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Sweater – Charlie May. Trousers – Rodebjer. Choker – By Boe (similar). Necklace – Louis Vuitton. Bag – Coach ‘Swagger 27’



Coach holiday campaign #GiveCoachorElse

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve just done dusting Halloween sweets off your chin and immediately a school of reindeers materialize above you, harnessed by a string of fairy lights, attached to a (glittery, it has to be glittery) sleigh of some sort. You yell ‘STAHhhP’ and try to protest, but you can’t deny that the days are shorter, colder and that toffee nut latte is exactly the thing you need to replenish the calories lost shivering in your ill-heated office. You feel bad and dust the top with a bit of your husband’s banana-tasting protein powder, for which you later get yelled at for spilling all over his gym bag.

Yep, even I – the self-proclaimed Cynic – have taken to mentally dividing shops into gift categories (i.e bag of sweet potatoes at Tesco’s = Husband) and threatening for certain gifts – quite like the cheeky new Coach #GiveCoachorElse holiday campaign, where the Coach girl gets exactly what she asked for. I’m excited to share with my readers here first. See, it’s my kind of campaign, because 1) I, the cynic, have always wanted to punch Santa and 2) one really should be clearer about what they want unless they wanted a drugstore hairbrush for the holidays. This bag, husband, this bag. And vouchers for Five Guys.

In collaboration with Coach as the season’s digital ambassador.

Disney characters strung up on a massive dead fir is definitely my kind of Christmas tree
London St Pancras station
Leather shearling trench- Coach. Bag – Coach ‘Swagger 27’



Leather shearling trench- Coach. Trousers – Simon’s own. Brogues – Chanel. Bag – Coach ‘Swagger 27’. Luggage – Globe Trotter. Sweater – Coach.


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  1. LOVE the metallic finish on that purse… absolutely gorgeous!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  2. LOVE the metallic finish on that purse… absolutely gorgeous!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  3. Amazing bag color!

    ❤ Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  4. I am almost crying over that Disney Christmas tree!! I wish there was something as cool as that here. I do wonder though, how none of the plushies have been stolen (thought priority), so really, it’s probably a good idea that it’s nowhere near where I am.

    Loved the short video, thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t mind a Coach bag for Christmas. Better accidentally send this post to my partner’s email lolol


  5. Love the sweater look.. The light gray goes perfectly with the color of the bag :) Thanks for sharing!


  6. Love this campaign, and your outfit, of course! Thanks for sharing!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  7. I love the leather trench and chanel shoes!
    Oh I wanna stuff my face into dat christmas tree.

  8. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Artistically beautiful . . . As always! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  9. So Beaautiful work like always. :)


  10. That bag is great, but I’m really lusting after your coat!
    Good thing that tree is indoors, ’cause if it would be overly windy it would be raining Disney toys. Which is actually not a bad thang ;-)

  11. You are the epitome of casual elegance! Love the photos

    Agnes x


  12. Gorgeous photos here!

    xoxo Aela

  13. lovely photos


  14. great color of the bag


  15. Loving it.

  16. Gwen

    I Love the Coach TVC!!!!Lol! As always, your blog is simply ah-mazing!!!

  17. Nice color!

  18. Omg… the bag i love like crazy. ..

  19. Love the Look! Your style and expression is just magic!
    I think these amazing Designer styles will amaze you!

  20. lovethe colours on this outfit!


  21. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be about the bag, but I just cannot focus on anything but that gorgeous, scrumptious, most perfect sweater! It’s like a hug! :)

  22. Love you so much!From top to bottom.

  23. These photos are just amazing

  24. Great post :)So beautiful pics!

  25. Fall in love with the look and the photos were wonderful .

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    Lovely and inspiring designs.

  27. These winter clothes are really good for this season! So Stylish!

  28. That brown leather coat is a must for my closet!