ;-)

  6. Interesting thought, i usually think the same when i have to wait such a long time for something i buy online that i almost forget about it :)

    Anw, beautiful basic shoes, i think it’s worth waiting

    Love from http://lastestbag.com

  7. Alice

    They certainly came out beautifully, looks like they’re well worth the wait! The design process looked like a lot of fun too, thanks for the share on these guys! Lovely and addicting photos as always.

    xo, Alice || Miss Inconnue || Etsy

  8. Loving the details of the sneakers and this article in general!

    Agnes x


  9. Those six weeks definitively paid off, the shoes look great!


  10. Cool sneakers :)

  11. I love those shoes. I love the photos :)

  12. Amazing

  13. Woww this White <3 i m loving it , great post .

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  15. What is it about our instant generation that makes waiting seem so difficult. Maybe its a good thing though, I for one have gone to a physical store more often, and tried on clothes because I dread the week wait I face from the moment I hit buy to the moment it arrives. Heck I have a hard enough time waiting for my amazon prime shipment to arrive 2 days later, you mean I have to wait AT LEAST another 2 days for my Zara pants to get here?

    On a separate note, I love the shoes. A girl can’t have too many elegant and timeless sneakers in her closet.



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  17. I am in love with these trainers – and beautiful photos as ever Shini! xxx

  18. beautiful graphic Shini!


  19. OMG! Those pictures catch my attention from even the first moment
    With such a great ability of photography, you have brought the spirit to every pic you took. Thanks for the post!

    Love from Best shoes 2016

  20. Sandra

    what i can say about like this post really amazing and beautiful

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