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Chanel métiers d’art paris-salzburg 14/15

Austria has always held a special place in my heart, not only for the reason that it’s the scene to my (undoubtably yours too) musical education (and knowing that doe is a female deer before learning what a deer is), but because it also happens to be where my family started our European abode back in 1989 before putting down our roots in Warsaw.

Coincidentally, it transpires that Chanel too has a vital link in Austria, more specifically, at the Mittersill hotel near Salzburg where Coco Chanel noticed the lift-boy’s uniform during her stay, a detail that later inspired the shape of the neat boxy shape of the now time-honoured classic, the Chanel tweed jacket.

The 11th Metiers d’Art collection showed at the lakeside Leopoldskron castle in Salzburg, back one frosty day back in December – blessed by the quirk and humour of Lagerfeld and a small army of expert hands from the label’s network of 11 artisan houses including Lesage, Desrues, Lamarie, Michel… et al. Technically, the collection boasts a level of meticulous craftsmanship that could be mistaken as couture, although in theory perhaps shy by one denim lederhosen and a nod towards dirndls.

So, it’s a huge pleasure to re-live Austria, albeit only through photos and found paintings, accompanied by shoes and accessories from the Chanel Metiers d’Art Paris-Salzburg 14/15 collection. Here’s a playful rendition that include some of my own childhood memories.

In collaboation with Chanel. Photography: Shini Park & Brian Leavy. Assistance: Simon Schmidt
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Shini Park
Cable car and skis enamel brooch Chanel
Patent side lace-up boots Chanel


Red alpaca tweed long coat, cashmere socks, grey felt ankle boots – Chanel. Skirt – my own.
Felt messenger bag with flowers and pins Chanel
Plexiglass bracelet, silk faille blouse Chanel
“She took an element and made it hers”
– Karl Lagerfeld on Coco Chanel taking inspiration in everyday details
Pretzel and beer enamel brooch Chanel
Patent clogs Chanel
Cream cashmere skirt with roses Chanel

View the Collection

Chanel métiers d’art paris-salzburg 14/15

Shown in Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg – an 18th century rococo castle, now a hotel but formerly private residence of the Prince Arch Bishop of Salzburg – the collection is an ultimate showcase for the Chanel workshops: primarily Lesage – the embroidery house, and Lemarie – the flower and feather specialists…

Discover more


Felt ankle boots Chanel


Sweater – My own. Cashmere skirt & felt bag – Chanel
Felt ankle boots Chanel
Leather Girl Bag Chanel
Wool felt loafers Chanel


The devil is in the details – best demonstrated in the accessories and shoes.
Various resin chain brooches and charm necklace Chanel


The Chanel Metiers d’Art collection is now in select boutiques globally.

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  1. I love your graphic design posts, they are always so so well done! You’re so talented Shini! Austria IS amazing, i totally agree. I’ve only been to salzburg and vienna, but i completely adored my time there :) Love the paintings in the background in this post!

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | Travel & Fashion

  2. This is so beautiful and creative! Love it!

  3. Danielle


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  5. love both your words and graphic! Perfection. :)

  6. This is real piece of art Shini! Well done.

  7. These are beautiful. I love the whole concept.


  8. Absolutely incredible post! I dream of producing something this good one day, it’s inspirational to a blogging newcomer such a s myself….Thank you Shini.

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  10. incredible editorial, wow!!!
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  11. This is actually SO AMAZING. You’re so talented! I love this!

    Jeffrey Chung

  12. This post is SO amazing and fun!!

  13. I was actually blown away by the format of this post. There are a lot of bloggers who are great at graphic design, but you took it to a whole new level. The layout is so unique, and it’s so much fun to read as well! Looking forward to more posts :)


  14. i love salzburg!
    this collaboration with chanel is amazing

  15. Oh my goodness, this post is genius! Love the collection and Austria is on my list of places to visit!! x

  16. I never knew your family first settled in Austria. My mom also lived there once so I would love to visit. For now though, I think this post is a pretty good compromise until I can afford it. Once again, your post design is amazing. The only little loafers marching across the screen are so cute! I really hope to see more posts like this one! They are my favorite :)


  17. I just love these graphic posts! Amazing how detailed they are and how easily one picture flows into the next. x

  18. I just love these graphic posts! Amazing how detailed they are and how easily one picture flows into the next. x

  19. Mario

    WOW to this post’s design

  20. I love this… so whimsical and surreal… Would be good to live a life that’s portrayed here ;)

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    Amazing post <3 I keep scrolling back up to discover more!

  24. Spectacular! Never saw a post honoring Chanel like this one! xo

    adorn la femme

  25. nf

    honestly curious if you even blog for yourself anymore, because EVERY post you do in the past year or so is a collaboration. Yes, you do state when it is your own opinion, but I’m lost at what you’re motivation for blogging is anymore…freebies, money, promos and connections? Because that’s how it comes across.
    sorry to be all negative but i am genuinely curious at where is the YOU in your own blog.

  26. Good point, and thanks for leaving a comment about this because I was starting to think nobody really cared either way. To be honest, I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately too, because it’s something I’m definitely struggling with. And now I understand how at the end of the day it might just seem like I’m using this blog to get free things and connections… but really it just boils down to how much time I have. (The measure of which we take to AVOID receiving free things is somewhat hilarious…) It’s a bit of an odd notion, but while the blog is part of my business, it is not my main source of income, so on an average day I split my time four ways between webdesign, creative direction, consultancy and Park & Cube. So you’ll understand how sometimes the stories and bits that do make it up to the blog are those that have deadlines. I guess a little bit of this is also the fact that I started the blog when I was 22 with lots of free time in uni, and now I’m trying my best to run a company. Plus, I’m married – do you know how needy my man-dude is!?

    All kidding aside, I’m now doing my best to rectify this as I do love this space to bits – but so far I’m asking my readers for some patience while I re-align myself back to making this blog a little more personal.

    But to answer your question, where is ME in my own blog? I am in the creative process (WAY too much for anyone else’s liking) and the fun I have with my crew in producing these stories. A lot of time, effort and $$$ go into them, mind you. I’m just ever slightly hurt that it comes across like any of these sponsored posts are ‘easy’ ways to get freebies/connections…? Wish it were as easy as placing an add in a corner! Small or big, personal or sponsored, I will always be that anal lady that never lets anyone else edit/write the blog.

    Anyhoo, BRB with more ‘relatable’ stuff soon :)

  27. I would like to dare to judge and say how lovely your graphic design posts are. I always liked your pictures and posts but this is very impressive.

  28. You’re so lovely, thank you – your paintings are absolutely stunning!!

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  30. This is the most creative post I’ve seen to date! Love your design! <3

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  31. Oh em gee!!! This post is amazing!! In love with the graphics and your writing!! This is the best post of the week to me!!! Thanks for sharing,
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  32. I always look to your blog for amazing content, but this is on a whole other level. Just a quick “girl, you got this” comment to say that I absolutely love your blog and you’re what they call a top banana. x

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  38. This is absolutely beautiful… you are such an inspiration… even to Chanel :)

  39. I specifically love the floral elements of the clutch bag. Overall the shoes are sunsual yet not being too provocative.

  40. I specifically love the floral elements of the clutch bag. Overall the shoes are sensual yet not being too provocative.

  41. I love Austria!!!

  42. These are beautiful. I love the whole concept

  43. Oh my gosh, this is such an incredible post Shini. I have no idea how you managed it technically but I really want to know!! xx


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