I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.




Coat Uniqlo | Dress, bag Zara | Leggings DIY Rodarte over Topshop tights | Shoes H&M

Goodness that album makes me feel like I need to be wearing a batsuit while blogging.


What is your nationality; Where were you born and raised; Where have you travelled; How tall are you? [erika]

  • I’m South Korean.
  • I was born in Seoul, but raised in Warsaw (Poland).
  • I travelled around the world when I was a kid in a Helium balloon with a metrosexual person in a bunnysuit. No, um I lived in Vienna for 2 years when I was a baby, and I was taken around when I was a kid through most of the major cities in Europe. I’ve never been to the States and the only Asian countries I’ve been to were Tokyo and Seoul. We mostly radiated around central Europe, so I did a lot of adolescent naked-swimming in Hungary and the Czech rep.
  • How tall am I – I’m 168cm/5’5(?). Although, I do have heels attached to my sole like hardskin so I usually breathe the 175cm/5’8 air.

How do you take care of your hair? [sputnik sweetheart]

I dunk it in vitamin water daily and whip it occasionally with a belt to make it more frothy. I don’t actually have any haircare tips, I just wash +condition it in the morning, let it dry naturally (yes, naughty). My guess is that everything I eat goes to my hair – hence my dying skin and generally unhealthy body. My hair has totalitarian rule, it seems.

What is your job/occupation? [punkie]

I’m a full-time student studying Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins, but I also work freelance for a Dutch Webdesign company.

Why are you so fabulous?; Can you post more DIYs? [Christine]

  • Fabulous, huh? I hardly think so (but thanks!), but methinks my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
  • Yes of course I will post more DIYs, I’m currently bone dry of inspiration for doable/easy DIYs. The knitting and sewing will only reach a small number of people so I need to find something that everyone can benefit from. AND I need to learn how to sew anyway :P

Four questions a day, in the order they were posted! :D

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  1. thank you for the lovely comment at the box ;)
    i hoped you’ve checked out her stuff, she’s actually been around for a while *oops*
    epic outfits go with epic music eh?

  2. ok, so i totally cracked up to the dramatic blogging to the dark night soundtrack. i can only imagine how that’d look like.

    the graphic design @ central st martins totally explains why i’ve always loved the look of your blog. the typography, the minimalistic look, and the hyena (?) logo make the site for me.

    lastly, loving the optical illusion tights!

  3. Ooh, thanks for the answers! LOL at the first one, btw x)
    Anddd my sister had some justice in saying what she did; I tend to eat like some sort of starved child whenever food is in my vicinity…except for yesterday when all I ate was rice, 김, more rice, and then some 된장찌개, hence the hooker name hahaa.

  4. thanks for stopping by :o)

    funny, i actually was going to cut the neckline off from my Muji t shirt today–it’s strangling me! what a relief to hear that you had the same problem with yours. i thought it was just me and that i had an unfortunately thick neck! wondering if you have any idea how to wash it? i wonder if hand washing would rid it of its wrinkles? hm.

  5. We have a lot in common you and I. I make my own tights, own the Dark Knight soundtrack and spend many hours doing graphic design on a Mac.

    And I am a Korean girl who grew up in Poland!

    … okay, scratch that last one.

  6. Haha these were fun to read. And we’re the same height! Although.. I’m a flats girl haha. I love those shoes and Europe must be awesome =) I can’t wait to go to Paris for study abroad! =)

  7. shini you are freaaaaaakinggggg funnnyyyyyy that is why i love you!!! hahahaha. You’ve never been to the states?? ANOTHER reason why you must come visit me in ny ;) yes??

    and you look taller than 5’5″! are you sure about that lady? hehe. Oh and btw you are os lucky that you don’t have to do anything special to keep your hair long and healthy. Mine is constantly sick from all the color I force upon my hair. So hair masks are basically my best friend. hehe.

    oh p.s. cadbury is really easy to find here! Especially in New York because there are lots of Brits here. I can eat a fair share of Picnic bars lol.

  8. Milkshake..thats my song.

    Those tights came out awesome. Everything about this outfit works and I love it <3!

  9. haha! great answers. you look extremely stunningly fabulous.

    i want knitting diys! i’m bored of the patterns i have…i bet you make cool stuff! my grandma asked me to knit her a vest, so i’m working through that…it’s so tedious.

