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...to a different domain. Why, what were you thinking? The truth is, I just woke up one day and decided it's time for a change—a metamorphosis, if you will; or, in layman's terms, if Britney can shave her head, then maybe so can I? Nevertheless, it's been a rather handsome 10 years of talking to you, and thank you for putting up with all my moodswings and terrible dad jokes. Fear not! The hormonal imbalance and jokes are more terrible on CUBICLE, see you there.

2.55 Room

The Nursery Room

Haute Couture Room

Room 54, or The Tweed Room

Camellia Room (Catwalk set from AW11)

Room 7L

Chanel at Harrods; One month take-over from 5th September; Pics of me taken by Susie, thanks!

I know I’m a step late on this one – while the others swiftly fled down 3 flights of escalators, found the exit and took a jet home to post about this after the preview, I took a wrong turn and ended up joining a crowd of Asians ohh-ahhing at a Hummingbird bakery cupcake being packed. Coincidentally Harrod’s is going through some major ‘Visit Korea’ promotion, so the waft of Korean BBQ smell in the food section kept me chained there for an extra hour. So think of this as a snooze, second, third or fiftieth reminder to visit Chanelified Harrod’s if you’re in London this month. Take a hike around the building and see 23 windows in a magical forest theme from the AW collection, lose a few coins (Sonic hedgehog style) at the temporary boutique on the ground floor, and then find yourself inside a Chanel 2.55 bag at the Une Promenade installation on the third floor. The pop-up exhibition is especially lovely, and you can’t help but expect a parade of Chanel no.5 bottles, Coco bearbricks and huge Karl Lagerfeld heads passing through the rooms singing & dancing while the kids shove icecream in every hole but their mouths.

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  1. Dina

    Kept seeing tweets/posts about this, but none with such exceptional photos, so being late doesn’t matter Shini! It appears Chanel have outdone themselves once more, and you do so well in documenting that.

    P.s. Sneaked a look at the Tabio campaign photos and want to DEVOUR your legs! Ohmagadz

  2. OMG, this is just amazing! I was amazed by Harrods itself but this is just so magical! It’s like a fashionista wonderland!
    (It might be a sily question but whatever, Is this Chanel-world going to be in Harrods, well, forever? I’m asking because I live in Ireland and beacause of my school I can’t travel that much and I just want to make sure that when I’ll go to London in few months this whole Chanel-world is still going to be there.)


  3. It’s a wonder you ever voluntarily left… I think I’d run home to get my duvet and move right in. Next to the 2.55 and some oversized perfume bottles. It all looks so absolutely delightful here that I fear I might be disappointed when I see it IRL… still. must. go. X

  4. OMG! I was in London again this weekend, and the one thing I didn’t do (which was my intention to do) was going to Harrods. Now I regret it even more!! I hope I will have the chance to pop-by coming weekend when I am in London for Fashion Week. Hope I will so you there too by the way ;)

    XO Charlotte

  5. I went on the weekend and was so bummed I couldn’t take photos (but not surprised) and I hoped that you’d already been to happy snap! And, volia! Wish came true. Gorgeous photos as always. I need to update my camera and lenses.

    And what is that pop up book in the last photo?

  6. Canary

    W O W.. FLABBERGASTED.. Chanel always does things properly..

  7. I love haute couture by Chanel. So womanish and subtle.

  8. This does not look like the Chanel at Harrods that I remember! Your photos are so magical and beautiful.

  9. This all looks so beautiful – I love Chanel!

  10. love the pearl curtains!

  11. Wow your photos are amazing… please tell me what camera you use or if you’re just a magician. I love this post, thank you <3

  12. i love this

  13. so going to harrods when im back :)
    check out my latest posts of Chanel preview A/W collection night dont miss it out seems like u like Chanel too

  14. Is that heaven? :) I wanna be there!

    Kaye (http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com)

  15. clearly one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. i absolutely love any and everything chanel!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  16. oh fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) you’ve captured such lovely details shini!

  17. These photos are amazing , I think I’m in love! There is such an elegance all over – long live Chanel <3

  18. hi! I’m happy I found out your blog. Love your outfits and your pics ;)

  19. That’s how I’ve always imagined The Wanderland…

  20. These pictures are awesome! really.. great job!


  21. Really? Harrods are offering a little bit of Korea? Awesome! Is it a daily thing until the end of this month?
    Thanks for sharing!! xx

  22. If only I lived in London. This looks like such an epic exhibition. I would LOVE to see what it was like to be inside a Chanel bag. Your pictures, as always, are gorgeous too.

  23. great wide shot of the harrods building.

