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On a tight schedule


Five hours, Florence, one fidgety husband – what does one do when the universe deals you cards like these that aren’t compatible in any sense other than in an awkward alliteration (alligator)?

Last month I had a brief stint in Florence for a work trip, to which I took ze old ball and chain (hubby), and discovered later the itinerary was so jam-packed over the two days we only really had five hours to explore the city. Now, for those who have never been/planning to travel to Florence, I personally advise allocating at least four hours for gelato, PERIOD. Because ICECREAM. Then there’s the Duomo, David (by Michaelangelo – and not the ninja turtle), Boboli gardens, a slew of essential museums and galleries, shopping… none of which you should skip, and many of which that sadly require queuing (cue fidgety husband).





So we decided, over a particularly parmesan-y breakfast, to simply do none of it (except gelato, bumped down to one hour, boo) and took to the streets without a plan, turning corners ad lib and frequently ending up in dead-end court yards, where EVERY SINGLE TIME, an Italian family reunion was under way*. Turns out it’s a great way to see the city, and not bad cards afterall, considering Florence is really the Joker card. Also, you do end up grazing a lot of the important bits as the historical centre of the city is only about 45 minutes-wide on foot. (But do try to graze David properly if you have time, he sure is a looker)



Watch – Chaumet


I’ve mentioned this before, but with all travels I try to take something new with me as a ‘beacon’ of memory – typically a perfume – but instead I decided to take my unworn Chaumet Liens watch that I had saved for a special occasion. Surely enough, what with all the time constraints on this trip and diligently having to glance at my wrist where the clock-hands danced from 12 to 5pm, the watch is now my connection to this short, but gelato-sweet, Florentine adventure. And to add to the romance, this very model (Liens) – while classic and timeless in its looks – is constructed with a state-of-the-art Swiss mechanical self-winding movement that makes soft, rhythmical tickky-tickky-tickky sound when you bring it up to your ears, or in my case, whenever I brought my camera up to my face to take a snap…

Well, isn’t this sentimental. I’m going to go have a sarcasm sandwich now.

*Come to think of it, it was the afternoon of the World Cup Italy vs. Urugauy game… so probably not anything similar to a hearty (?) Italian GodFather scene as I’d thought.

Watch – Chaumet. Hat – Hoss Intropia. Dress – ASOS (similar in yellow). Slides – Office. Bag – Saint Laurent ‘Lulu’. Earrings – Baublebar. Blazer – Zara (similar).



Watch – Chaumet











Watch – Chaumet



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  1. Beautiful photography! It truly makes me want to travel!

  2. Vespa is italian icon and awsome scooter. But your post is fantastic and reality of italy. Eliza :)

  3. such beautiful photos! definitely fuels my love of traveling.

  4. Very beautiful photos! Such a great post!


  5. ummmmm these photos might be the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen. You have such a talent for photography!! Oh, and Florence is my favorite city in the world!

  6. Amazing post! I’ve recently been to Florence and I love it, it’s my favourite italian city! x

  7. fascinating details!


  8. aaahhh firenze! one of my favourite cities in the world BY FAR.

    so glad i was eating ice cream while reading this.



  9. I love your pictures!! Fantastic, really. I nominated your blog for the bloglovin awards, because I enjoy every single post.
    Good luck.
    Lots of love, xx


  10. Hi Maria, that’s WAY too kind of you, thank you! xx

  11. Florence looks beautiful! Love your outfit!


  12. Florence is magnificent – I fall deeper in love with every returning trip! Love the way you photographed the city. If you find yourself back there (and haven’t yet tried this), you should go to Festival del Gelato! Y-u-m.

  13. Thanks for the tip about allowing time for gelato. I’m glad you and your husband had a lovely time in Florence. I love your hat and blazer it reminds me a bit of Indiana Jones.

