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Rodarte S/S 2009 through Style.com

What you’ll need:
Cutting board, ruler, white gel pen (or any fabric marker), scalpel or fabric scissors, pattern, victim leggings, and about five bucketload and a half of patience.

I was going to explain how to do the maths of the grid, till I realised I don’t know past addition and subtraction.

Print out the pattern on heavy paper.

Cut out only the grey area and discard cutouts.

Using the template, turn the leggings inside-ou and mark pattern where you wish to cut.

Using scalpel or scissors, cut out the pattern. Scissors are about 304 times easier and faster to operate. Oh, NEVER stretch and cut. Always cut at the natural tension.
Repeat for both legs (Actually, I tried it on when I was done with one leg and that was pretty dang cool too. If your bucket of patience decides to evaporate or boil out, then you could stop there and rock the demi look)

Fabric tips: I chose a elastic/semi-shiny leggings… Well, If you want to add another 5 hours sealing off the edges with a candle, don’t get them. Rodarte obviously had theirs laser-cut, so there’s no beating that. Also avoid cotton leggings as well – mucho fray and no easy way of seal. The best would be semi-thick material (faux leather or semi-shiny pvc) which doesn’t have too much elasticity.

Too much elasticity may end up in making the diamonds look like round holes which is just a glorified fishnet. Mine’s semi like that, you probably can see…

Goood duck!

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  1. omgggggggggggggggggggggg your ingenuity knows no bounds!

  2. These are A M A Z I N G. Thanks so much for posting the pattern! I’ll definitely be linking. And making myself a pair this weekend…

  3. WOW.. that’s pretty damn cool. good job:)!

  4. ahmazing job.

  5. great job, really cool!

  6. WOW are you kidding me? this is unbelievable. seriously, one of the coolest DIY’s i’ve seen out there. great job!

  7. These look really good. I’ve seen a few other blogs that have done this same thing before.

  8. fabulous d.i.y! i’m definitely putting these on my to-do list.


  9. SHINI
    you’re amazing

  10. That is soooo cool! i never would’ve thought of that :D

  11. SHINI.
    You are DIY Goddess. Seriously, they look freaking AMAZING. No lie, no lie. I sound so psycho right now because I’m so amazed. You should win a Golden Globe for DIY. ROFLMFAO.

    x Natalie

  12. genius. a true diy inspiration. i’m looking to cut circles into jeans a la house of holland ss09, so this is a definite upgrade from my original plan of cutting out circles haphazardly and hoping it somehow ends up looking good.

  13. one of the best DIY projects i’ve ever seen! great job! and thank you!

  14. Whoa that’s a crazy (in a good way) shape effect! Interesting to see it on a real person and styled different! Don’t think I could wear that though… looks bad ass on yoU! :)

  15. Iloveitiloveitiloveit.

  16. AHHHHH! You are amazing. Your ones look stunning. well done. I actually might try this. Thank you so much 4 posting

    Visit me at http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


  17. You’re so good!

  18. ahhh.. if only i could approach graphic design with the patience and skill you have for making DIYS. great tutorial shin.. and very nice template may i add!

  19. oh and btw.. they do look rather nice on you too!

  20. they look fantastic! although i bet if i tryed it i wouldn’t turn out nearly as perfect as yours!

  21. woawww it looks terrific, good job !

  22. I was going to try this but I did worry about the fray. I was going to visit the fabric shop to see if they do any sort of sealing soloutin? I’m not even sure if it exists!! lol
    Did you take the pattern all the way round or just on the front panels?

  23. HOLY SHIT I lovvveee. I’m actually about to try this.

    You equals amazing.

  24. pia

    LOVE it!

  25. Oh wow, you are amazing to have actually pulled this off. I can’t believe this! Bravo on your creative talents!

  26. anni

    omg, so cool.
    i would try that, but I don’t have leggins ;s. maybe it’s time to get these

    checkout – http://stylehurricane.blogspot.com/

  27. Wow!!! Amazing!!



  28. that is effin FANTASTIC.

    how creative are you! cheers!

