I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.


Top to bottom, left to right: ZARA over-the-knee suede boots, Vintage Military boots, Vintage Studded, Emma Cook for Topshop Zebra, Velvet Angels Wedges, ASOS suede shoe-boots, ZARA Suede wedges, Ashish for Topshop ankle wedges, Loeffler Randall knit mix boots, Office Military boots, Scorah Patullo ankleboots, Office oxfords, Chloé wedges, Doc Martens Pascal boots

Stocking up on niggles of colour for winter. I figured that it’s enough to be born with an extra organ for cynicism (under the thyroid glands to be precise), it shouldn’t be further applauded by wearing dark colours during the cold seasons – the sun’s short as it is, like the other day it was gone-o by the time I came down for lunch, very confusing… my body clock is now completely scrambled with a side of bacon and toast.

Well I must say that colour is incredibly vitalizing and mood-uplifting, not to sound like a nutrition capsule bottle, but right now the two yellow shoes are entrancing me in a way that keeps me up (and happy) at 5am. Now I understand why, come winter, we find increased fat deposits on our bodies – it was all to make space for some much needed energizers. Check your thighs, it should have a small hatch somewhere to fit two AA’s. Well either that or yellow shoes, I think.

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  1. WoW! What a great collection.

  2. I love those Doc’s! I got a pair over the summer for my birthday in white with purple velvet french-ish pattern. Anyway, -GREAT DOC’S. I also really like your brown oxford’s! Great shoes and great picture! :)

  3. Hazel

    I am in love with the yellow pair of Docs. Always wanted yellow shoes!!

  4. skye

    I love those on the very right in the second row.
    I’ve been trying to find some nice pairs of boots lately, but failing.

  5. Yep, fall doesn’t need to be somber. Treat us to more colourful Korean fashion please.

  6. I’m so incredibly jealous of your shoe collection. The 2 pairs of yellow boots are amazing btw.

  7. wow! that’s a great collection!
    I love the Zebra shoes and the yellow doc martens! I don’t really like yellow shoes but yours are amazing!

    thanks for this beautiful picture!

  8. Your shoe collection is so great. I’m a massive fan of yellow shoes

  9. the yellow martens! <3

  10. God, can you be more jealouse? ;D

  11. gosh you have some yummy shoes!

  12. Waw! Nice collection. I love the yellow boots! They make me think about the ones from Melissa… It’s not a color you can see often for shoes.

  13. given the option, i’d prefer the shoes anyday (to the fat). your collection is lovely. i should add some color to my own…but my feet are already so BIG! lol.

  14. far to jealous of your shoe collection; swoooooooooooooon

  15. You have the best shoes. Oh my god. I have seen those Chloe wedges in many colors but the yellow is undoubtedly my favorite. And those Doc Martens! I die.

  16. This is what I thougt after I’ve seen this picture of your shoes’ collection “damn, I am so incredibly jelaous of it” I would kill for at least half of them;)

  17. I absolutely love the leopard print wedges…everytime i see them im so jealous!
    not sure about yellow shoes though…my feet look big enough as it is lol

  18. Maiko

    I want yellow shoes *pouting session will be in order*

    *takes mental note to look out for them in my next shopping trip*

  19. love all the variety you have, great collection

    Clothes Are Cute

  20. the yellow ones.

  21. So gorgeous! How can one have so many amazing shoes!

    juliet xxx

  22. Those Doc Martens are amazing!!
    Come autumn & winter, I usually find myself gravitating toward wearing a lot of grey with bright colours. I like the way it makes them “pop!” like with those shoes.

  23. Michelle

    Your writing always makes me smile

  24. sooo tempted by the ashish leopard print. hmmm. what do you wear with your yellow docs?? they are crazy cool xoxo ps. maybs we should go for a coffee sometime on the high st? xoxo

  25. Samantha

    I don’t wear colour much (only black and grey how depressing i know) but the yellow ones are GORGEOUS :)

  26. terri

    i only wish i had as many attractive shoes as you.

    and i do think a splash of bright color does one well during these winter days…i find mine through my undies ;)

  27. Minzhi

    that yellow docs is really lovely! makes me wanna wear a raincoat(?) I brough from Gmarket lately and i love that place.

    btw the asian U16 basketball match held in my country just ended although team Korea only get the second place but they did very good!! they are my favourite team i love no.4 Choi Changjin!! haha.

  28. your shoe collection strikes envy in the hearts of many. Love love loving all those gorgeous distressed boots

  29. your shoe collection is unbelievable. i would love to swipe that entire bottom row, ooh.<3
    btw, i love your posts so much. you have such a delightful way with words!

  30. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma

    clever play with words. i love fruity shoes. i’ve worn out 2 pairs of bananas and just started on a third. i have 3 oranges in my collection. i might keep the apple in the end. great varied collection.