  14. Stunning pictures!

    I went to Florence for the first time last year, and just absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful city, really deserves it’s ‘open air museum’ nickname!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  15. What a lovely post, looks like you had a great time in Florence. Sometimes the best thing to do is just walking and exploring, most of the time you find the prettiest places like this! And I love that watch, looks amazing :)

    Love, Rachel

  16. Wow I’d love to explore Florence now, even if it’s just for five hours! :)

  17. such great pictures


  18. I’m impressed at what you were able to accomplish in such a short time though Shini, and with a fidgety hubby as well haha, I hope it wasn’t too bad. And about your outfit, you always manage to wear the most appropro attire! Damn, I gotta get my ass over there after my graduation. And my alter ego will most likely be the fidgety one, sigh. Haha xx

  19. thats a beautiful watch! these pictures makes me want to go back to Florence, I think its five years since I have been there :(

    I have exactly the same polaroid camera that I take with me on my travels along with my three other cameras…


  20. I simply adore Florence, I feel like I could happily live there and can’t wait to go back there! :)

  21. Hey! Long time no see :)
    I’ve been wondering and patiently waiting for you to come back,
    and indeed, I’m glad to see your beautiful pictures with witty words today!! :)

    What a lovely post.
    I guess it was worth waiting!
    I can’t wait to hear more!


  22. Looks fab even if it was short, I’ve never been to Italy and would love to explore

  23. Amazing photos, as usual! I love the blazer!


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  25. Beautiful pics!
    new look on my blog!

  26. This looks like such an incredible time! I’m loving the outfit, perfect travel wear! x

  27. That’s the best way of getting to know a city. Just wander the streets…
    Nice watch, by the way ;)

  28. I’ve always wanted to visit Florence and your photography has made me want to visit even more, plus i really love your hat!

  29. Oh boy you took some amazing photos! Florence is one o my top destinations, we’ve been there 3-4 times and there are always new spots to explore. True inspiration!

  30. these pictures are beyond amazing, i could easily just scroll through your pics all day long and that watch was the first thing that caught my eye, the design is so cool!! loves

    florence sounds amazing, glad you and your partner had fun. i have made a mental note…4 hours reserved solely for ice cream making

  31. Not making, Lola, EATING! MUAHHAA.

  32. lol @shini i don’t know where making came from, definitely eating!


  33. Gorgeous!

  34. I love your travel photography! You are able to capture the beauty of your travels like no other! Really makes me want to go to Italy now ;)

  35. OMG Shini, I looove your photos soo much! the light, the textures, and colors. Colors are absolutely amazing.

    If you could make a tutorial some time, or just make a little post about your color correction – I’ll be soo happy!

    thakns. thanks. thanks.

  36. Hey thanks! You’ll be happy to know the next theme lined up is Photography for September so definitely planning a wee tutorial in! x

  37. Wow that’s great!I’m reading your blog a few years, so for me, as for photographer, and your reader, that’s like a ‘hot” subject! ^_^ thanks!

  38. Niki

    I live right there! I almost think I see Borgo Allegri, my street. Hope you loved it here!

  39. welcome back. I have been enjoying your blog for long time and now I decided to follow you after waiting for you to come back.. Great photos. never been to Florence but your pictures inspired me to visit this beautiful city.. Looking forward to reading your witty comments…http://houseofivey.wordpress.com/

  40. You capture things like no one else could Shini! Thank you for taking me to your short trip to Florence through those wonderful pictures :)

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  42. Great photos, Florence must be beautiful!

  43. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Great pics and love the handbag!

  44. Really really nice pictures! I love how you look at all those different things!

  45. I really like your photos! They are just gorgeous xo


  46. love these shots!
    thats dress <3
    NRC ♥


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  49. Outstanding post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more
    on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

  50. One of my favourite cities, reading this post makes me feel so tempted to just book a flight and jet off again… also, I love that hat.

    Emma x

  51. What beautiful pictures of an absolute stunning city. Not been there for a few years and reading this makes me want to book a ticket and leave tomorrow.

  52. Stunning pictures! Did you not try any macaroons while you where there? I recall no being able to walk 5 minutes without seeing them in shop windows!

  53. I once did Florence in over 7 hours, and already thought THAT was tight!!
    And hey, you really take gorgeous pictures!


  54. cathy

    Can you please tell me about your camera if its not to much trouble ? xx

  55. Kay

    Do the people of Florence speak much English. I want to travel to Florence but I’m worried that I’d have trouble communicating.

  56. This is such a lovely post! I’m off to Italy in a few weeks and I’m now convinced that Florence is somewhere I need to visit! xx

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