  29. okay shini! you are waaaaay too amazing! i might have to try this out one day…when i get my lazy butt to do some more diy’s!

    and as for the purse! go ahead and do it! maybe that will motivate me to do mine!

    you are seriously amazing!

  30. wowowow! that is too freaking cool. they look amazing on you! unfortunately i dont have the patience and i would be afraid that my thighs would bulge through the diamonds. thank you for sharing.

  31. yay! another amazing DIY! thanks!!!!


  32. wow, i must try this out!
    with you and carbon coutures amazing diy posts, i’m going to have a VERY busy weekend :)

  33. That looks so cool, you’re so talented :-D
    I wish I had the patience to do something like this!

    take care, make peace.

  34. I wouldbe afraid of trying this! I’m sure i would mess it up or won’t havethe patience to do it…
    Yours look even more better than the real one… seriously!

  35. Those are AWESOME! Sounds like a great in front of the tv project. Thanks so much for sharing this, I’ll be linking.

  36. uhm AWESOME (for the 3333th time, sorry)! going to do this soon and I think I have an outstreched leggins pair somewhere waiting to be destroyed. Thanks for the tutorial and tips and keep on rocking!

  37. Shocks, I wrote on the wrong post- hehe!
    Please apply last comment to this post, lol!

    I say again, loving you work doll.

    PP x

  38. Lacy

    your DIYs are amazzingg. seriously. i just recently discovered your blog and i must say its really very inspiring. if i wasnt so lazy myself i would be all over this DIY. lovedd the a wang chain shorts that you did as well (:

  39. Wow you must have really good patience..! I would for sure have ripped the whole damn thing out of frustration! =D

  40. OMG, this is so cool!!it looks amazing! I really want to try this out, but I’m afraid I’m not that good in DIY.

  41. you are amazing!!! you think of the most amazing DIYs!!!!

  42. O M G. I am fucking speechless, this is AMAAZING. I mean that with the biggest caps possible, you are AH-MAH-ZING

  43. oh my. these turned out amazing. from the explanation i was worried they would look as you said like round holes. but they look very neatly done. nice.

  44. Dang it, I need to find some victim leggings, ASAP!

  45. Sara

    Wow Shin I like this!

    Btw my new blog coming soon, promise! :)

  46. DIY PRO you.

  47. oh my god that is amazing.

  48. That’s funny, I did nearly the exact same DIY two weeks ago:



  49. you’re seriously the best.
    i want to go out and do that. wow. your diys are amazing! i really like the outfit you did with them, too.

  50. Ow, they look great! You had an awesome idea! Loved them though they’re not exactly my type =D

  51. Thanks for the reply Shini!!
    I will deffinatley be trying this out at some point. I’m also all over the a. wang shorts you made. I’ve got a little list of DIY’s building up now!
    Should keep me busy x

  52. My jaw just hit the floor, they are so cool.

    I can’t believe you came up with this, kinda makes me wanna marry you right now!

    Laughed alot at your previous comment FYI. I love when you stop by, and I love stopping by your blog too – makes me feel inspired to slash my clothes, although whether my stuff will look this good is left to be seen.

    MM X

  53. These are insanely good! Lady, you got some skills! haha. I deffoz have to try this.

    x x x

  54. you are very talented and creative.
    love your work!


  55. Thank you for your comment, I’m so happy you like it :)

  56. officially diy queen!
    bananas crazy insane.


  57. you are amazing!

  58. woman, u are insanely talented.
    i want to kidnapp u and have u make me one and also share ur awesome DIY ideas with meeh. hahaha

  59. Those are amazing!

  60. Wow, what a great DIY! Keep em coming, I love stuff like this!

  61. Now that is just awesome. I am truly impressed.

  62. Love these! So much layering potential over tights! If I can bear to part with my AA wet look leggings, I may try one day…

  63. Genius!

  64. haha great job!
    I just had to think about your post when I saw some rodarte photos in some german magazine.

  65. oh my geez! way too cool.

  66. Genius! You did a amazing job! I have to try that myself!

  67. soooooo AMAZING.