  31. Riei

    Hazzah! You know that word is spelt the same backwards??

    Thank you soo much for this blog it’s my favourite in the whole world by far :]

  32. Beautiful! I’m happy to read that you too like color in winter! I just made a post about a dress with fluo flower print bought on line … it is wonderful to have confirmation among the most followed bloggers on the net!

  33. Oh, um, I would really really do anything to obtain those leopard pumps. Such a stellar collection. Beautiful, really; I have officially set this as my desktop background. Mmm.

  34. that is a delectable collection of shoes! yummeh :)

  35. Shoes, shoes, shoes! I the yellow chloe ♥

  36. lovely shoes!

  37. It’s those small things that makes life great from day to day. Like what colour you got on your feet. What way you but your hair that day, or how you smiled at yourself in the mirror just now.
    kinda off topic, I think, haha.

    And just have to say that your blog is so great and inspiring (:

  38. What a great assortment! If I took a photo of my shoes I think it will depress me… haha

  39. hi girl,

    i’m actually still in love with the emma cook for topshop boots, and was wondering if they’re actually comfortable? (as they’re not really the most affordable boots…)

    best wishes,


  40. an amazing shoe collection!


  41. it’s amazing how you pull off those colorful shoes!
    i’m in love with your oxfords <33


  42. you have some of the best selection of shoes .
    the yellow chloe ankle boots and topshop leopards plus zara suede wedges are some of my favorites . the color of yellow really does brighten ur mood in those gloomy winter days doesnt it..

  43. WOW! my favorites are the yellow chloè boots (I’m still deeply in love with this design!), the zara wedge I own too and that are always attached to my feet, and also the OTK boots. love the brogues… love almost all of this shoes! :D

  44. love your collection shini :)

  45. Ok now I need some yellow in my wardrobe…yellow shoes to be precise. you’re so right they would definitely combat the grey cold dull winter days.

  46. I love your blog and your style!

    Visit my new blog http://www.abitoffashion.com

    Thanks a lot!

  47. I looove the leopard wedges!

  48. i love your shoes…favourites are the brown ones on the second step to the very right and the black ones on the top step all the way to the left… gorgeous…

  49. love your collection! those brown brogues and your yellow shoes are so fabulous!!!

  50. just had a look at your blog and it has finally made it to my favorite list.

  51. I love this animal print shoes and yellow one ;-)

  52. WOW! What an amazing shoe collection! :)

    Enter my fashion giveaway to win a custom made dress: http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.cmo

  53. beautiful collection. so many shoes i hadn’t seen on your blog before :D

  54. Love your collection! Just voted for your blog in the handbag.com awards :)

  55. i love your blog!!!!

    I have a blog that has similar themes of fashion and such, which is why i was thinking, if we could do a link exchange?
    comment on my blog if you do! :)

  56. LOVE THIS! Looks my my collection. Where did you get the leopard wedges?? I must have them.

    <3 Miss Mae

  57. love all of them! definitely staples for the upcoming winter!

  58. Really nice pics! I love these shoes! they’re great!

  59. i envy you!!

  60. what a lovely collection…the knit mix boots and the oxfords are my favorite.

  61. Your shoe collection is too cool to not look at.

  62. A fab collection with a great mix :)

  63. :) lovely shoes !!!
    Many of those I envy!!


  64. wow really cool blogg !

  65. so glad to finally find another fashion lover with the same sentiment, I simply can not function w/out incorporating color into my fit one way or another! love your blog by the way :)

  66. shoes … -drools-

  67. Lucy

    I’m obsessed with the oxfords…I’ve been looking for a pair exactly like that for a solid couple of months!! I know you said they’re ‘office oxfords’, but you could please give out a little bit more information on where/how to get them?

    Of course, beauuutiful spread of shoes, I really like how you’ve arranged them.

  68. Hehe they’re actually from Office! Office is a shoestore in the UK, you could try looking in Office.co.uk to see if they still have them in stock!

  69. LOVE ++

  70. Love this little shoe show you put up! I totally agree about the loss of light. the sun causes your brain to release endorphins…and when there ain’t no sun, the happiness levels plummet! I love how your bright yellow Chloes and Docs just stick outta the bunch…and of course i cannot forget to give a shout out to those wonderful Ashish booties–my personal fave in my own closest :)

  71. i love your shoes!!!
    my blog dominique-ernest.bogspot.com

  72. Santa Clara

    Really lovin your shoes! Wish half of mine looked as cool as these.

  73. Congrats on the Handbag.com win! x

  74. I love all your shoes. I’m so jealous!

  75. ooooooooooo love them, especially the ones with a sort of socky thing on the outside!

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