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Crème de la Mer, the Moisturizing Soft Cream

Vest & Top – Day Birger et Mikkelsen. Khaki jeans – Henry Holland x Debenhams. Wedges – Kurt Geiger Montpellier. Tropical-print blazer – Maarten van der horst for Topshop.

I grew up to the sound of slapping – my mother slapping serums and lotions into her face every morning and evening, that is – nothing at all to do with being a tiger-mum, oh nooo. (Come back after midnight and I’ll share some gory details of me growing up a Korean kid with absolutely no talent for maths) We kept the dressing table in my room even before I had my first acne, but the light was always good in the morning and for years I’d jolt awake to wild noises of my mother’s extensive skincare routine… and in a couple of years once I’d grown a pair of boobs it’d become mine. Layering skincare is no secret to modern women, and while I won’t deny that my mother’s clap-fest was probably more fuelled by the horsepower in her arms than some kind of dedication for good skin, slapping – or ‘firm’ patting – is a neat trick that helps stimulate blood-flow, which makes the skin more receptive to ingredients. Plus, it also raises the skin temperature ever so slightly which means products can seep deeper! So that’s my little skincare tip, whacking in all those layers in and hoping I won’t pop an eyeball.

I’ve been meaning to share the few products I use daily, but this Crème de la Mer review + shoot I did for Editer.com came at a great time so I thought I’d start with this. Make sure to check out for the little treat that Crème de la Mer are offering to Editer.com readers: a deluxe 7ml travel size of the Moisturizing Soft Cream with any purchase at www.cremedelamer.co.uk (just use ‘EDITER‘ when you check out)!

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  1. So awesome!


  2. Dan

    Oh heavens for the cream..

  3. oh, love this vest! it looks stunning in this combination :)

  4. I am working in Korea atm and I have seen this ‘slapping’ of serum and lotion from my colleagues LOL..at first it was like ‘what are you doing?’ but after they explained it, it made sense…however I am wayyy to lazy to do that every morning!
    You can’t mess with Korean ladies and skin care! Love all the skin shops out here! , Missha, Olive Young and my faves – Tony Moly and The Face Shop!

    Love you blazer btw! the print is awesome!


  5. fantastic jacket!


  6. i love this outfit! especially those super high wedges, to die for!


  7. Cristine Arroyo

    nice look!

  8. Ah, yes! Good tip! Love those shoes and that blazer! Gorgeous!


  9. You’re so unbelievable pretty!

  10. Lovely post. What’s the location if you don’t mind me asking?x

  11. Thank you! That’s the new Central Saint Martins campus in King’s Cross! x

  12. that blazer is divine, I adore the pattern!!



  13. I really love your style!!! these pictures are amazing!!


  14. Amazing! Lovely pictures and great outfit!


  15. You look amazeballs in that Maarten tropical print jacket, I wanted it but it didn’t look good on me :( Also I know where you shot these! It’s at my uni!! :D right? you should’ve texted me so I could meet you downstairs, was probably slaving over up in the studios with blood sweat and tears lol. Btw, you needa’ check out my new (vintage) fox fur coat which makes me kind of look like a whore, don’t judge, well.. maybe a little lol

  16. Indeedy it is! Oh Nathan, of course I’d have called you down – this was taken during fashion week though, we wanted to shoot indoors but the whole building was on sort of lock-down for the Paul Smith show… still an amazing space back there! You totes look like a whore btw, which is TOTES the point of that coat. xx

  17. My gosh, u really need to explain to me how u walk in those heels. Dumbfounded here :S

  18. Haha, you did such a good job writing this, taking your readers right into your bedroom as you were jolted awake by the slapping going on! Made me laugh. Thanks for the tip about application of products.

  19. I googled the ingredients and was like, wait, what? public enemy’s “don’t believe the hype” came to mind. ok, so it’s clear that no lil’ pot of moisturizer is worth that much money, but there are so many $10 products with better ingredients that I really cannot understand why anyone would buy this product. apart from being criminally overpriced, it contains methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, two ingredients that shouldn’t be used in products that aren’t rinsed off (such as cremes) as they are potential allergens and can wreak havoc on your skin.

  20. Hmm thanks so much for looking that up – really interesting actually. Was that in the official ingredients list? I’m just wondering if that really is the case because the brand itself is renowned, if not praised, for their research into the concoctions that make up their product line… in fact their whole story of success depends on it. Plus, the pricing is a whole other thing too… not necessarily saying I’d personally spend so much on a pot (received mine as part of commission for the Editer.com article to test out), but there’s no denying that there’s definitely a market for it. Just like there’s no real justification why a bundle of cloth+threads can cost £10k at Elie Saab, yet they all sell. Thanks anyhow for reading into it, really helps when people are inquisitive about things rather than plainly swallowing whatever is on the internet.

  21. pretty!



  22. i love your simple pictures!

  23. You look great!


  24. The creme sounds amazing- will have to check it out. And totally swooning over your wedges!


  25. i am sure lamer works, and the shoes as well!


  26. Oh. My. Gosh.

    This post is so beautiful and your shoes are ah-maze-ing. xx

  27. I love your wedges

  28. Darling outfit and shoes!

  29. I love the story!! I wish I had paid more attention to my mother’s skin routine.

    beautiful photos!

  30. Love the outfit! This is a very good beauty tip actually, grew ut with a grandmother who did the exact same thing and she still has amazing skin (she’s 85).

  31. Love the outfit! This is a very good beauty tip actually, grew ut with a grandmother who did the exact same thing and she still has amazing skin (she’s 85).


  32. i don’t mind slapping my face with creams and lotions as long as I’m sure the result is a fabulous and young-looking face. I got to try this Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream.

  33. The flower print coat rocks, like it.