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CoNrad maldives
Pt 1.
Rangali Island, maldives | www.hilton.com

I did receive a fair bit of warning before heading to the Maldives: that the islands will take my heart and drown it deep, deep down the Indian Ocean; that I will experience a kind of feeling not so dissimilar to love, or absolute bewilderment. Like the first time I tried Chipotle? I asked, and they all said EVEN BETTER. So I packed high hopes, along with six bikinis, because another someone said most of my time will be spent chasing Pixar characters under water. I assumed they meant Nemo but packed more racy numbers just in case they actually meant Mr Incredible.

Conrad Maldives is 30-minute seaplane flight from capital Malé down into the bluest bit of the globe – by atlas standards a practically invisible clutter of tiny islands located south of Sri Lanka, with a probability of accidental discovery from zero to drunk-and-randomly-clicking-around-Google-Earth-satellite-view. As the seaplane expertly skimmed down onto the glassy sea, I couldn’t help but feel like a bond girl, seeking refuge on a glamorous island with the aid of an international spy – nevermind the ill-digested plane food and a muffin top.






I had never seen such unadulterated scenery, such literal exhibition of colours, and immediately took up on bumping up adjectives to superlatives: bluest sea/whitest sand/bestest trip EVER…and so on. Indeed just like my first time at Chipotle. And just as I ran out of words starting with ‘A’ to describe the view over a coconutty welcome drink, a smiley Maldivian in white beckoned towards our water villas. Modern and minimalist in style, constructed of de-saturated sea wood, and pulled together by the occasional splash of blue furnishing, mine was one of 71 water villas on the island. Although, the whereabouts of the other 61 was a mystery I never managed to solve.






I felt right at home, if home was a house above crystal clear water and a glass globe horizon for a view. This feeling of privacy was something I’d never known I cherished in hotels/resorts, I suppose more so that I was to spend the next few days alone, wrestling with a tripod and remote for photos.

As the sea lapped at the beams of the villa and the outdoor Jacuzzi gurgled every so often to compete, I was already unbuttoning my heart to give to the sea at the Conrad Maldives. And I’d soon learn that no amount of snorkelling or diving I’d be able to retrieve it.









Stick around for part 2, and once again a happy 10th birthday to Ithaa, Conrad Maldives’ undersea restaurant – more on this later.

Park & Cube was a guest of Conrad Maldives, all views and opinions are my own.

Swimsuit – Victoria’s Secret


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  1. Until this post, islands weren’t even considered to be on my travel radar


  2. Love this post! Your writing is clever and witty as always, same with the gorgeous photographs :) Thanks for sharing xx


  3. What a beautiful place; it looks like a dream!

    Liv Studios

  4. Wow, this place looks amazing! Love the photographs.

  5. It seems I have fallen in-love with a place I have never visited, thanks to your aspirational photography and copy. The Maldives is a place I have always wanted to explore and now I think I really must begin planning and booking.

    I look forward to Part II, as always.


  6. Ah, beautiful pictures. Maldives looks stunning! I can’t wait to see the underwater restaurant!

    Sophia / sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  7. beautiful ocean, esp. how you put it!
    looking forward to part 2!

  8. Beautiful photos as always! I always look forward to your posts! It’s always a treat.

    xo, Alice
    The Inconnue Blog || Inconnue on Etsy

  9. WOW! This pics are amazing. So Gorgeous!


  10. Very nice photos, I love your pants!


  11. Very nice photos Shini, I have no idea how you make the water look so good on camera but I know I like looking at it.

    Buckets & Spades

  12. Such a dreamy place, love it!


  13. Absolutely stunning place! I have to see Maldives sometime next year I hope!

    Top 10 Things To Do In Edinburgh

  14. Great!

  15. Woow, such perfect location!

    Love, Maria

  16. 2 words: holy cow!

  17. what a lovely place to visit! I wish I could go there someday.. :D

  18. I’d love spending some time like you did, spoiling myself in such a resort. Beautiful destination, life is good in a place like this one.

  19. Oh, Shini! This post is absolutely stunning! Dying to go to the beach now. Just 5 more days!

    – rocionaval.blogspot.com x

  20. I was Born in an Island and I never wonder there are still more fascinating islands … Is it only accessible by plane?

    Jace | laagpamore.blogspot.com

  21. Wow, that looks really beautiful :)


  22. Love! x


  23. Just wow! Those pictures of this amazing island and your traveling are gorgeous! I’m definitely looking forward to make holiday on an island like this one!


  24. How very gorgeous…….

  25. How very gorgeous…….

  26. The photography in this post is beautiful. I’m in awe! I would love to have a holiday here, so I’d better get saving!

  27. Maldives is one of my bucket list destination! Love your photos!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  28. Maldives is one of my bucket list destination! Love your photos!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  29. Norah Alsubaie

    The pics are absolutely amazing!
    Thank you for sharing:)

  30. What camera do you usually use for capturing moments during trips and do you edit your photos before uploading? If so, then how? The color palette is always chill’n’beautiful.

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