I've moved on...
...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.





Jacket – Charlie May SS13 (similar here). Top – (Charlie’s) Alexander Wang. Jeans – Zara. Shoes – Thakoon. Sunglasses – Carrera via Sunglasses Shop. Bar necklace – Kirsten Goss. Skull necklace – Maria Nilsdotter; Thank you Charlie for the snapss!

I made a new friend today, so now I have FOUR friends in total, if I count my mother. Yay. Kobi is my bestest friend though, I’m going to make him a super special friendship bracelet out of spaghetti and string cheese, and he’ll chew my hair back when I hurl into the toilet after a good night out. No, I’d been nagging Charlie (Kobi’s hot day-time nanny) about meeting him ever since he was a wee puppy, and nine whole months later I got out of my PJs and finally paid her a visit. Well, that and the chance to fondle a rail full of serious sexiness from all the Charlie May collections – this amazing blush leather jacket, case in point. I also got to borrow the best accessory, like ever, despite the fact that it kept running after dandelions… so all-in-all, I must say that I’m pretty damn chuffed about this post.

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  1. Audrey

    kobi is a beauty, so majestic.

  2. Kobi is gorgeous!


  3. stunning boots!


  4. What a beautiful dog. He does look like a best friend to me. Dogs are the best friends you can find. Gorgeous photos as always :)

  5. Sarah

    Love your new haircut! Great casual look; that jacket is simply gorgeous.

  6. What a cute dog!!! I love your outfit!!!!


  7. i love your boots!


  8. That is one bloody handsome dog. You’re looking not too bad either ;P

  9. Love your boots and jeans!


  10. That jacket is perfect with the jeans!

    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  11. Gorgeous jeans and cool jacket!


  12. Love your outfit, simple and yet so beautiful, and this dog is so cute! Pretty Kobi!


  13. I am obsessed with your dog. Oh my god!!! You two look perfect together. My dog just passed away a few months ago, but I know how great it can be to have a faithful companion. It’s funny how you miss those little things like hearing a collar jingle down the hall. :)


  14. oh! new aim in life: become a professional leash-button-pusher! if charlie takes the call to design all required uniforms, that is, mahaha~

  15. Love your outfit, so chic and minimalist!


  16. you look so chic!

    xoxo from rome

  17. Love the outfit – so chic! Kobi is adorable. Holly xx

  18. love your style, this outfit is really nice, cute dog!!


  19. For once, I wouldn’t steal your clothes; I would much rather run by and snatch that pup and cuddle him for the rest of my life until I die. And then cuddle him in the afterlife, too.


  20. Amazing jeans, love Charlie’s jacket as well!

  21. HGe’s so majestic, much classier than any human will ever be.

    He’s also totally got the ‘oh you’re taking a picture of me?’ pose down.

    x Camilla

  22. Ha ha ha! Including my pets, my friend count miraculously leaps into the double digits. No shame! ;) Beautiful dog, though. I’ve always been a big dog kind of girl.


  23. wow, Kobi is beautiful and I lcve your look here, the short hair is amazing!!

  24. What a beautiful dog!


  25. that jacket is stunning & is a nice colour.

    – Janine

  26. How beauty is kobi! Leather jacket is gorgeous too


  27. Kobi’s a handsome fella, I must admit.
    Your jeans <3

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  28. anita

    Hi ! You have a great blog nice style I love it
    The thing is that I live in a country which there is no official brands in it exept for adidas benetton and some others but no zara or mango :( its a pitty. I wonder if you could tell me when these brand would be on sale or how can I find out cause eventually I have no access to the forgein countries it would be very nice of you I appreciate it

  29. you are a very stylish girl, always perfect an amazing!!!

  30. What a beautiful dog! I love Huskies I’ve always wanted one too! The outfit is nice too, looks good on this rainy day!


  31. I really do love a cream with denim combination! And what a beautiful dog!

  32. Seraphina

    Kobi is gorgeous!

  33. Love the outfit and the pup!

  34. I seriously LOVE your photos. Those shoes are killer.
    xoox Debby

  35. You totally rock the look- and the dog makes the perfectly cool (and cute!) accessory. x


  36. OH my gosh that dog…! I LOVE IT haha
    Always wanted to have that kind of dog. Anyways you look super cool and I love your blog !


  37. I looooooove the boots!

  38. great look! LOVE the dog *_*

    Love&Studs on FACEBOOK

  39. Hey! BE A uuutiful dog! I’m quite new to the blogosphere and would love it if you could check out my lifestyle blog ‘A Word of Advice’ my posts are witty and concise (if I do say so myself). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

    Love Laura


  40. Incredible outfit! I love your jeans!


  41. Kobi really is the best accessory. Talk about an ice-breaker!



  42. I love your hair. And I love the husky, he is extremely beautiful. I love love love huskies. xx

  43. love the jeans, jacket and the dog

  44. what a lovely woofer

  45. Love your haircut!!! Kobi is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet:)))


  46. You look so effortlessly cool in these photos. Obsessed with that jacket! It’s so good. xx

  47. Devina

    oh, how I love your hair! and I love the dog too ;P

  48. I juste love it !

  49. I’ve always wanted a dog like that *^* Your pictures are so~

  50. I’ve always wanted a dog like that. Your pictures are so~

  51. Great casual dog-walking outfit – really like the jacket. Both you and Kobi are definitely working it in this post! :)

  52. You look always wonderfull <3
    I love your style!

  53. Kobi is gorgeous. Such a happy looking dog. Love your boots.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  54. I’ll be your fifth friend if you let Kobi lick my face when we’re all out together.

    Beautiful jacket, gorgeous dog, stunning woman. In no particular order.


  55. Waou, lovely boots! And your dog is such a cutie!
    You make an amazing duo!


  56. That’s a classy boots! You really look fabulous. Anyway, I wish I can have a dog like Kobi. He’s so cute! :-D

    Check this out!

  57. I love everything : Kobi, your outfit and your hair !


  58. I love your coat and jeans they are so adorable! Love it! XD

  59. I lvoe this streetstyle

  60. i’m just dying to know – are those boots comfortable? i’d love to get a pair but my propensity for dips, dives, and falls in heels, and for that matter, flats, have me ‘on guard’! what do you think?

  61. WOW amazing photos, amazing outfit!

    I’m in love with jeans and booties!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

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  63. Love these boots and love the pup even more! http://www.franklybasic.com