  10. i love the diy leggings. actually, i love everything in this outfit!

    if you don’t mind, what camera are you using? i love all your pictures. are you using programs to edit your photos? if so, if you don’t mind, may i know what it is?


  11. those tights are amazing! love it…
    have to go to topshop sometime soon xo

  12. Aww it was great learning a little bit more about you! I’m so jealous that you got to do so much traveling! Also, I loveee those pants and the trenchcoat. AMAZING!

  13. oh, you just started knitting? what are you making right now? i learned about 4 years ago, by my ridiculously expert gma and aunt, and it just came naturally and i love it so much! my (other) gma had this yarn and really wanted a vest, so i’m making it for her. it’s drapey and very pretty! please keep me updated with your knitting escapades! i’m here if you need any tips!

  14. Love the trench coat and leg wear! Enjoyed reading the Q&A too :) x Sushi

  15. LOVE the DIY leggings and fringed clutch with the casual trench.

    Perfect combination. I still can’t believe those shoes are H&M…..

  16. oooh the rodarte leggings, possibly my favorite of all your DIYs. I look forward to your future DIYs, they are always SOOOO epic

  17. awww what a cute/fun q&a post! that’s pretty flaming awesome that you grew up in warsaw but you’re korean!! and lulz about the random hair question!!! it’s random like “how do you have fingers so nifty!!?” lulz. but yes of course your hair is lovely..im actually in the process of dying/bleachin mine…like as in, right now..like right this second.

  18. hahaha, you’re hilarious! i actually laughed out loud. wow.

    i love the fact that you have been to so many places! man oh man, you are too cool (and yes, fabulous!)

  19. Such a nice outfit! :)

  20. Annhyeoung hashimnika! (sp?)

    haha. I’ve been adding Korean to my reportoi of languages lol and since your nationality arises from here….. thought I’d ask! hehe

    lol You are too funny! Sarcasm is so difficult to detect on the cyber web but this wasn’t! Indeed you must do some DIY posts. Those tights are DIY? Gaaaah, I almost collapsed reading that! No-freakin-way! hahahahaha.

    Hope you’re having a fantabulous mon! :)

  21. Love the wedges! Reminds me of the Mini Market version, but backwards since your zipper is in the front!

  22. Answer: THank you so much for you comment :D

    Love your outfit, and those tights are amazing :)

  23. Ooh you’re multicultural :p love it. And the effect of your leggings with the white tights, awesome! I thought it was one piece at first but then I remembered your DIY ;)

  24. Love your answers to the questions; they make you even more likeable. Sometimes you read Q&A posts and cringe at the answers but not so here. I was giggling at the bunnysuit portion ;)

    And once again, love the DIY tights. And yes, I too would love to see more DIYs that I can shamelessly copy :)

    Happy Easter.

  25. Central Saint Martins hah? Was always my dream… ;) The tights really turned out great, just enough dramatic effect!

  26. I adore your tights, they fit great to that trenchcoat :D

  27. great outfit…love ur coat and tights

  28. very nice!!

    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Johnny Depp as Duchamp

  29. Love the trench coat and those tights are so cool!! I can’t wait to see more Q & A! It’s my favorite! xxoxoxo

  30. tights over tights. I like it!

  31. The tights are bloody amazing….I do wonder how both you and Tiffany from Six Six Sick got those diamonds so…diamond-like….

  32. i love it all!

  33. I have to tell ppl that I’m SOUTH korean all the time… when i just say korean, ignorant ppl always have to ask, south or north? lol
    i heart u <3

  34. Oh my gosh, I love this outfit! Especially the boots wow!

  35. DIY rodarte leggings nailed!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  36. wow! those DIY leggings are great!

  37. […] & Cube creates and rocks some excellent stocking […]

  38. it looks like you are levitating in that first pic.

    and omfg the leggings the LEGGINGSSSSSSSSS. damn girl ♥

  39. hahaha “I’ve never been to the States and the only Asian countries I’ve been to were Tokyo and Seoul.” Sorry I thought that was hilarious. But anyway, hi! I love your style, it looks expensive, but you’re a wise spender! I love that about your style! keep it goinnng

  40. I have to feature this post on my blog… amazing!