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Catwalk images from Style.com; LFW Day 5; 22/02/2011;

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but this is le amazing. (Bold, italics and underline amazing) I didn’t get to see the show because they don’t invite losers like me (I promise that line is my catchphrase during LFW), but I visited the Topshop Newgen rooms in Somerset House and invited myself to touching each of the pieces. Then I gushed to the lady there that Mary Katrantzou was probably my all-time favourite and she gave me that ‘OK?’ look. Clearly not getting invited again next season.

Ah this collection just makes me want to graffiti ‘I <3 Mary’ inside Chinatown restaurant toilets.

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  1. Carrie

    The shoes are my favourite! This collection has amazing patterns!


  2. Prints are really not my cup of tea, but I must say that the ones that Mary K create is pretty darn amazing. I really do like the bold silhouettes as well ♥

  3. i absolutely loved this collection
    they look even better up close

  4. I just want it all! The whole collection is amazing!

  5. I LOVE Mary K! All of her collections are so amazing.

  6. what a beautiful and delicate collection.
    so gorgeous.




  7. those boots were made for walking!!!!!!

  8. oh those shoes…
    I can’t believe the detail in this collection.

  9. The skirt (1st image) and the boots are so good, amazing, fab!

  10. What a knockout collection!!!

  11. wow, the prints are amazing! x

  12. Mary really topped it all this season!
    The prints are amazinggg
    Haha don’t worry you’re not a loser! Nice you got to the see the clothes up close :)


  13. how beautiful everything is! those boots belong to the kind of footwear that makes you happy only looking at it.

    and no – you’re not a loser. quite the contrary: who in this vain fashion world would keep on gushing about a collection when they haven’t been invited to the show? and then you have fashion bloggers who get all excited about an average collection only because they were invited to the show. (but i don’t blame them – never been to any kind of fashion show. so, am I the loser here?) :) anyway – nice close-ups!

  14. love love the shoes! and i love the black-ish tights w red flowers! just fabulous.

    please checkout my giveaway: http://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com/2011/02/steffys-pros-and-cons-first-giveaway.html

    <3 steffy

  15. I really don’t understand how she makes all of these elements work together, but somehow she does. Theoretically it should all just give me a migraine, but in reality I want to see more!

  16. ahh, every piece is just absolutely amazing! the details are stunning.


  17. Argh!! These designs are so amazing it’s making my head ache. The print mixing! The silhouettes! Swoon!

  18. these are absolutely stunning, i love mary’s designs, fabulous colours


  19. This is rather amazing indeed! It reminds me of the azulejos tileworks; and combined with the flowerprint it makes an eclectic look that’s still one.

  20. Every single piece is amazing. And these are the best shots, yet!

  21. haha!!
    Plus, agree with you that it is a killer collection!

  22. Oh yes… This is a rare form of happy marriage between patterns such as Chinese porcelain plates and the bedding of Marie Antoinette’s at the Palace of Versailles.

  23. I love it!


  24. Pure perfection! I think it’s my favourite collection for fall so far!

  25. Aw man, that would’ve been an amazing show to attend! I want to decorate myself AND my house in print combinations.

  26. Gosh I love her surface work on all dresses…seriously, I bet she’s gonna leave London and show her debut catwalk in Paris, she’d do well there.

  27. this is literally art for a museum.

  28. I love the shoes!

  29. I love this collection too! But it probably has something to do with our asian roots.

    these are works of art <3

    oh and great blog too, I have just discovered it and glad that i did :)

  30. Hi Shini,

    Jealous that you actually got to see these pieces in real life! Yet another designer who has hopped on the “chinese influences” bandwagon huh?
    I must admit that although her designs feel a little cliche (dragons, prints reminiscent of porcelain vases, blatant references to chinese architecture…) but the structured silhouette is just too nice to dismiss.
    Oh and her ability to print mix. Just wow.

  31. […] via Park & Cube […]

  32. Oh wow. How come anything works on the runway? I want to wear 50 different prints at once and look good.

  33. Haha I bloody love you! This collection is also excellent, like chopping up lots of matryoshka dolls and gluing them back together all wrong…

  34. i’m so jealous that you’ve seen it in the flesh
    ohh it’s such a genius collection

  35. I just adore Mary K. Her prints and silhouettes — it shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. Genius. So jealous you’ve seen it up close and personal. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome photos!

  36. I am completely in love with the print mix going on here. This collection is truly drool worthy.


    P.S. Totally not a loser….your blog is amazing :)