    I love you. speechless. Can’t wait to see them incorporated into your outfits. yayayay ♥

  68. You have the most creative ideas!! Your DIY projects are amazing! I can’t wait to try it!

  69. claire

    what tights did you use?
    i have a pair of the wet look ones from aa, would those work?

    also… did you just cut through the front only?

  70. wow!! this is super cool. thank u so much for the pattern :D

  71. this is pretty cool stuff girl.again.something i ll def try.i have cutted every legging now but its still fucking cold and i cant really wear them now.maybe i will spare my cuttingpower for later.maybe not.x)
    keep the good ideas up hun&take care

  72. anni

    I used your photo here – http://stylehurricane.blogspot.com/2009/02/diy-rodarte-diamante-leggins.html
    if it’s okay?.

  73. ahhhh your blog is my favorite!

    would you mind if i post this picture of you, pointing to your diy?

  74. This is great I want to try! You have an amazing blog!!

  75. This is amazing, I’m so happy I found your blog!

  76. damn gurl u aint playing !! i usually do diy as well but u beat it all!!very good job!

  77. amazing! i love what you paired it with, too!

  78. I love this tutorial!

  79. I don’t know if I’ve commented on this before or not, but even if I have – you’re a genius. Bravo.

  80. ohhh it’s super !!!

  81. Amazing!! Great blog.

  82. wowwww
    you are truly amazing.
    congratulations on that haha

  83. Ah I LOVE the idea and you did an amazing job it doesn’t look selfmade AT ALL!! TOO COOL!

  84. genius woman.
    thanks for sharing =]

  85. ohhhhh wowo…. You did a great job

  86. kristen

    totally rad!
    i printed out a larger version and just used it on the back of an old shirt :]

  87. my leggings have a hole in them so i’m thinking of just doing this to them to salvage them. even though you said not to use cotton. which i’m pretty sure they are. i don’t know, i could always seal the seams i guess..

  88. i actually just saw the comment above mine and am now working on this on a t shirt as well. The parts which I have cut out so far look like blobs instead of diamonds.. gah

  89. good job! You know, I prefer your version than Rodarte’s ! I’ m going to try it this week-end now!

  90. Hey ! This is an awesome creation! We absolutely love your diys, they are fab :) Just wanted to let you know we posted this idea to our site and linked your page!


  91. Tiffany

    Ughh! Absolutely PERFECT for the trend these days! Thanks so much :D
    …but what happens when you wash them…

  92. Tiffany

    Thanks for replying so fast :D
    What if you did these on Nylon stockings?

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  96. woow, seriously amazing! i’m so going to try :D

  97. Hannah

    i’ve only got cotton leggings, but i REALLY want to try this pattern. would making the diamonds smaller help keep their shape while i wear them?

  98. All of your DIY instructions are honestly incredible. Previous commenters are right; you deserve an award or something!! Anyway, I’ve been looking to do this DIY forEVER, but never got around to it until I was newly inspired by this post the other day. I used the matte black leggings from american apparel and downsized the pattern a little bit, and they came out PERFECTLY. You rock.

  99. i fell in love with your blog……

  100. Lucy

    I love this tutorial!
    i have a pair of wet look leggings that i wouldn’t have dared to wear out in one piece!
    i cut the pattern on the top half of one leg and the bottom of the other and they look great and totally unique :) my diamonds aren’t quite as perfect as yours but they still give a fab effect!
    will be wearing these this weekend ;)

  101. i tried it yesterday … it just dont work for me…. my legs loog huge with those holes in it….

  102. OMG! This is amazing! man, I have some stretchy opaque tights that started getting holes and I thought I could do this to them but I’m not very good at…sealing off edges with a candle. o_O in fact I didn’t know you could even do that. but great job! yours looks awesome!

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  106. this is awesome check out more at http://www.indiantopactress.blogspot.com/

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  109. I love thise

  110. you look realy sexy

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  116. can i do this on a pants? i just think cus the fabric are more sturdy and will not stretch. an awesome pattern , i fall in love on first sight

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  118. vivien_noir

    I love this tutorial especially for pointing out what can go wrong if you choose the wrong materials. Thats a point where most DIYs and DIYers end up – a frustration alley. So thanks a thousand times for these sentences!