  24. sounds great!!!

  25. hahaha ah man now I have to visit! I hadn’t seen this on other blogs but heard about it in le good old Metro or somat.. Will have to visit Shini, it looks incredible. So luxe! Adore your outfit as always too :) xxx

  26. Such a stunning post :O. I just love each and every picture you included and alltogether they’re just magnificient!

  27. The haute couture room is to die for, and your pictures are just AMAZING. the detail that is displayed makes me want to go to Harrods right about.. NOW.

  28. Whoaa! This is incredible! Like some sort of crazed Chanel fun-house. Could there be any better sort?! Incredible photographs Shini. I love that shot of you coming through the pearls!

    Tell me everyone leaves with a complimentary 2.55 bag and I’ll be waiting in line before it opens. xx

  29. I think I just died and went to heaven.

    Fox Whiskers

  30. wow, it looks amazing!!! And your pictures are gorgeous as always :) and talking about Korean BBQ, I’m salivating just thinking about it.. Good thing I’ll be having some next week! :D


  31. I could get wondrously lost in that Chanel-fied Harrods. It’s like girl’s dream come true. Getting sidetracked by a Hummingbird bakery cupcake would be the cherry on top.

    ♥, Jamie

  32. Amazing photos you took!

  33. I visited last week!! So so SO beautiful, it was like some sort of magical dreamworld, didn’t want to leave XX

  34. Love. Chanel. :)



  35. How beautiful post this is!!


  36. wonderful, wonderful experience… ;)
    i love it :D



  37. AHHHHH so beautiful. You are such an amazing photographer; only your ethereal images could do justice to this exhibit! That giant bag room is insane, and I love the Byzantine collection dolls (easily one of my favorite Chanel collections in recent years).

  38. Lucia

    Le tue foto soon bellissime!

  39. Oh my god !! Wish I were there with you !! Your pics are so nice, this place is so beautiful and perfect !! Thanks for this post !!

  40. I want your orange sweater!! :D

  41. Shini, you’ve done it again. You have turned me into a green-eyed monster. I was lusting over all of the Chanel goodies in your picture. You always have the most interesting pictures for your blog. I showed my dad your photos and he goes, “she has a good eye for photos” and I totally agree!

    Also, the nails, woman. I love the shape and condition of your nails. Do you get manicures often or how do you condition them?



  42. That’s soo flattering, thank you! Ah nails, to be really honest I don’t do anything with it, I don’t even put handcream :S
    I’ve never gotten a manicure (paid by myself) but when I went to an event, there was a manicurist from Cowshed and I kinda secretly learnt how to apply nail polish so it lasts longer!
    Simply a base coat, then 2 coats of polish and then a glossy top-coat, also sealing off the ends of the nails while you’re at it! I know it sounds like ‘duh’ instructions, but I couldn’t believe I didn’t do it like that before…
    Should try a video or something!

  43. pretty!!
    I wish I were there :)

  44. Wow. I lovelove your blog,and as for this post, I’m so speechless.


  45. these photos are beautiful! chanel, always dreamworthy

  46. Where exactly this place is?
    Im sure that I will fall in love with it! Gorgeous!

    Moreover I like you so much in ponytail,hihi.


  47. Wonderful pictures !!!

  48. your pics are wonderful! I’m enchanted!

  49. omg wow, AMAZING


  50. Wonderfull pictures !! Many thanks for thelm !
    It’s seam to be like a dream !!!

    So Line
    Many thanks for thelm !

  51. Amazing photos. I really need to get myself down there – heard very good things! Cx

  52. Beautiful photos. I like it.






  54. Amazing, thanks for linking me to it!

  55. Cristiana C.

    I was in that beautiful exposition last sunday!! It was very beautiful and interesting! Sorry if I have wrong your blog’s name on my blog! eheh
    I follow you, I love this blog!
    follow me back it you want! kisses

  56. Cristiana C.

    I was in that beautiful exposition last sunday!! It was very beautiful and interesting! Sorry if I have wrong your blog’s name on my blog! eheh
    I follow you!

  57. Aie aie aie Chanel j’adore!

    Amazing pictures of this Chanel “exhibition”


  58. nice items, love your style gorgeous! :D

    sending kisses from

  59. All the pictures are stunning !

  60. Why it’s only in Milan, Why not Paris ? It’s Chanel !

    I would like see this beautiful place too !

    Lucky U

  61. hey I love how you edit your photos :) I’m a huge photoshop fan myself (assuming that’s the software you use of course)

  62. WOW what amaaazing pictures Shini. What a pleasure to look through!
    Have fun in Paris

    Anne x