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creative direction & production SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT supported by CHANEL & BARRIE


Hop, skip and a world away

As we start to make somewhat of a dent in this brand new year (mine still in its original packaging – MINT! – as 2016 continues to die hard with a stubborn cold and badly time-manged deadlines I’d inherited from pre-holiday frenzy), I realise that I had unknowingly scratched off a bucket list item in the infamous year that will probably go down in history as this one word: Asshole. The funny part of this is though, I had no idea Scotland (and a nine-hour car drive) was even on my bucket list.

Now, this is in no way a passive dig at our Northerly neighbours or the tourism board’s general gallant efforts. If it helps to explain things, according to many of my well-informed Londoners (and non-Londoners alike), one of the best seafood joint in town is mere 3 minute around the corner from my flat. Eleven years on, I am yet to set foot in this establishment.

Some have cried that it’s basically a crime, especially should you love oysters (+ wine and soda bread) as passionately I do. “LATER!” is the battle cry. Now apply the same dawdle-logic to Scotland, and voila – the allegory works, right down to the oyster detail*.

Alas, I had an appointment to keep, Tuesday 29th, 11:30AM at the factory doorsteps of Chanel group’s renowned knitwear suppliers: Barrie. On Monday 28th, exactly 24hours prior, we loaded a car with three strapping men (more on this later) and a suitcase-load of Chanel/Barrie samples. We knew not what the road held in store for us – only snacks and wholehearted road-trip joshing – but once we crossed that border in Gretna Green, every hour it scratched at the new-fangled bucket-list item: Scotland.

*After having sampled fresh-picked rock oysters off Fort William after this very shoot, it transpires that indeed it was a crime to have lived without said Scottish jewel.


full look CHANEL AW 2016 knitwear produced at BARRIE



cashmere cardigan BARRIE skirt, boots, gloves and hat CHANEL AW16


cashmere cardigan CHANEL



Necklace – Chanel AW16 Costume Jewellery

There is no better way to interpret Karl’s ‘Front Row Only’ Chanel AW16 collection at the helm of what is possibly Great Britain’s best scenery, silently but majestically unfolding atop our very windshield, and Barrie’s cream-cashmere in its own home ground. The setting is somewhat reminiscent of the immaculately cow-mowed rolling hills of Austria, save for the mob of sheep and mossy rocks, underneath one highly expressive heavens. FREEDOM! It seemed to cry (a la a certain M.Gibson), as we ambled about the glen (valley) on the look for backdrops. We were spoilt for choice. In a sense, within the medley of sepia, fir green and cloud greys, broken up only by a tuft of spruce forest with a wisp of fog in its hair, the landscape was that of nature’s best couture salon.

More on Barrie soon, I promise.


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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Wowww! Absolute perfection … In every sense of the word! :)

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. ¡Wow!
    Grandiosas fotos de este digitorial.
    Me encanta el concepto y tomas que han realizado.
    Felicidades a ti (Shini) y a Simon.

    Saludos desde Ecuador.


  3. These are some of the best pictures published on your blog ever!! Love the knits, but the scenery is really the hero here!!!

  4. you’re incredible! I loved watching this journey on your Snapchat. you and your assistant are hilarious. he’s my favorite!!


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  6. Lovely knit garments…and lovely pics!

    Don’t miss today on the blog my Warmy outfit….with Italian designer ankle boots ! ;)

    ❤Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

  7. Absolutely incredible outfits and mind blowing photos! Wow!


  8. THIS. IS. GORGEOUS! All of it. And I love that you visited our northern neighbors to shoot it there. How appropriate is this?! (Fun fact: I lived in Scotland for a year!) I really love the burgundy look by the water.

    Hope you’re feeling much better now, Shini! A very happy new year to you, keep on inspiring and kicking ass through 2017! -S

  9. These pictures blew my mind! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  10. Shini these pics are so beautiful!


  11. It took me 26 years of living in the UK to visit Scotland; what an error. (I even enjoyed haggis!)

    Beautiful shoot, as always—you’re making me feel cold in that one shot though, HA!

    Becky ⋮ a c c o o o h t r e m e n t s . w o r d p r e s s . c o m

  12. Now it seems I have more than one reason (namely, whisky..) to visit Scotland! I know how you feel – one of the restaurants with the best schnitzel in London is around the corner from my flat and I only very recently tried it… but once you do, it changes everything.

    You’ve convinced me that I need to take a much deserved trip to Scotland – plus all the pieces (both Chanel and Barrie.. Barrie which is now my favourite place to lust after knitwear…) are just so beautiful, makes the freezing cold weather worth it!


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  14. WoW!!! incredible photos


  15. I forget how beautiful my country is sometimes, these photos are stunning! The knitwear is beautiful too

    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  16. Wow the knitwear looks incredible and the shots are great! xx

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  18. Love your photoshoot, it’s simply gorgeous <3

    xoxo, Cool style for men

  19. Splendid! Thank you, Shini! K. // Cashmere sweaters, cardigans and scarves by Krista Elsta.

  20. Those pearls are gorgeous.


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