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Heels – All Saints


Park-and-Cube_Broadway-Flower-Market-Winter_011 Park-and-Cube_Broadway-Flower-Market-Winter_012


Heels – All Saints. Coat – Club Monaco. Breton top – Uniqlo mens, stolen from hubby. Leather trousers – Hoss Intropia. Bag – Couronne. Scarf – Johnstons of Elgin. Straw basket – Chloé

Some people run marathons, I go to the flower market. By bus. I know I’ve featured it on this blog enough times to make it seem it’s a weekend ritual, but hey this is captain of Lazy club we’re talking about here – I get medals for doing the laundry. Marzipan medals if I hang them the same day. Sometimes the hubby smears BB-cream on my cheeks like battle-paint so I can get things done outside the house during the weekend, flower market included. On some days he accompanies me and we attach a rope between our bikes so he can pull me down the road. It really is just a quick cycle away, and whenever I do manage to make it down I ask myself why I don’t visit every weekend because I fall in love each time. The seasonal flowers and their cheerful sellers, the occasional puppy weaving between the happy crowd, the pastry reward at the end of the market… what’s not to love! Some pansies were starting to make an appearance, as well as some really stunning lilies. But since I’m still pretty much a n0oB when it comes to flower species, I brought home a bunch of hydrangeas and a fistful of eucalypti. Although, not sure what I can do with them really, maybe I’ll make soup of it.

Hope you had an exciting weekend, what did you get up to?

Oh, speaking of weekends, if you’re into taking pics of your feet on Instagramthis is one quick and easy competition you could take part in for a chance to travel to London with All Saints. I need someone to pull my bike to the market again, actually, if you want.

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  1. fantastic booties!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Amazing pics and love this classic look. On Sundays I don’t leave my house at all I only get up to cook.

  3. Love the boots, but I have to say that my favourite piece is the tartan scarf. I own a similar, and it’s bold enough for me to not buy anymore tartan. I love it so much and yours is beyond beautiful!
    I miss the London flower markets, we don’t have such markets in France (well, as much as you do in the UK), we have lots of soulless shops, that’s too bad!
    Mafalda ❤

  4. The colour of your coat and the bag are doing the trick :)

  5. Wonderful scarf!

    xx R U I B R I

  6. Yummm. I’ve never been to the market when it has been chilly outside but it looks so good. Also, love the last image – the colour of your bag next to those flowers is so warming. Hope you’re well poopie. xx

  7. How I love the London flower markets, especially on Columbia road! Love your photos!


  8. Love this look!


  9. love the boots..


  10. Such a lovely look! And love that you also added some atmospheric pics. x


  11. haha:D Shini I love how you tell things! such a fun weekend ritual!


  12. How, this coat <3 I adore this outfit!!


  13. paying a visit here next sunday! so excited!

  14. Nadya

    Love your humour! x

  15. ahhhahaha. I know this is just KIND OF off topic, but I started running recently and it’s horrible. I’m not sure where people find the joy of it, but I’m trying to do it to be cool… worst ever. I rather do laundry all day that run for 10 mins. I also would love to visit the flower shops. x

  16. Gorgeous boots!


  17. Attach some of that eucalyptus to your shower head – you’ll get lovely scented steam when you shower. Also you’ll feel like you’re in Italy, or a koala, either way it’s a win.

  18. fantastic ensemble!


  19. Amazing shots my dear!
    Lovely booties!!!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  20. Hey
    I love the flowers!
    Have been furiously job hunting when not sleeping or eating :L
    The bag…Those boots! x

  21. thanks for reminding me i’m long overdue a flower market browse. roll on sunday.



  22. gorgeous shoes!


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  24. gorgeous! the coat is stunning :)

    Hayley xx

  25. My God, I love your bag, I love your trousers, I love your shoes but above all I looooove your coat!! This has got to be one of your best outfits EVER!!

  26. These photos are so amazing. I felt like I was at the flower market with you. Love that scarf!


  27. Love your shoes! Great photos!


  28. So so beautiful! Love your cosy fall ensemble too :)

    xx Carin

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  30. The flower market photos are very beautiful! Also love the coat!


  31. ayy_ayy


  32. ayy_ayy

    @ayy_ayy, it seems that i clicked submit button accidentaly. :p

    Maybe i need to go to flower market every saturday. :)

  33. Love the basket!


  34. faye

    hey, i love your blog so much! you have a really nice style and you give me a lot inspiration with your beautiful photo’s. thank you for that!
    and your pics on instagram are awesome.
    will you follow me on insta? ( @fayelovefashion)
    xoxo faye

  35. faye

    and i love this outfit!!

  36. so lovely.

    love from LA,

  37. Love this market ! I’m so happy to see nex pics about it !
    La parenthèse Enchantée.fr

  38. Keysha $$$


    Sch butifl fots! Luv what y did wit skarf and shus!

    Luv yr nyc plac ther at flowr mrkt!

    Lways phis so hppy to reed y blog!

    luv y,
    Keysha $$$

  39. Stephanie

    Amazing look! I love the tartan scarf with that coat, it adds a punch and a bit of color! Loving also the booties!

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  41. Chic and casual, great pants and I’m in love with floral photos!

  42. Beautiful pictures!!


  43. Your pics on the flower market are awesome,lovely inspiration, my weekend wasn´t so exciting

  44. kdap

    Your booties, pants, and scarf are killer!

  45. ollyvia laura

    love reading your blog, It’s very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)
    anyway, would you like to follow each other?


  46. Gorgeous outfit and pictures xx

    Micah xx


  47. Farah

    Very nice casual outfit – love the boots!!


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  49. You look absolutely lovely, and that coat is perfection!


  50. oh my gosh, i’m obsessed with your blog! so lovely!